News Briefs: NBC Dumps Saving Hope to the Web

By Tim Surette

Sep 06, 2012


... NBC has pulled Saving Hope from its schedule with two episodes left to air in the drama's first season. The slightly supernatural medical drama starring Erica Durance's gorgeousness had already been jettisoned off to Saturday nights, but now it's been banished to the internet, where its final two episodes will air. This doesn't apply to Canada, where the show has already been renewed for a second season. 'Mericans, you can watch the final two episodes once they've aired in Canada on, or if you are a true fan, you could move to Canada and watch them sooner. You are a true fan, aren't you? [TV Line]

... NBC won't rest until The Voice is in your face 24 hours a day, and the network has taken the next step in accomplishing that torture by expanding the series' Season 3 premiere to three nights next week. Episodes will air Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a total of four hours (if my calculations are correct) in three days. It's not just to piss you off, either. The expansion to Wednesday means that The Voice will air opposite the season premiere of Fox's The X Factor because NBC is a dick. [TV Line]

... But wait, there's more! To grab extra eyeballs for the premiere of its new comedy The New Normal, NBC is moving The New Normal up a day to Monday, following The Voice. A new episode of The New Normal will air the following night in the show's regular Tuesday slot. That means Grimm gets bumped from its Monday night tryout a week early and will return to its Friday night timeslot in late September. The late scheduling might cause problems for NBC to get the word out, but I'm sure all the viewers of NBC's Sunday Night Football will appreciate the millions of ads telling them when a comedy about a gay couple trying to have a baby will air. [HitFix]


... Speaking of football, former Miami Hurricanes linebacker Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will host TNT's The Hero, a new reality show. The premise is this wacky idea: Ten people in a house will be given tests and trials that measure their brains and brawn to see who can be the best true hero. Seriously, that's what the show is. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bravo has renewed The Rachel Zoe Project for a second season. Let's all congratulate Rachel Zoe while we Google her to see who she is! [NBC via press release]

... This sounds kinda rad: FX is developing a drama called Downtown Dragons about Triad gangsters in New York's Chinatown. Yes, it will be all hand-to-hand martial arts. And in order to set up this preposterous situation, the story goes like this... "Rival gangsters must rely upon traditional fighting techniques to maintain their territories after the triad bosses ban all firearms in the area following a bloody shootout." [Deadline Hollywood]

... Justified showrunner Graham Yost is a busy man these days, and he just got busier. Yost is working with NBC on L.A. Woman, a drama about a female spy in the 1970s. In addition to Justified, Yost is the executive producer of FX's recently picked-up The Americans, also a period piece about spies. Hey Graham, save some TV for us! [THR]

... Awake creator and favorite Kyle Killen is back at it again, selling his latest project to ABC. Influence is a drama about two brothers who are very different. One is a bipolar genius with a background in human psychology and the other is a fast-talking ex-convict, and together they form an agency that solves clients' problems through manipulation and mind games. Congratulations, Kyle! [Deadline Hollywood]


... The Finder's Geoff Stults will recur on Fox's upcoming Ben & Kate. He'll play a romantic interest of Kate's starting in the Halloween episode, because he's everyone's romantic interest. [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO's Girls has added Rita Wilson to its next season. Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, will play Marnie's wife. No word on when Wilson's daughter will get a role on the show. []

... Whitney has added Tone Bell to its cast! He'll play a character who I will never see because I will die before I watch this show. [TV Line]

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  • BelindaWalter Sep 28, 2012

    when Cee Lo and Christina leave the Voice their ratings are gona fall. Also when Sharron leaves Americas Got Talent their ratings are gona fall also. wait and see!!!

  • aquarius3276 Sep 05, 2013

    I just wanted to say that the ratings actually went up and it was their best season ever! Shakira and Usher rocked that show :)

  • BelindaWalter Sep 28, 2012

    bring saving hope back,there is not many things i watch on tv but i looked forward to this show every week. i'm trying to catch what i can on the internet. why give people just enough to get interested and then take it away?????

