News Briefs: Kevin Bacon Joins Fox's Serial Killer Pilot

By Tim Surette

Feb 02, 2012


... Kevin Bacon, who is totally a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, has been cast as the lead in Fox's upcoming untitled drama from Kevin Williamson, creator of The Vampire Diaries and Dawson's Creek. Bacon will play a retired FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer who's has formed a legion of other killers using technology. You mean like a Facebook group? Bacon's deal is an unusual one; in order to free up time to continue starring in movies, he's only committed to appearing in 15 episodes. Does that mean Fox runs seven episodes without Bacon and sticks to the normal 22-episode season, or does it totally turn TV on its head and air a 15-episode season? [Deadline Hollywood]


... CBS has finally announced a premiere date for the Robert DeNiro-produced police drama The 2-2 (formerly Rookies). Look for it on Sundays at 10pm starting on April 15. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The sixth season of Lifetime's Army Wives will start on March 4! I don't know anyone who has seen this show. It's like the Sasquatch of television. Does it even exist? [THR]


... ABC has ordered two more pilots. Malibu Country, a multi-camera comedy, will star Reba McEntire as a country singer who divorces her husband and moves to Malibu to get her career going. Prairie Dogs is a single-camera comedy about a cubicle-dweller who has his identity stolen by a thief who creates a much more interesting life with the stolen name than the real guy ever had. [THR]

... Spike TV has renewed Flip Men for a second season. It's about two guys who scoop up foreclosed houses, spruce 'em up, and resell 'em. What an honest way to make a living. [Broadcasting & Cable]


... Once Upon a Time has recruited an Oscar nominee to play the mother of the Evil Queen. Barbara Hershey (Hannah and Her Sisters) will join the cast later this season for multiple episodes, with an option to return for Season 2 if the show makes it that far. (It will.) [TV Line]

... Supernatural is welcoming back a demonic presence. Rachel Miner, who plays the latest meatsuit for demon Meg, will return to the series sometime in the future. Miner was recently seen on Sons of Anarchy as Tig's daughter. [TV Line]

... Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is dropping by Modern Family, but not to add another acting trophy to his crowded mantle. Cranston will direct an upcoming episode of the ABC comedy. Cranston is no stranger to that side of the camera; he's directed a few episodes of Breaking Bad and a handful of Malcolm in the Middle episodes. [TV Line]

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  • Shreela Feb 04, 2012


    I'd give Kevin Bacon's new show a few watches, CBS doesn't cancel potentially good shows as quickly as NBC (and sometimes FOX). Plus I read a book about serial killers connecting on the internet, way back when the internet was sorta new'ish, and it was very intriguing - the main investigator was female, but I enjoy Kevin Bacon's acting enough to get past that LOL

    FRINGE! (at least close it out properly!)

  • shocker713 Feb 03, 2012

    Between X-Men First Class, Crazy Stupid Love, and Super, 2011 was the year that killed Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Now it's only like 2 degrees.

  • TrueTvWatcher Feb 03, 2012

    Kevin Bacon's new project sounds very interesting and I know people who will like Reba's new show. I'm stoked about Once Upon a Time, it will be great to see Barbara Hershey play the Evil Queens Mother. I also look forward to seeing Rachel Miner return to Supernatural!

  • scyfymum2 Feb 03, 2012

    How come army wives gets ANOTHER season (of which I thought it was long dead anyway) and shows like Dollhouse got 2! Army Wives must be on someones radar for it to get past a first season!

  • torque_smacky Feb 03, 2012

    If it's one of the most commented-on articles, why does the Chuck finale link to the right not work? I haven't read it and it's not listed on the news index either.

  • patsully Feb 03, 2012

    Here's hoping they scrap the other 7 episodes for the Kevin Bacon show... progress!

  • GeraldC7 Feb 02, 2012

    Am I the only one hoping for Footloose sequel? C'mon Kevin!

  • whatsername24 Feb 02, 2012

    Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Bacon serial killer drama? Really?

  • AndreaMcCooey Feb 02, 2012

    I've seen ads for Army Wives... but that was back in '07, and they were being shown on a channel that no longer exists. So... I may have dreamed the whole thing.

  • Faithin1 Feb 02, 2012

    I know someone who says they have seen ARmy Wives, but I'm a skeptic, and I bet if you took a picture, it would be fuzzy.

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