News Briefs: NBC Sets a Premiere Date for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal

By Tim Surette

Feb 15, 2013


... NBC's woeful 2013 will get a boost on April 4 when Hannibal makes it debut. The drama comes from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller and revisits the universe of Red Dragon, better known as the story that kicked off the legend of Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal slides into the 10pm slot left vacant by Do No Harm. [TV Line]


... E! has canceled Whitney Cummings' talk show Love You, Mean It after three months. Don't worry, her NBC sitcom Whitney is doing fine. [THR]


... Minnie Driver has joined NBC's comedy pilot About a Boy. David Walton will star in the adaptation of the Nick Hornsby book as a man who forms a friendship with his pint-sized boy neighbor. Driver will play the boy's recently divorced mother. [TV Line]

... Jason Isaacs (Awake) is giving television another shot and has chosen a safer premise this time by joining CBS's drama pilot Surgeon General. Isaacs will play the titular medical expert. [TV Line]

... Rupert Grint, redhead Ron from the Harry Potter films, is the lead in CBS's single-camera comedy (??? On CBS???) Super Clyde. Grint will play a fast-food worker who decides to become a super hero. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Royal Pains has promoted Ben Shenkman to series regular for next season. Shenkman plays Dr. Jeremiah Sacani in the USA Network drama. [TV Line]

... Glee (and recently Justified) vet Mike O'Malley will star in the NBC comedy pilot Welcome to the Family, a potential series about culture clashing. O'Malley will play the father figure of a white family that's folded into a Latino family when his pregnant teen daughter marries her Hispanic boyfriend. Rob Schneider does not star in this, but you'd think he would. Note to self: Write a comedy about a Caucasian person marrying a Latino person and sell it to CBS. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jason Ritter (The Event) has joined Fox's comedy pilot Friends & Family, an adaptation of the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey. Ritter will play Stacey. I mean Gavin. [EW]

... Jonathan Taylor Thomas has crawled out from under his rock and will guest-star on Last Man Standing, reuniting him with his old TV dad Tim Allen. He'll play the manager of a restaurant that Kristin tries to work for. Looks like I can keep my JTT Teen Beat posters up a little longer. [E! Online]

... Breaking Bad's Dean Norris has been cast in CBS's summer miniseries Under the Dome, as the series villain. Based on the Stephen King novel, Under the Dome details what happens when a small town is cut off from the rest of the world after a mysterious dome appears over it. Norris's character uses the opportunity to take over the town. [EW]

Bonus: exclusive photos of Dean Norris researching the role.
(thanks for the awesome image, Edlyn!)

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  • ludoTV Feb 15, 2013

    Hannibal looks actually good though NBC's track record this mid-season is a bit worrying...

    Surgeon General- What the .... Another medical show??? How many do we need???

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the images of Dean Norris 'researching'...

  • JohnCouto Feb 15, 2013

    I thought I read AWAKE found a new home on tv and my heart dropped. Dammit. :(

  • sleepy-sonic Feb 15, 2013

    Under the dome is getting better with every second and I'm hoping for Hannibal to be good, it's Bryan Fuller after all

  • JT_Kirk Feb 15, 2013

    I'm surprised they dumped Love You Mean It, was she not grotesque enough, not foul enough, not dead enough inside to compete with Chelsea?

    What happened to Minnie Driver's career that she now always plays these moms? It's like producers realize their shows are weak and need a dynamic, tall, sexy-not-sleazy mother character to prop 'em up.

    Oh, I'm sorry Jason Isaacs, didn't you get the memo that TV is canceling every new medical show? If you hurry, you can be canceled twice in a year's time. Also, you should fire your representation for not getting you the gigs your acting talent deserve.

    Jeremiah is becoming a regular on Royal Pains? That's a little strange, he's barely been on since pining for Divya.

    So, Tim Allen's new show is really just a Home Improvement episode in slow motion?

  • Loooooooooooost Feb 15, 2013

    Dean Norris will make an excellent Big Jim!!

  • WavSlave Feb 15, 2013

    I'm happy for Ben Shenkman, a terrific actor who never gets anything more than short guest stints on shows. I'm not crazy about his Royal Pains character but at least he's got a steady gig and the paychecks that go with it.

  • JoeB08 Feb 15, 2013

    I don't care what NBC chooses to air. Until they put a muzzle on the vehement Anti-American bias on their news shows, that channel will remain dark on our televisions.

  • Grumpyclown Feb 15, 2013

    i dont know about their news as i live in Europe, but you arent missing much with their shows right now

  • hot_babe101 Feb 15, 2013

    omg jonathan taylor thomas, love of my childhood.

  • photographer4 Feb 15, 2013

    all I saw was Jonathan Taylor Thomas' name and i dont remember anything after that

  • vicbjones Feb 15, 2013

    That's Dean Norris? I remember him as the commandant in Starship Troopers and as the head of a paramilitary group on Nash Bridges, but I never knew what his name was. Also, when has a medical drama on CBS been a safe bet for the last 30 years since Trapper John, M.D. finished its run?

  • remediosbuendia Feb 15, 2013

    Wasn't Chicago Hope on CBS? I don't live in the US so I don't always know what networks air what shows.

  • vicbjones Feb 15, 2013

    Yes, it was. It debuted the same season (and maybe even opposite) ER. Not a flop, as I recall, but not nearly the hit ER was. In fact, I think having a hit medical drama has been something of a Holy Grail for CBS for several years. There was the show the CSI producer put on that was on Friday nights at 10:00 and also Three Rivers, so how does a medical drama on CBS constitute a safe bet?

  • remediosbuendia Feb 15, 2013

    No idea, maybe he meant that medical dramas, much like police procedurals and lawyer shows are, or rather used to be, a pretty safe bet for the networks? I mean, maybe the "safe" part wasn't so much referring to a guaranteed success but rather to the fact that it's not risky and high concept. Anyway, I'm trying to avoid getting hooked on new network shows so I won't be watching anyway.

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