News Briefs: HBO Goes Extras With Eastbound & Down, Orders Another Mini-Season

By Tim Surette

Jul 03, 2012


... Remember how Eastbound & Down was canceled a few months ago after three seasons? About that... HBO has ordered eight more episodes of the raunchy comedy, according to several reports. Pretty much everyone involved with the show said Eastbound & Down was done, so color me surprised. Maybe Your Highness 2 sputtered out? [EW]

... Last week, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof made some headlines with a new project percolating at HBO. This week, it's his buddy Carlton Cuse who's receiving good news. Cuse, who ran Lost with Lindelof, is the man behind A & E's next series, Bates Motel. The network said heck with the pilot stage and ordered the project straight to series, asking for 10 episodes. As its name implies, Bates Motel exists in the Psycho universe, taking a modern-day look at Norman Bates before he becomes a weirdo who brings knives into showers and his relationship with his mother. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Dish Network, the country's second largest satellite provider, has made good on its threats to drop AMC from its service. The dispute between the satellite company and the network has to do with license fees, as Dish doesn't think AMC is worth what AMC is asking for because the ratings just aren't there. Don't worry, Dish customers! You can read my reviews of Breaking Bad here on! It'll be just like watching the show except without any of the awesomeness! [Ad Age]

... NBC has renewed its weekend boxing series Fight Night and will up the number of fights from six to 16. It's a perfect match, as the state of boxing is to sports as the state of NBC is to networks. Just ask Manny Pacquiao. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Since last season was the year of the word "vagina" in comedy, it makes sense that there will be plenty of comedies this season that are all up in that. Medically, I mean. Because Fox's The Mindy Project might not be the only show about gynecologists: USA Network has ordered a pilot for Paging Dr. Freed, a half-hour comedy about gyno brothers. Also getting the call was Denis Leary's Sirens, a comedy about Chicago ambulance medics. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I think we all know what strippers do on the job. After $10,000 and four black eyes, I know I certainly do. But what goes on in their lives when they're keeping their clothes on and not disappointing daddy outside the club? Strip Club Queens, a new reality show in the works, will give us a peek into that side of the life of three D.C.-area peelers. The show has reportedly been sold to a network, but no one is saying which one yet. I'm betting on The Disney Channel. [Washington Post]

... CNN's Anderson Cooper officially came out as gay today. Didn't we all know this already? Or did I just dream that? And the white stallion on the beach? [The Daily Beast]


... One of my favorite ladies is joining one of my potentially favorite new shows. Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost's Juliet, has joined the cast of NBC's Revolution as a regular. She'll play the mother of a couple of characters and appear in flashbacks in the sci-fi show about a world that loses all forms of energy. The character was played by Andrea Roth in the pilot. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 90210's Trevor Donovan will return for Season 5 for multiple episodes. His character Teddy, who is gay, was propositioned by Silver to father her child, because her window to have kids is closing because she's undergoing cancer treatments. What happened to the days in Beverly Hills when the big decision was what flavor milkshake to order at The Peach Pit? [Zap2It]

... Erin Andrews, ESPN's foxy sideline reporter and a former Dancing With the Stars contestant, has found a new job. She'll head over to Fox Sports, probably to cover the network's new primetime college football broadcast. [USA Today]

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  • oschoettke Jul 04, 2012

    I love Elisabeth mitchell, but I had high hopes for V and both she and the show were terrible.

    I have the same feelings about Revolution so I'm anxious.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 04, 2012

    When in doubt, steal liberally from old Hollywood.

  • NeoBasch Jul 04, 2012

    I wonder if they'll be refilming the scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell in place of Andrea Roth. I'd think it almost too late for that. The show starts September 17 if I remember right. Extremely excited for the Bates Motel. And sorry to here about the Dish/AMC fallout. Nothing against the shows, but every time AMC pops into headlines I immediately think pricks. A lot of the execs running that company are doing more harm over there than good.

  • BarryDalton Jul 03, 2012

    Bates Motel sounds intriguing. Maybe the motel is actually purgatory!

  • rye06p Jul 03, 2012

    Very proud of Anderson! All the "we already knew this" bull is unfair, his work made it hard for him to come out. This article explains it best:

  • TrevPlatt Jul 03, 2012

    Swapping Andrea Roth with Elizabeth Mitchell was a great idea. Mitchell is one of my faves too and I'm hoping Revolution is going to be better than I currently expect it to be. From the sounds of her "flashback" role on the show though I think I'm going to be disappointed that she isn't used more. But who the hell knows, it hasn't even started yet.

  • BarryDalton Jul 03, 2012

    Great news on Eastbound and Down.

  • shocker713 Jul 03, 2012

    Glad to see Denis Leary is bouncing back from his fireman drama with an EMT sitcom.

  • Eric10301 Jul 03, 2012

    EBD coming back is terrible news. Not only was s3 pretty lackluster but they ended it in a way that should have concluded the story for good.

  • smithinjapan Jul 03, 2012

    Awesome about East Bound and Down, although it'll be a bit difficult to save the story after the ending earlier this year.

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