News Briefs: NBC Orders an Almost-full Season of Guys With Kids

By Tim Surette

Nov 16, 2012


... NBC has ordered more episodes—but not quite a full season—of Guys With Kids, officially blowing up my Dead Pool entry and I suspect about half of all of yours. The Peacock has requested four more episodes of the comedy, bringing the total count for Season 1 to 17 episodes, and there's always the chance that they'll say screw it give us a whole season. Its most recent episode notched a 1.3 rating in the adult demo, which I guess is passable these days. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS has also tinkered with some episode orders for a pair of its full-season orders. Elementary will add two episodes for a 24-episode rookie season, and Vegas will appropriately hit 21. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The BBC has passed on a second season of Hunted, but Cinemax, which co-produced the series with the British network, will try to keep it going in some form. The name and format of the spy series belongs to the BBC, so the "second season" would actually be renamed and changed enough for Cinemax to avoid legal action, but the show would still follow the sexy protagonist Sam Hunter. Creator Frank Spotnitz would stay on board to continue the story. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ReelzChannel is hanging on to the headlines it made with The Kennedys miniseries with a follow-up that follows the famous family from 1968 to the present. The miniseries will be based on the book After Camelot. Good for you, ReelzChannel! (But sorry, this miniseries won't do very well.) [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has renewed The Burn with Jeff Ross for a second season. Let's find out what this show is together! *reads press release* Apparently it's a variety show where Jeff Ross (formerly Jeffrey Ross) goes out in the streets and insults assholes. [Comedy Central via press release]

... Style has ordered Built, a docu-series that follows a New York business that hires male models to make house calls for handyman repairs. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Things will get nailed, pipe will be laid, and carpet will be cleaned. [Deadline Hollywood]

... MTV has ordered a pilot for Hot Mess, a new comedy from Awkward. creator Lauren Iungerich. Australian actress Annabelle Stephenson has been cast in the lead role as a young woman who can't control her impulses and ends up sabotaging her dating life. Don't worry, she's smoking hot. [THR]


... Bryan Fuller's NBC drama Hannibal has cast Eddie Izzard (The Riches, women's clothing departments in the '90s). He'll guest-star as a fellow inmate at the prison Hannibal Lechter is locked up in. Izzard recently starred in Fuller's pilot Mockingbird Lane, which is almost certainly not going to series. [EW]

... Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights's Landry) is joining the cast of The Missionary, an upcoming HBO series about a young American who helps a woman escape East Germany during the height of the Cold War. Plemons will play a Coca-Cola executive who also helps people escape. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • PikeBishop Nov 16, 2012

    How come i can't find the Dead Pool link and current standings anywhere?

  • dragon22a Nov 16, 2012

    Wait, I thought Hannibal was supposed to be about Lecter before he got caught, like an origin story or sorts rather than have him already in prison.

  • torque_smacky Nov 16, 2012

    Let's face it---by now, there will be NO winner in the deadpool this year. If there's a prize, it'll be fed to someone's dog.

  • JT_Kirk Nov 16, 2012

    The TV season that WOULD NOT DIE pt 4, the worst part yet. Seriously NBC? SERIOUSLY, Guys With Kids gets a pickup at a 1.3 rating? You're not The CW, that rating is garbage. The show is panned by critics and the majority of viewers. Is that really worth saving when Community has both audiences champing at the bit to go on? Is your executive board so bereft of ideas that it's entirely lost the ability to drop the axe this season? Is your only answer to bolster a show "put it on after The Voice"?

    The Burn with Jeff Ross was a sloppy mess, but there were kernels of funny. Ross going out on the streets to insult people was not generally one of them though. It needed a producer with vision and the ability to wield some control, and now I guess it "needs" that.

  • Writerpatrick Nov 16, 2012

    I'd say that this year's Dead Pool is dead. Only two shows, Animal Practice and Made in Jersey, have positive points. It seems there just isn't any logic for what's getting picked up this season. Shows are getting picked up regardless of quality. And there just hasn't been any good new shows, just okay ones.
    I messed up my picks accidentally because of the new picking system.

  • DavidJackson8 Nov 16, 2012

    Arggghhh. I should've listened to my gut when I thought Guys With Kids wouldn't get canceled quickly, if at all. But nooooo, I had to THINK and conclude it was too unfunny for NBC to give it a whole season. Stupid brain. And NBC.

    Hunted has been pretty good so far... it sucks that the BBC wont be backing it anymore. The fact that Cinemax has to change it because of copyright rights and because they don't have enough money to finance it the way it is, I'm expecting the show to lower in quality. Which sucks.

  • Taccado Nov 16, 2012

    Hmm. Maybe the winner of this year's Dead Pool will have negative points.

    It's a shame that Hunted didn't do better. At least it appears that's the reason why BBC didn't pick it up for a second season. That Cinemax "will try to keep it going in some form" means that they'll manage to produce some sort of a second season on life support, which means that the quality will go down.

  • TrevPlatt Nov 16, 2012

    Official* minutes from the 11th annual network executives meeting at Mount Doom, Mordor:
    ABC Exec “Well, it’s official, are conducting another Dead Pool.”
    Fox Exec “I have an idea, let’s just renew any old crap, that’ll screw with the cable loving bastards.”
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    CBS Exec “We’ll need an exception for Made in Jersey though, it’s beyond crap.”
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    Fox Exec “That’s fair enough. Hey, NBC Exec, you can cancel Animal Practice if you like.” Fox Exec winks to ABC Exec
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    CW Exec whispers “Can I sit at the big boy table this year”
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    ABC Exec “SHUT UP NBC EXEC.” ABC Exec smooths his sleek black comb-over back into place
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    Fox Exec “How else can we screw them over?”
    NBC Exec “That’s a great idea!”
    CBS Exec “Hey, NBC Exec, do you still have that fantastic pilot for Mockingbird Lane?”

    *Note: This is not official, I made it up, but I suspect there are some basic truths in there!

  • Taccado Nov 16, 2012

    That's the only conspiracy theory I'm willing to support. The networks are pulling this "everyone is a winner" renewal extravaganza just to mess with They (the lizard people controlling the networks) have concluded that is a threat to their existence and are on a war path to bring them down. And it all starts with causing chaos in all our Dead Pools.

  • darkitp Nov 16, 2012

    pitch this to nbc right now , you might get six seasons and a movie

  • TrevPlatt Nov 16, 2012

    Adult Swim...

  • GirishStewart Nov 16, 2012

    My dead pool is almost toast. GWK and Elementary getting more episodes tells us that loving zombies too much can be harmful.

  • darkitp Nov 16, 2012

    with NCIS , CSI , Criminal Minds , Hawaii Five-0 , Blue Blood and the new show Elementary , i can't help but to think CBS is trying shove so many cop dramas into our mind .. i don't blame people who turn into serial killers by watching all these shows ..
    they can avoid the police , with all the tactics , and the mistakes with all the criminal who got caught in the end of every episode

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