News Briefs: Hey Look! Game of Thrones Season 3 Has a Poster!

By Tim Surette

Feb 23, 2013


... Look, it's a poster! (And there'll be a trailer, too, later tonight.)


... TV Land has ordered the reality show Forever Young from Ashton Kutcher's production house. The half-hour show will get six episodes of five people under the age of 30 living in the same house as five people over the age of 70, meaning it will be the first time people under the age of 30 have been on TV Land. That's going to make for some weird orgies. Forever Young debuts April 3. [TV Land via press release]

... Discovery has ordered a fourth season of Gold Rush, a reality show about people digging for gold. Meanwhile, your favorite show that got canceled is still canceled. [THR]


... The CW's The Vampire Diaries did better in the ratings than ABC's and NBC's offerings in the 8pm hour last night, a victory the little network can't claim very often. TVD scored a 1.3 rating against ABC's Zero Hour (1.1), NBC's Community (1.1), and Parks and Recreation (adjusted up to a 1.4 in final ratings), placing third in the hour after NBC's comedies were averaged out. Good night for The CW or bad night for ABC and NBC? [The CW via press release]


... The Beek is booked! James Van Der Beek will be elbows deep in vagina in the new CBS pilot Friends with Better Lives as Will Stokes, gynecologist. The show follows a group of 30-something friends who are all envious of each other's lives. [EW]

... Margo Martindale (Justified, The Americans) continues to make the rounds. She'll star opposite Will Arnett (provided Up All Night gets trashed) in a CBS comedy pilot from Greg Garcia. Arnett stars as a recently divorced dad, and Martindale will play his mom who is going through relationship problems of her own. Martindale heads back to CBS where she previously co-starred in A Gifted Man, although I don't really think we should count that. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Desmond Hume (real name Henry Ian Cusick) has joined The CW pilot The Hundred. The Lost and Fringe actor joins the sci-fi pilot about juvenile delinquents sent back to Earth to make it inhabitable again after it's destroyed by nuclear missiles. Cusick will play an officer on the ship that travels back. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Typecast ghost actor Mark Pellegrino has been cast in The CW's pilot The Tomorrow People, the remake of the British sci-fi series about a select group of youngsters with special powers. Pellegrino will play an evil doctor who thinks these specially powered people are dangerous. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CSI:NY's Hill Harper is moving over to Covert Affairs on the USA Network. Harper will play a CIA agent in the drama. It's believed that CSI:NY won't be returning next season, but even if it does, Harper is totally outta there. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NEWS FLASH! Maksim Chmerkovskiy might be leaving Dancing With the Stars! Oh no! [TMZ]

... Jane Lynch (Glee, commercials, lots of magazine covers like three years ago) has agreed to be the host of NBC's Hollywood Game Night. The show features celebrities playing games with non-celebs and will probably be canceled before its first commercial break. Honestly, who the hell is running things at NBC? A lobotomized, suicidal slug? [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • Anonymous_A Feb 25, 2013

    If Mark Pellegrino's in, I'm in with The Tomorrow People. :)

  • JT_Kirk Feb 24, 2013

    Batman's gonna be on Game of Thrones? Wow, great casting!

    I'm sorry, did you just say The CW outshot not one but two separate major networks? Oh, no you didn't say that, because "NBC" is no longer a major network.

    Hill Harper as a CIA agent, will he be soft-spoken and not believable as a credible authority figure? Because I don't know if I can take him changing gears from the great work they've been giving him for the last 8 years on CSI New Snore.

  • LeahLefler Feb 24, 2013

    Cusick! Pellegrino! It's a Lost party! Desmond and Jacob were 2 of my favorite characters - the other being The Man in Black.

  • Knoxera Feb 23, 2013

    I really hope we get to see the dragons grow bigger this season and become more of a show and a threat. I'm never quite sure how quickly time moves in the show - made especially difficult by the absence of clocks/calendars and unnaturally extended seasons - but I was a teeny bit disappointed with the dragons remaining little babies throughout all of S2. Their House of the Undying flame bit was awesome, and obviously we have no way to judge just how quickly dragons even should grow, but I don't want to have to wait until season 8 to see them as adults swooping through the sky.

    Basically, I just want to see them get to King's Landing and burn Joffrey's castle to the ground (and then eat him). I don't think we'll ever actually get something that validating and victorious, because Game of Thrones, but I can dream.

  • Nickylucas Feb 24, 2013

    Season 3 and 4 make up Book 3 in the series, and in that book there is a lot happening to say the least. Dany has a really great storyline in the third book, but trust me when I say that by the time Season 3 ends your interests will have shifted to another major plot point.

  • ThrillKill Feb 24, 2013

    The Dragons will become large enough to ride in Season 5 I would imagine. I base this on the fact that Dany just started riding Drogon at the end of Dance of Dragons. Sorry to say but The Queen of Thorns poisons Joffery at his and Margaery's wedding feast and pins it on Tyrion. Season 3 is just about to start. Season 1&2 encompase about 1 and 1/2 years. Remember in this series a season (fall, winter, spring, summer) can last for 3 years or a decades or more.

  • Nickylucas Mar 02, 2013

    You're an ass. Perfectly named "Thrill kill" because you just killed one of the biggest thrills of the series for those that haven't read the book.

  • emmairis Feb 23, 2013

    That Vampire Diaries episode was really deserving of this win in the ratings!

  • osdawaya16 Feb 23, 2013

    Game of Thrones yay!

  • Notusedname Feb 23, 2013

    You have to love NBC's mindless effort to keep reality TV alive, let us just admit that reality shows are in the past.

  • maritimer00 Feb 24, 2013

    The only way reality goes away is if sitcoms and dramas return to ratings juggernauts...judging by the sorry crop over the past few years as a whole, it might be a while...

  • docspector Feb 23, 2013

    Tell that to American Idol and The Voice. They didn't get the memo.

  • Notusedname Feb 24, 2013

    Okay, so reality shows is still alive, But it still amazes me, what kind of crazy ideas there are for new reality shows, and watching celebrities playing board games with common people is one of them.

  • NeeUyank Feb 23, 2013

    Margo Martindale was fantastic as she always is in The Gifted Man (and the show itself was pretty decent, much better than many stuff survived last year), so that should be counted in her resume.. and I hate when they generally assign evil roles to Mark Pellegrino, he could make a wonderful good but snarky character, like the one in The Closer.. yet, it is good to finally see a show where he'll be permanant.. he is just loveble, evil or angel:)

  • NeeUyank Feb 23, 2013

    CSI:NY was surprisingly renewed last year anyway, so if gets cancelled, it would not be surprised.. having said that, it would have been better, if the last season was a full, regular one with 21-22 episodes.. and I am just hoping that there was a proper closure in the finale last night.. the show never got its original dynamic back after the leaving of Melina Kanakarades (and replacing her with a very wrong alternative of Sela Ward), so if Hill Harper departs too, and thinking that it is announced in the show that Sid Hammerback character has cancer, probably they are designing a way to farewell Robert Joy as well.. without those two, the show will never be same, so better dead than suffer..

  • KevinG87 Feb 23, 2013

    that Forever Young stuff is old news, they've been promoting it since Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced started back up like 3 months ago.

    I guess Apt 23 is officially dead now, even though technically they could go on without James vdB

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