News Briefs: Fringe Will End Sooner Than We Thought

By Tim Surette

Nov 03, 2012


... The series finale of Fringe is something no one in their right mind should be looking forward to, but at least we have until February 1 to hang on to the sci-fi show before it fades away forever. *record scratch* Uh-oh. Looks like the end date has been moved up. A few months after Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman announced via Twitter that the series finale would air on February 1, Fox has released the official word that Fringe will end on January 18 with back-to-back episodes starting at 8pm. Yes, it's sad that this show will conclude sooner than we thought, but I'm totally on board with a two-hour blowout of consecutive episodes. It'll make that Costco-sized tub of grape licorice make a lot more sense if I have two hours to plow through at my Fringe farewell party. [Fox via press release]


... Two days after cancelling Common Law and one day after cancelling Fairly Legal, USA Network has canceled ANOTHER show. The six-episode miniseries Political Animals will not be back for a second season after a lukewarm first run. The show, which starred Sigourney Weaver and followed a D.C. political family, may have been designated a miniseries, but the idea was that if it did well, it would get a series order. Really, it just wasn't a great fit for USA's brand. [TV Line]


... TLC has renewed Long Island Medium for a fourth season, but you knew that already didn't you because a ghost told you so. [TLC via press release]

... Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan recently answered one of those dumb questions where someone wanted to know what show he'd like to see Breaking Bad do a crossover with, and he said Mythbusters. Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. Gilligan! An upcoming episode of the science show will test out the validity of a few scenes from Breaking Bad's first season, including the dissolving of a body and a bathtub with acid. I want to see them prove whether veggie bacon actually tastes like Band-Aids, like Walt Jr. says. [EW]

... If Becki Newton is part of a TV show, it's going to be pushed back and delayed and cut short and run into all sorts of problems, apparently. Newton's latest comedy The Goodwin Games has been cut down from 13 episodes to 7 for its midseason debut, with Fox citing the bounty of comedies it scheduled for this season. The same thing happened to Newton's last comedy, Love Bites, over at NBC. That series was eventually burned off and left in a ditch on the side of the road. [EW]


... Modern Family has cast Gloria's mom. Elizabeth Pena will play Pilar, the woman whose baby came out of the womb screaming "JAAAAAYYYYYYY," in the 12th episode of the season. [TV Line]

... Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte (Walter White Jr.) will guest-star on an upcoming episode of CBS's Vegas. He'll play the younger brother of Nathan and join his bro in a life of crime. [THR]

... Touch is hosting a 24 reunion, bringing Kiefer Sutherland and Annie Wersching back together on Fox. Wersching will play Dr. Kate Gordon, a therapist who specializes in children. Look for her sometime in the spring. [EW]

... Six Feet Under vet Freddy Rodriguez has landed the lead in NBC's pilot After Hours. He'll play a hospital administrator in the drama about the night shift at an ER ward. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Hey look, it's the first shot of Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress in The CW's Arrow! [EW]

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  • AlejandroGans Nov 10, 2012

    As long as we get to see the parrallel universe at least once the season (I REALLY miss Bolivia!) I'll be fine!

    I already got super excited before the intro when Walkter stepped into the 'other universe' but then ot "only" turned out the be a pocket universe - but what happened after that was all kinds of awesome still :D

  • shootingstar609 Nov 07, 2012

    Dear Fox,

    Why are you so desperate to get rid of FRINGE? It's not like we have anything better to look forward to.


    Fringe Fans

  • smithinjapan Nov 05, 2012

    Shame about the mask on The Huntress. Makes it look far too cheesy, as most of the villains on the show have been thusfar.

  • aliSuz Nov 05, 2012

    That's sad. I love Becki Newton. I wish she would go on a sucessful show!

  • axhar Nov 04, 2012

    i still cant believe that it is coming to an end.. :/

  • AnimeMadness Nov 04, 2012

    WHAT?! Political Animals is canceled?!!! WTF USA?? I liked that show. T.T

  • hockeyrick Nov 04, 2012

    The League is just one of the funniest shows on TV, but get no love????

  • dragon22a Nov 04, 2012

    I wish Arrow would have given Huntress a more faithful costume like they are doing with Deathstroke. At least they could have made it purple like her comic counterpart. Instead it seems they are just going with plain black leather. After Deadshots costume was so off I had just hoped for something closer to the comics for Huntress.

  • mac94102 Nov 04, 2012

    Hmmm very disappointed about the Goodwin Games, it looked very good. But Becki Newton does seem to be cursed when it comes to pilots. Although Love Bites sucked, so that was going down no matter who starred in it.

