News Briefs: NBC Finishes Behind Univision in February Sweeps

By Tim Surette

Feb 22, 2013


... February Sweeps just ended for the major networks. And also NBC. The Peacock, which had been flying high in the first half of the television season, plummeted to fifth place after the 20-day sweeps period that just ended. Fifth place? But aren't there only FOUR major networks? There are, and NBC isn't one of them. Taking its place is Univision, the Spanish-language network that averaged a 1.5 average rating in the adult demo during the sweeps period. NBC tallied a pathetic 1.2. ABC finished third with a 1.7, Fox averaged a 2.0 for second place, and way out in the lead was CBS, which parlayed the Super Bowl and the Grammys to a monster 4.9 average rating. Who can NBC blame? Do No Harm, 1600 Penn, and Smash, NBC's midseason entries, are a good start. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The long-awaited trailer for Season 3 of Game of Thrones is finally coming! It will premiere tomorrow (Friday night) sometime during the East Coast airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live in one puzzling act of cross-show synergy. After it airs, it will be posted online for all to see. We'll have it up on the site as soon as we can! [HBO via press release]


... Mira Sorvino has landed a role on the untitled CBS comedy pilot starring Jim Gaffigan. The Oscar-winner will play "the mom" in the family comedy that follows Gaffigan as a father of five raising a family in a two-bedroom New York apartment. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) will drop by The Office before the NBC comedy sails off into the sunset. He'll play Dwight's karate teacher. Can I get a judgment on this? The judges say... this sounds good! [TV Line]

... Treme's Kim Dickens has joined CBS's Second Sight. In the drama about a hallucinating detective, she'll play a co-worker. Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) was cast as the lead earlier this week. [THR]

... Stephen Amell (Arrow) has a brother, ladies! His name is Robbie Amell and he's been cast in The CW's sci-fi pilot The Tomorrow People, about a group of people who discover they are the next step in evolution and use their powers to fight bad things. He'll play a handsome young man, obviously. [TV Line]

... Party Down and Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen is joining CBS's comedy pilot Bad Teacher, the adaptation of the Cameron Diaz movie about a woman who takes a teaching job to find a husband. Hansen will play the school's sexy gym teacher. [TV Line]

... Daniel Stern (City Slickers) is on a tear lately! The actor recently appeared on an episode of Workaholics and... well, that's all I had. But that's a comeback as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, he's been cast as Christina Ricci's dad in the NBC comedy pilot Girlfriend in a Coma. [THR]

... Kevin Hart is hosting Saturday Night Live on March 2 with musical guest Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. [NBC via press release]

... Justin Timberlake is hosting Saturday Night Live on March 9 with musical guest... Justin Timberlake! [NBC via press release]

... Speaking of singing and dancing hunks, former New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre has been cast in CBS's comedy The McCarthys. The comedy follows a Boston family and the gay son who's part of it but doesn't necessarily want to be. McIntyre will not be playing the gay son, sorry fellas. He'll play one of the brothers who's upset about being short. The last time I wrote about Joey McIntyre I made fun of him and people got mad at me on Twitter, so this time around let's just say how cute he is. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Will Arnett (Up All Night) will be part of CBS's untitled pilot from Greg Garcia (Raising Hope), but there's a catch: Up All Night has to be canceled first. Arnett would play a recently divorced man who finds himself facing even more problems when his parents start having relationship trouble. The chances of Up All Night getting scrapped by NBC are 1,000,000 percent, so expect this to happen. [TV Guide]

... Steve Zahn (Treme) will star in Influence, the ABC drama pilot from Awake's Kyle Killen. Influence follows two brothers who start an agency that uses the principles of motivation and human behavior to fix their clients' issues. And to make things interesting, Zahn's character is a bipolar genius, and his brother is an ex-con. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Spice Girl Mel B. (she's the SCARY one) will join the judges' table of NBC's America's Got Talent this summer. She takes the spot vacated by Sharon Osbourne, who quit after a dispute with NBC over her son's involvement in the series Stars Earn Stripes. [EW]

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  • Dre5d Feb 24, 2013

    what about the the CW they are a major network, TVD and Supernatural.....hello????

  • JT_Kirk Feb 23, 2013

    NBC needs to fire everybody in charge of everything, but especially the promotional department. Yes, NBC's shows are pretty mediocre, but there's plenty of mediocre TV that can still attract an audience, just not on NBC anymore. Of course, having a fleet of awful, generic programming, and holding back so much content until late mid-season obviously can't help either.

    Wait, Jim Gaffigan is making a sitcom about his life? He's a father of 5 in a 2-bedroom New York apartment, how strange! And his real wife even looks a tiny bit like Mira Sorvino, crazy! Nobody is going to watch this though, just because family sitcoms are out right now unless your name is ABC.

    Dick from Veronica Mars was just on 2 Broke Girls for a stint, I guess CBS liked what they saw. After VM, I can't take him seriously as anything though.

