News Briefs: NBC Sets More Summer Premiere Dates, Including the Burn-off for Save Me

By Tim Surette

Apr 16, 2013


... NBC has added more dates to its summer schedule, and here they are!

Thursday, May 23 at 8pm

Save Me – In this comedy, Anne Heche plays a suburban mom who has a spiritual awakening after a near-death experience. The show was originally ordered for NBC's fall 2012 lineup, but it sounds like NBC hated it and is now burning it off in the summer.

Monday, July 1 at 8pm

American Ninja Warrior – Strong dudes chin-up their way through a wicked obstacle course in this returning summer show. It will premiere with a two-hour episode before dropping down to an hour the following week.

Monday, July 8 at 9pm

Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls – The survivalist takes 10 teams of two to the primitive turf of New Zealand. Make it out alive, and you win! Don't, and you die! 

Wednesday, July 10 at 10pm

Camp – The dramedy stars Rachel Griffiths as a recently divorced camp director who runs a summer stopover for kids. In the vein of Meatballs, Camp will follow the lives of the counselors, kids, and staff through summer romances, poison ivy breakouts, and the inevitable Olympiad against the fat camp across the lake!


... Starz had a good weekend with the series finale of Spartacus and the series premiere of Da Vinci's Demons. The latter can now claim the title of the most-watched series premiere in Starz's young history, with a combined viewership of 2.14 million viewers over multiple airings topping the 2.09 million who tuned in to Camelot. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The brand-new television home for men, the Esquire Network, was supposed to debut next week. But like a typical man, it's going to be late. The re-branded G4 network has pushed its premiere back to this summer in order to stockpile its schedule with more original programming. It currently has cooking show Knife Fight, travel series The Getaway, style guide How I Rock It, second travel series American Field Trip, and the reality fitness competition American Ninja Warrior prepped for launch. [Variety]

... Zach Galifianakis is teaming up with Comedy Central for a new "dramatic comedy" show centered on comedian Brody Stevens. Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! will follow the troubled comedian as he recovers from a very public and scary mental breakdown. The project originated at HBO Digital, where it became a six-part web series (and a fascinating one at that, highly recommended!). Those 15-minute episodes will be included in the Comedy Central series and expanded to 30 minutes, as will six all-new episodes. No premiere date has been announced. [Deadline Hollywood

... Disney has renewed Crash & Bernstein for a second season! I just read what this show is about: a kid and his surrogate brother become friends. And the surrogate brother is a puppet. See, this is how you create success, NBC. [Disney via press release]


... Showtime's Californication continues to beef up its cast for Season 7, adding Heather Graham (Boogie Nights) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) for substantial. Graham's will be a season-long run, and she'll play a woman from Hank's past. Rajskub's stay will be a bit shorter, and she'll play a neurotic writer. The Sopranos vet Michael Imperioli was also recently added to the cast. [Showtime via press release]

... Hey, this is kinda casting news. Faith Hill will not be singing the theme song for NBC's Sunday Night Football anymore. The singer took to Twitter to make the announcement, calling the decision difficult. NBC says the song will stay the same, but someone new will have to try to come up with something that rhymes with "Green Bay." [Faith Hill's Twitter]

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  • real01 Apr 18, 2013

    "American Ninja Warrior" sounds like something I'd watch.

  • DLGathard Apr 17, 2013

    Oh NBC

  • dh4645 Apr 16, 2013

    nice more heather graham boobs.
    also the quote "But like a typical man, it's going to be late."
    isn't it women who are always late?'s the men who are always wrong. right?

  • fweak Apr 16, 2013

    Da Vinci is looking like a great replacement for the large, Spartacus-sized hole in Starz's schedule. But they should get started on a Julius Caeser spin-off ASAP!

  • JT_Kirk Apr 16, 2013

    NBC, get your shit together, that's embarrassing. And nobody wants to see Anne Heche on TV anymore, why you threw your money at that horrible idea is beyond any imagination or sense.

  • meee223 Apr 16, 2013

    Would love to see Da Vinci's Demons, but it doesn't air (yet) in Canada, despite the fact that Spartacus airs here on The Movie Network concurrently with the Starz broadcasts. However, I'll guess that "demons" will find it's way to Canada if it continues with great ratings. We got Camelot after it finished airing in the U.S and the same for The Tudors.

  • Gem-n-eye Apr 16, 2013

    Heather Graham will be a nice addition but when are they going to add Gillian Anderson for a season. Not sure what she could play, maybe a bad ass cop or something juicy and good.

  • Lostindharma Apr 16, 2013

    Now if NBC would announce when or if Parks and Rec will be coming back

  • modernfamily120 Apr 16, 2013

    Anyone hear anything about if NBC has any plans to air the four episodes of Next Caller?

  • DavidJackson8 Apr 16, 2013

    I used to have a bit of a crush on Heather Graham. Looking at her IMDb page though, I can't exactly figure out when or from what... I feel like it was after Swingers and Boogie Nights, but before The Hangover... but I don't think I've seen any of the movies in between. And I feel like it should be for more than her recurring role on Scrubs and one-off on Arrested Development. Maybe it was just a mix of the latter TV roles and random photos online.

  • FringeFanatic Apr 16, 2013

    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. I've been crushin' ever since.

  • kanniballl Apr 16, 2013

    Lost in Space for me, saw that in the theaters while the others I saw only slightly later on video. Boogie Nights and Austin Powers 2 were definitely high points.

    She was also in License to Drive, which I did not realize until just now. Then again I saw that move a LONG time ago and it didn't really stick in my memory.

    And I don't even remember her role on Scream 2.

  • JT_Kirk Apr 16, 2013

    License to Drive was it for me, even though she was unconscious in the trunk for half the film.

  • DavidJackson8 Apr 16, 2013

    Ahhh! Felicity Shagwell! Of course! Ugh, I feel so stupid for not only my forgetfulness, but for my failure to properly read her IMDb page -_-

  • FringeFanatic Apr 17, 2013

    That short, tight and blue outfit she wore is forever and blissfully burned into my memory. I'm pervin' out!

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