  • CindyBloomTob Sep 21, 2012

    this sucks...every good show is taken off! my mom called me every week to talk about what a great show this was and shes glad they put something like this on tv! people were glued to the television...i am not watching" the voice" now.. they don't need 3 days a week and "saving hope" should have never been taken off!! it pisses me off that !

  • CindyBartok Sep 15, 2012

    I can't believe you cancelled such a good show. It was picked up in Canada for a second season. Why not here. One of the best shows on TV

  • DebraCravilli Sep 08, 2012

    Sometimes it's pointless to even start watching a new show cause either it doesn't get renewed or the channel it was started on doesn't pick it back up Saving Hope is a really good show and because of The Voice they cancel it. I do watch The Voice but I rather watch Saving Hope thanks again for making another show I watch taken off TV NBC besides for a TV show who really ever watches NBC anyway just another reason to not even do that.

  • jet0419 Sep 08, 2012

    NBC should at least televised the last 2 episodes of ' Saving Hope ' . Closure is very important . I am a fan of Miss Erica Durance ,been watching it on line because it is not showing in Australia .I am very disappointed with NBC'S decision. I don't really like her to disappear and be completely forgotten because she is a talented actress , I'd love to see her on a big screen.

  • jj8321 Sep 07, 2012

    Tim,... Whitney was really actually pretty funny last year! Give it a shot. Its really not that bad!!

  • thorswitch Sep 07, 2012

    "Influence" sounds cool - I'll be looking forward to that one. I loved "Awake" so.... :)

  • JoshuaAnderse Sep 07, 2012

    Two things.

    1) "Whitney" is actually a good show! As a stand-up comic, I'm not so much a fan, but when she actually sits down, goes over and over a bunch of script, and colaborates with actual writers, Whitney Cummings makes for a pretty watchable character. The supporting cast only help to build on the finely tuned and often crude comedy that make it great show.

    2) I despise NBC. What the crap do they have on a Saturday night that's better than "Saving Hope?" It is a great show with a slew of great actors, and while it may not be a critical hit, it is certainly what saved me from a summer of lackluster television. NBC has the opportunity to actually do something smart by treating this show like ABC treats "Rookie Blue." Build the fan base, air it for a handful of episodes every summer, and receive a decent amount of earned respect from the viewers you've pissed off over the years. I mean, it makes more sense to do that than to eliminate the show altogether, right? Still, I guess I should be lucky in the case of "Saving Hope." Were it not for NBC, I may not have had the opportunity to see Lois Lane and Dr. Daniel Jackson on the small screen again. I just hope, with Canada's season two blessing, that I'll be able to find this show somewhere else should NBC not air said episodes online or on Hulu.

    This season, I will give "Revolution" a try, but since that show WILL be canned, I'll probably end up watching NBC for "Whitney," "Up All Night," and "The Biggest Loser."

  • bostonbeliever Sep 07, 2012

    You obviously don't watch Community or Parks and Rec. "Awake" was also amazing (but that would probably have been cancelled on any network channel).

  • JoshuaAnderse Sep 07, 2012

    No...I have. They are decent shows, but not great shows. There are better quality shows on other channels, and unless I want to quit my job or never sleep, some shows won't make the cut. "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" are good, but not good enough. I also enjoyed "Awake," but it's shows like that which lead me to believe "Revolution" won't be given a decent chance.

  • RodgerJueckst Sep 07, 2012

    An informercial was aired on CTV at 9pm on Sept 6 despite being listed on the ctv on line schedule and being promoted on the ctv facebook page, so in both countries HOPE was not saved. Commerical tv = STUPIDITY.

  • robinh4 Sep 07, 2012

    What are you talking about, it was a new episode on CTV at 9pm. Are you sure you had it at the right channel?

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