    Oh Girlfriend in a Coma, you are destined to eat it hard in the ratings, you're just a big ol' sack of failure, casting is just a litany of "they're stars, they'll make it work" thinking, premise is thin yet high concept, and every actor cast so far is slightly the wrong age -- although Daniel "pull my dick out on Workaholics" Stern is the closest yet.

    America's Got Talent, now with even less talented foreign judges!

  • torque_smacky Feb 22, 2013

    Poor NBC. They've tried being intelligent, they've tried sucking.....what's left for a network to do?

  • 2wksnotice Feb 22, 2013

    Reboot Up All Night starring nobody but the baby?

  • Jossjunkie Feb 22, 2013

    They had me at Kyle Killen but add Steve Zahn AND bipolar genius...I'm so in.

  • DresserBoys Feb 22, 2013

    They have Nielsen Boxes now too! Damn illegals in Calfiornia.

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 22, 2013

    Robbie Amell is Stephen Amell's cousin not brother. A simple Wikipedia or IMDB search could have told you that. Research isn't dead, just saying.

  • DaveWebster1 Feb 22, 2013

    Wow it took only 40 years for an American network to pick up The Tomorrow people as it was a children's show with the same description that ran from 1973-1979 in the UK. Surely this is a record. And truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel because they can't come up with any decent ideas of their own. oh and just in case there are people that remember it was a show that returned to children's tv int he UK again between 1992 & 1995, I believe that this show was well liked and very much ahead of it time when it came on way back when, just hope that means it can be made contemporary and fresh.

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 22, 2013

    If it was broadcast in the 90s then there probably wasn't much need for a revival until now. Why would they remake it 10 years ago when the original had just been broadcast. Plus, they kind of already remade it. It was called Heroes.

  • DaveWebster1 Mar 07, 2013

    Thanks for the reply i generally post and never look back as i never expect people to reply to what i say. The comparison with Heroes is fair but if you watched the show in the 90's then you'd know that they are completely different animals. My point is that original programming is few and far between I'm not sure who said it but someone said there are only 5 types of story to tell each new one that comes along is just another version of the original just told a little differently. All over the world t.v. and film producers take each others ideas and try to repackage them sometimes they work most times they fail. Being human and The Office are two examples of 'it worked' and they only had a year or two gap between the original being aired in the UK and a US version being produced. My point was that it was an old show and it seems a little lazy to re-do something that has already been done when writers and producers are paid a lot of money to come up with original ideas i wonder if the writer of the new pilot told the exec's that it was a show in the 70's before he pitched. However the Tommorow People is a show that I'm sure many will have forgotten about and so a revision/ re-invention is what the network is going to do, Take the original characters, plot-lines then go in there own direction. I hope it works i loved the 90's version and have seen some of the 70's original i don't want my memory of them spoiled. Again thanks for the reply

  • wind_shadow Feb 22, 2013

    The revival in the 90's was also broadcast here in the States, on the Nickelodeon network. I LOVED the show, so I hope the latest incarnation doesn't suck too much (and it's sad that I am hoping for "doesn't suck too much" because I feel "is really good" will be too much to hope for).

  • marlonjones Feb 22, 2013

    Still baffled why people didn't tune in to Do No Harm :/
    NBC deserves all the bad that's coming to them...

  • marlonjones Feb 22, 2013

    Can someone explain these ratings and the difference 0.7 and 1.2? Never made sense...
    And Ryan Hansen was great on 2 Broke Girls, looking forward to his new comedy...

  • Derpanos Feb 22, 2013

    The ratings such as 0.7 and 1.2 reference a specific demographic of viewers tuning into a certain show - those aged 18-49. For some insipid reason, this is how Nielsen constructs the ratings system because apparently, networks only care about pleasing the viewers whom they think have the most "purchasing power" with regard to products that are advertised on the commercials which air during said broadcasts.

    In other words, if a certain show has 15 million total viewers for a single episode but only pulls a 2.2 in the coveted 18-49 demographic, a show with only 7.5 million viewers and a 3.2 rating will be seen by the networks as more profitable, and thus, worth keeping on longer - despite the large discrepancy in overall viewership.

    The networks and Nielsen seem to believe that being older means you have less influence on television programs and what is bought at retail stores, while young people apparently hold all the power to what's popular in America. That is such a silly and naive way of looking at consumerism, because the youth in America are struggling with employment and don't spend as much as advertising executives think they do.

    And take it from a 21-year-old college kid: us young people are nonsensical when it comes to picking quality television shows. Look no further than American Idol.

  • marlonjones Feb 23, 2013

    Thanks for that!

  • marlonjones Feb 23, 2013

    And i couldn't agree more! Their reasoning is ridiculous and really are speculations at best...i hope they change the way shows get canceled or renewed soon, too many great ones fall too early...

  • Silver_Sword_14 Feb 22, 2013

    To be fair, Univision is way more entertaining than NBC these days. Amirite?

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