  • Synetech Nov 04, 2012

    Fringe will end even earlier than expected? So what? Good. The show started out mildly interesting with the whole The Pattern mystery. However, like most of J. J.'s shows, the show quickly devolved into a boring, mess that was uninteresting and clearly meandering. The (likely randomly written) story seems to have taken a completely arbitrary left-turn into nowhere and is hard to follow. Supernatural started out as an X-Files style monster-of-the-week episodic show which was only so-so, but got really good when it converted to a Buffy style monster-of-the-season serial. Fringe on the other hand started out with a sort of long-term serial storyline buried under a freak-of-the-week format, but when they switched to a serial, it actually became much worse and less interesting. This goes counter to historical experience. I particularly hate it when shows jump forward in time and make drastic changes to the cast. I did not like Desperate Housewives a whole lot to begin with, but when they jumped forward five years and shuffled most of the secondary cast, it was quite annoying; and they did that TWICE. Fringe did the same thing last season. To be honest, I think J.J. should just give up on television and stick to movies (not that he's much better at those). He did well with Alias; it was great right up until it's final season (5th) when it got lame. Six Degrees was amusing, but had a limited premise to being with. He started out fantastically with Lost until about the second season when it started turning into a steaming pile of crap. He tried to re-create Alias with Undercovers, and we all saw how that turned out. Alacatraz was promising and Person of Interest isn't too bad, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes (and Alactraz would have gone) the way of all of his other shows: down-hill. Finally, Revolution is exactly like all of his other post-Felicity works: starts out with an interesting mystery, then quickly becomes crap. It's the same thing with Joss Whedon. Whedon and Abrams both had one or two hits, so fans wanted more from them. Unfortunately it turns out that these guys are more lucky, right-time, right-place, flashes-in-the-pan than high-quality, talented writers because they have been consistently putting out mediocre to awful works ever since their hits. Many fans have realized the truth, given up, and moved on, while some remain steadfast (and hopeful) in their fanaticism and keep exposing themselves to disappointment over and over.

  • deathly_hollows Nov 05, 2012

    FRINGE has been nothing less than an amazing and high quality thrill ride full of emotional and philosophical impact since day 1 (or day 10 to be more exact). Sure, the first part of Season one was problematic, but once they've found their way it only went up, with the ending of Season 2, Season 3 and majority of Season 4 being a peak of the series and modern television.

    And what they did with Season 5 is nothing compared to Desperate Housewives where no change was seen except for Gabi's motherhood (that needed 3 more years to be explored to be honest to the basic level). Season 5 has until now flipped FRINGE upside down, created outstanding storylines (and a few average ones), but all in all, the FRINGE-verse is going to go down as a complete Abrams hit.

    Alias and LOST were a hit & miss, with both of them being developed in the latter seasons too lazily. With FRINGE, you can see the planned steps, the vision created a long time ago, and a cast that is worthy much more than being forgotten about every EMMY year.

  • MikeUK123 Nov 04, 2012

    I think the point was made in the first paragraph, repeated various times in the overly-long post. Writing isn't easy, is it? You don't like Fringe then. Most Buffy fans probably wouldn't like it either.

    "Started of interesting.... then became a mess." is a strange thing to say about Fringe. It's a woven story line, quite the opposite to a mess. If you don't like it, so be it.

    Also, J J has proved himself in more than just a few hits. If you want to hit something negatively, check the basic facts first.

    Fringe is a type of show that won't appeal to everyone. But the writing has been of an extremely high standard for TV. And it contained such a deep a textured story line, which is very hard to do. Shows like Supernatural, which has been more popular than Fringe, don't get close to the layered and thought-provoking story lines of Fringe.

    And you are considering 'good' as being Buffy-style......... I think if I was a writer of Fringe, I would be happy to know I wasn't being compared to Buffy. It was good at what it did, but not something that shone for it's writing or thought provoking story lines. Fringe is in a different league. As is Homeland. Person of Interest is good, but it's not complex.

    People that want Buffy / Person of Interest kind of simple, won't really be the types to fully enjoy Fringe.

  • safibwana Nov 04, 2012

    No, the first two seasons were the crap part of Fringe. It didn't really get good until the end of season 2. The Pattern was lame. Also, Whedon continues to do good things, your taste is just stuck in the late nineties.

  • Synetech Mar 02, 2013

    Um, not really. I loved "Buffy", "Angel", "Alias", and "Cloverfield".

    It's just that people get so enamored with shows sometimes, that they yearn for more of the same, but fail to realize that just because someone made something great, does not mean that everything they do is going to be equally awesome.

    It's normal to check out the other works of someone who made something you like, people do it all the time in music, but unlike with music where most of an artist's songs will have the same general feel, the same cannot be said of television or movies, so not all of their work will be as great.

    For example, Eric Kripke made "Supernatural" which is great, but he also made "Revolution" which is utter rubbish.

    Of course that's not always going to be the case; for example Greg Garcia made "Yes, Dear", "My Name is Earl", and "Raising Hope", all of which are great shows.

  • Synetech Mar 02, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

  • XY Nov 04, 2012

    Agreed. Also, what's up with all those people blaming JJ Abrams for writing, plot details, screenplay, CGI, acting, season finales and what not. This guy is not solely responsible for these shows and every single episode.

  • Synetech Mar 02, 2013

    It's his show; he has to take responsibility for what the other writers and such are doing with it.

  • 13ooomer Nov 04, 2012

    you just dont like tv do you

  • Synetech Mar 02, 2013

    Nope, not really. I watch about 70 shows per week and I like only about half-a-dozen; the rest are either boring or flat-out garbage.

    Fringe isn't garbage, but at most I feel indifferent towards it. I discussed this show more in-depth at IMDB, but suffice it to say that it is not a show that can be watched one episode per week over several years (especially if you watch a bunch of other shows). The story is too intricate and needs to be watched as a marathon (which I am considering doing when season five comes to DVD).

  • niedermayer27 Nov 04, 2012


  • Synetech Mar 02, 2013


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