News Briefs: Oxygen Dumps The Glee Project

By Tim Surette

Apr 09, 2013


... Aspiring actor-hyphen-singers looking to get on Glee will just have to do it the old-fashioned way: by sleeping with a Fox executive. Oxygen has canceled its reality program The Glee Project after two seasons, partly because Glee itself hasn't been renewed yet. The show was favored by critics, but audiences didn't show the same enthusiasm. [TV Line]

... However, Oxygen did renew The Face for another season. So if you've got a face, you have a chance to win! [Digital Spy]


... AMC's Mad Men, a drama about upset advertising executives who determine fashion trends and the women who are mentally abused by them (the men, not the fashion trends), returned for Season 6 last night. For the first time, a Mad Men season premiere dropped from the year before. Season 5's premiere drew 3.5 million viewers, compared to last night's 3.4 million, so let's all panic and jump out of a window. [AMC via press release]

... NBC has abandoned Smash to die on Saturdays, and the musical drama is obliging. Its first Saturday outing hit a series-low 0.5 rating, thanks to just 1.88 million people watching. Okay, we can stop talking about this show, right? Let's move on. [E! Online]


... When Jimmy Fallon heads to 11:30 as host of The Tonight Show, he'll be bringing his boys with him. The Roots bandleader Questlove has said that The Roots will remain the house band for Fallon, a decision made easy by The Tonight Show moving to New York. []

... Starz has ordered 13 episodes of Fortitude, a dark drama about a small town in the Arctic that's shaken up by the murder of a research scientist. The series will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Start thinking about your dance moves, because Fox's So You Think You Can Dance has a return date: Tuesday, May 14. The reality competition will actually debut over two nights, starting at 8pm on May 14 and at 9pm at May 15 (Fox wanted to make things as confusing as possible for you). The network also announced a premiere date for Toxic Office: Does Someone Have To Go?, in which employees of a small family-owned business take over the company and make the tough decisions. Look for it on Thursday, May 23, and try not to think that the fact that it's about a family-owned business and that some of the employees are family members totally ruins the entire idea of the show. [Fox via press release]

... American Ninja Warrior is returning to NBC this summer. The obstacle-course show features fit dudes hanging from things and jumping around, but sadly no shurikens or smoke bombs. NBC's macho new network The Esquire Network (formerly G4) will also air the series. [NBC via press release]

... Judge Judy has been renewed through 2017, so go ahead and smear some dog poop all over your neighbor's door when they play rap music all night long because you know justice will be served. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Discovery Channel apparently did not see the movie Grizzly Man, and has decided to order the special The Great Bear Stakeout. The nature doc will take a very close look at Grizzly Bears in Alaska as they struggle for survival. The special will debut May 12 at 9pm. [Discovery via press release]

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  • KayWatkins Apr 10, 2013

    Awwww, I was liking the Glee Project better than Glee itself. Heck, I almost dropped Glee at one time but kept watching because I was looking out for one of the winners of the show. Ah well. Didn't know Glee's fate is undecided. I still watch out of habit more than anything else so it wouldn't really bother me if it got cancelled at this point.

  • RoryJamesSaywer Apr 10, 2013

    Judge Judy, 2017? Lol!

  • FriendsSherlock Apr 10, 2013

    I heard Glee had been renewed for a season 5??

  • mrramirez26 Apr 09, 2013

    Glee just has too many story-lines now...for my liking, anyway. Always jumping back and forth between Ohio, and too many characters I don't care about, like Unique. I have nothing against gay people, or transgender people at all...but the character just doesn't interest me whatsoever.

  • FilmFanatic Apr 09, 2013

    The new season of Glee is not as bad as last season. If it only focused on the old cast and not trying to force on us the very dull and ill-developed new cast to the story, it would have been much better. This so called 'glee project' it was just the step going too far for the glee brand. Most probably, Glee will be renewed by Fox for another (perhaps final) season, but hope they take Oxygen's hint as a wake up call and make some changes in the structure of their characters.

  • sodapopgirl721 Apr 09, 2013

    please please PLEASE let glee be cancelled. sincerely, the world

  • FlorBlyth Apr 09, 2013

    Woot Woot! :D

  • chris_friends Apr 09, 2013

    "Fox wanted to make things as confusing as possible for you".

    LOL. True dat.

  • theace Apr 09, 2013


  • onlyonecherie Apr 09, 2013


  • Writerpatrick Apr 09, 2013

    Part of the reason Smash's ratings dropped is because NBC didn't make any mention of the move. It's pretty clear that the show is over, but it's worth it for NBC to run out the episodes because it will help boost confidence in the network supporting it's shows.

  • onlyonecherie Apr 09, 2013

    You know Writerpatrick, I didn't hear about the move until I came to and they mentioned it...hmmm...sounds like sabotage imo. You're prob right that the show has reached its end unfortunately.

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