News Briefs: FX Orders Its Own Homeland from the Creators of Homeland

By Tim Surette

Dec 11, 2012


... "Get me a Homeland!" —Every network boss right now. And FX just got its second. Cold War drama The Americans is set to debut next month, but FX isn't done with political dramas. The network has ordered the series Tyrant direct from the creators of Homeland, producers Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff (who created the Israeli series Homeland is based on). Tyrant follows an American family that gets caught up in chaotic Middle Eastern politics when the dictator of an Arab nation dies and his American son becomes the head of the country. Yes, this is a drama. [FX via press release]

... Fox has started development on Upstairs, a series based on a comedy short by Shawn Wines. The premise is this: A normal guy lives with his rich friend in an apartment in New York City and a hot chick lives across the hall. It'll bluntly cover the difficulty of living in New York City. The original short is embedded below, but it will just make you mad knowing that someone got a TV deal out of it. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Mexican-American pop star Jenni Rivera was killed in plane crash on Sunday that killed everyone on board. Last week it was announced that ABC and Rivera were working together on a new series Jenni, which would've starred Rivera as a single mom. Rivera was also the focus of the reality television program I Love Jenni on Spanish-language Mun2. [Variety]


... Another excuse to post that picture of Brooklyn Decker? Fine. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Decker will guest-star on The League as Gina Gibiatti, a former high-school classmate of the guys who insults them 'til they weep like babies. Also, she'll be attractive. Decker recently booked a guest role on New Girl. [EW]

... Eliza Dushku has been cast in the pilot The Saint from production company MPCA. The series is another remake of the Leslie Charteris book series that spawned the Roger Moore television series and Val Kilmer movie, and centers on crafty criminal Simon Templar as he steals from the rich and helps out the unfortunate. Dushku will play the female lead and love interest Patricia Holm. The project does not have a network attached yet, this sounds like something NBC would wet itself over. But that could be said about anything. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC may have canceled Last Resort, but Robert Patrick won't be completely out of work. The man who played COB will be upped to regular status on HBO's True Blood where he played Alcide's father last sason. Not a bad gig to fall back on. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Happy Endings will welcome RuPaul in a guest role. The part-time drag queen will play a hairdresser on the ABC comedy early next year. [TV Line]

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  • LeahLefler Dec 13, 2012

    Eliza Dushku! I miss Dollhouse. :(

  • MunirRahool Dec 12, 2012

    The Saint, I am all IN and waiting now.

  • prowly Dec 12, 2012

    Wow. What are you smoking, Fox?

  • Buc40 Dec 12, 2012

    What's with the Homeland lovefest?
    While it's not an awful show it's far from great, at times it struggles to even be above average.
    I personally found Sleeper Cell back in 2005 to be a better show that dealt with a slightly similar topic.
    And as an extra bonus it didn't have Claire Danes laughably bad acting.

  • saintmark Dec 11, 2012

    Watch for the sign of The SAINT he will always return!

  • hell693 Dec 11, 2012

    I was hoping another network would pickup Last Resort because it's such an amazing show. After ABC canceling it i wil not watch their new shows until they get a 2nd season then if i hear that their good i will watch. Currently im watching Once and Revenge the only 2 40 min shows i watch on this network.

  • Taccado Dec 11, 2012

    I began watching The League only last season, and I have to say that it's one underrated show. Everyone who haven't seen it should. It's really funny, like the last episode with the lucha libre match. I can't wait for Brooklyn Decker to appear.

  • Whedonrules Dec 11, 2012

    Been watching since Leslie Bibb played Pete's now ex-wife. It has always been a show where the characters resemble people you might know in real life - and whose young actors actually resemble real kids not sitcom kids. Nick Kroll "'Ruxin" is one of the funniest character actors working. Very funny show.

  • TrevPlatt Dec 11, 2012

    I didn't think I'd enjoy The League, considering I'm English and don't really follow American Football, but it's hilarious, it's easily one of my favorite sitcoms. You should go back to the very beginning and watch them all, it's definitely worth it.

  • genzianella Dec 11, 2012

    the short of Upstairs seems kinda fun!

  • prowly Dec 12, 2012

    ... Are you kidding?

  • genzianella Dec 12, 2012

    no .... I'm not looking for quality Tv these days ... just for a laugh, cheap as it might be!

  • bicelis Dec 11, 2012

    Creepy Duchovny!
    Eliza Dushku's back? Been missing her since Dollhouse.

  • Loooooooooooost Dec 11, 2012

    oh maaaaaan, Robert Patrick was so boring on True Blood last season. don't bring Alcide down, RobPat!

  • tnetennba Dec 11, 2012

    Alcide has always been boring too. I doubt that RP can make him worse.

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