News Briefs: NBC Orders a Pilot from J.J. Abrams and Supernatural's Eric Kripke

By Tim Surette

Feb 03, 2012

Please pack your knives and go to News Briefs position #2, because NBC just picked up an Eric Kripke pilot!!!


... NBC has picked up a pilot from Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and J.J. Abrams. Revolution is a thriller set in a world where all forms of energy disappear. Please let this go to series please please please.[Deadline Hollywood]


... Bravo has ordered another season of Top Chef, a show considered by many sophisticated people to be the only reality show worth watching. The upcoming season will be the show's tenth, and continue its trend of increasing viewers' cooking abilities by 0.0000000001 percent. [Bravo, via press release]

... Fox has renewed the cooking competition show Kitchen Nightmares for a fifth season, which totally confuses me because I swear the show was already in Season 5. And our episode guide thinks so too. And so does Wikipedia. So who knows what's going on, really. [Fox, via press release]


... We all know that Breaking Bad has 16 episodes left in its life, but we don't know how (or if) those 16 episodes will be split up. Well, Anna Gunn (Skyler) told the L.A. Times that the final season will be broken up in two mini-seasons of eight apiece. AMC has yet to confirm any of this, though, so don't start burning trash cans just yet. [LA Times]


... Fox is tinkering with its schedule a bit. Alcatraz will now air its season finale on March 26, instead of slightly earlier in mid-March, as it would have done with double-episode nights. Starting March 12, the show will move to Mondays at 8pm and air alongside Touch. That move will let House end its season (and probably series) with no repeats once it returns on April 2. Similarly, Fringe will take three weeks off in March and finish its season with eight uninterrupted new episodes beginning March 23. [TV Line]


... TV Land's The Exes has been renewed for Season 2! Someone tell TV Land that it's okay to cancel a show. [TV Land, via press release]


... FX is developing a comedy from Dana Gould and Foo Fighters' frontman David Grohl. The project revolves around a band on the brink of stardom AND on the brink of breaking up that seeks therapy to stay together. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC has renamed the upcoming Bryan Fuller remake of The Munsters. The new dark comedy will now be called Mockingbird Lane, after the street which the family of monstrosities lived on. [TV Line]


... Syfy has a new creature feature in the works called Bigfoot (yes, just plain old Bigfoot), and the cast is AWESOME. Rocker Alice Cooper, Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family), Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch), and Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) will star. Oh man Sherilyn Fenn brings back memories. She made a man out of my hand when I was just a young man! [EW]

... Showtime's Masters of Sex has found its two leads. Brit Michael Sheen and super hottie Lizzy Caplan *drool* will portray real-life 1960s sexual revolution experts William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The chances of seeing Caplan nude are great in this one. [Showtime, via press release]

... John Leguizamo has signed a talent deal with ABC and will produce and star in a single-camera comedy about his life in New York City. Groan. Why do people think we want to see shows about their lives? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Hey dude, Chris Klein (American Pie) will guest-star on Franklin & Bash. Bro-dacious! [EW]

... Henry Winkler (The Fonz, duh!) will guest-star on NBC's Up All Night as Ava's father. Look for him toward the end of the season. [TV Guide]

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  • osdawaya16 Mar 01, 2012

    I'm torn between my dislike for much of Showtime's material and my love for Michael Sheen. D:

  • hof789 Feb 09, 2012

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  • dragonslayer168 Feb 08, 2012

    Mmmmm.....Revolution sounds good....

  • darkitp Feb 05, 2012 news in the Year 2013 : NBC cancelled Revolution .. J.J To Do another Sci-fi show for CBS

  • EpicLoveStory Feb 05, 2012

    Abrams and Kripke? That's like chocolate and peanut butter! I am definitely going to get me some of that!

  • aldaros23 Feb 04, 2012

    I think AMC is gunning for a late August date for Breaking Bad. In a recent Aaron Paul interview (Feb) he said he had to shave his head again because he was going back into filming mode. what??? so soon??? shocking to me, since the production time last year was way too long.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 04, 2012

    Hey, I actually kinda like The Exes, it's a lame sitcom but it's not terrible, it knows what it is and it plays to those strengths. That's good when there aren't almost any traditional sitcoms left.

  • marmall Feb 04, 2012

    didn't we see plenty of naked Lizzy on True Blood?

    I'm kinda happy about Breaking Bad, prolong the inevitable!!

  • Summerqueen Feb 04, 2012

    Why does the Kripke-Abrams show sound like a lame show, though? I mean, "a world where all forms of energy disappear"? What, all of them? How are people even alive in this world, then? Is this a sunless world? Or is it correct usage as in "not visible"? Like, what, most forms of energy are visible or something? It sounds like a ridiculous premise described as is.

  • XY Feb 07, 2012

    Yeah... but on the other hand we've had so many shows with interesting premises lately which turned out very bad (Terra Nova, Alcatraz), I'm willing to try out even the weirdest premises. I guess it just depends on what you make out of a story.

  • iberlauf Feb 04, 2012

    the idea for revolution is a ripoff from visionaries cartoon! j.j. please! you're better than that!

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