News Briefs: New Arrested Development Details Surface

By Tim Surette

Apr 19, 2012


... As you already know, Arrested Development will be back next year courtesy of Netflix. Supposedly. I mean, they've been talking about it forever and it's a done deal. But still. Anyway, Netflix today said it will release all 10 episodes of the new season at the same time. So this time around, if you watch them out of order it will be your fault, not Fox's. [EW]


... TLC has renewed My Crazy Obsession for a second season after eight episodes of talcum-powder-snorting, car f***ing, and adult babying. Get to work on those weird lifestyles, people, and you too can become a star! [THR]

... DirecTV has announced the premiere date of the fifth and final season of Damages: July 11. But you don't care, do you? Because you don't watch this show! Just like everyone else! Ugh, makes me so angry. [Huffington Post]


... Trouble has followed Charlie Sheen to FX, where he's setting up his new show Anger Management. Producer Joe Roth and his production house Revolution Studios are being sued for $50 million by a man who claims he helped develop the series. According to a guy named Jason Schuman, he worked on the project before Roth halted communication with him and announced the series a month later. Charlie Sheen said, "$50 million? That's like a trip to Vegas!" [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC's The Bachelor is being sued for racial discrimination. A pair of semi-pro football players are claiming that the series has failed to make a person of color the centerpiece of a season. The plaintiffs, who are both black, say they each auditioned for the program and were not selected. Well maybe it's because you're ugly, did you ever think of that? If that's the case, then count me in on an ugliness discrimination suit too! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Season 2 of Showtime's excellent series Homeland doesn't start until September, but at least now we know when it will start. I'll explain. The second season will begin six months after the conclusion of Season 1, says producer Alex Gansa, meaning it'll pick up well into Carrie's rehabilitation. I am okay with this. [TV Line]


... The Real Housewives of Atlanta is losing one of its ladies. Sheree Whitfield has announced that she's leaving the series because of all the drama. When asked why she joined the show in the first place then, she pointed at something and said, "Look over there!" and then ran away. [People]

... Your favorite television personality George Lopez is coming back! Yay! He'll host Fox's summer dating show Take Me Out, in which an egotistical man will try to impress a panel of 30 desperate cows. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • GreenyFool Apr 25, 2012

    "So this time around, if you watch them out of order it will be your fault, not Fox's." - Oh! Burn! Tim, I've never been much of a fan of you (other than the Breaking Bad reviews), but sir, you deserve the applaud. Great news! Really made a crappy day much better! :)

  • Ibra Apr 23, 2012

    "I'm innocent Michael! I'm com!" XD that line always get me

  • kok_warlock Apr 22, 2012

    To me, Damages is like Mad Men, everybody talks about how great it is, but it's not very interesting, even a little boring, I stopped watching in the middle of season 1.

  • mad-pac Apr 20, 2012

    As usual you don't fail me, Tim, mentioning Damages. I watch this show and think it's great!

  • NadaAlAnbar Apr 20, 2012

    I love Damages too

  • pretty_sure Apr 20, 2012

    The semi-pro footballers are very attractive. I heard somewhere that they showed up and the producers said "why are you here" then sent them to a separate room, sent them home and said they would call, and then never called them.

  • fweak Apr 20, 2012

    Did FOX air Arrested Development out of order too? That network never gives shows a fair chance. Can't wait for the new episodes!!

  • Akyriel Apr 20, 2012

    After 23 seasons or cycles of the Bachelor stuff, not one "person of color" has been featured looking for Mr. or Miss Right. Lawsuit may have a point, if not grounds. That said, why would they care for a show like this that has rarely succeeded in putting two people together in any long-lasting, meaningful way?

    I agree, Damages had a great first season, but seemed to lose it after. I always had the impression that when renewed for a second season, the creators were caught off guard as to where to go with after or how to top it.

  • bothcats Apr 20, 2012

    Homeland- this is awesome news! Let's just hope Carrie remembers what she was thinking about right before they zapped her!

  • JT_Kirk Apr 20, 2012

    All 10 episodes at once? Are they going to be a full 22 minutes long? That seems like a lot of work for the post-production crew to put together all at once, and it doesn't give them a chance to tweak what is and isn't working. I'm not complaining, just concerned over a loved one possibly over-extending. Yes I just called AD a loved one.

    George Lopez hosting a dating reality show? That sounds extremely grating, he's a funny guy but I don't think that'll be his forte at all. I'd say I can't wait to be proven wrong, but the reality is there's no way I'm watching that show.

  • kickdoor Apr 20, 2012

    I won't accept that AD is returning until a new episode is playing in front of me. That being said, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement on hearing that they may be moving away from the "one character, one episode" idea.

    Damages had an amazing first season, but never really captured that quality again with the subsequent ones. The move to DirecTV only brought it down more in my opinion. Though Dylan Baker did give a great performance; very underrated/used actor.

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