News Briefs: President Obama Likes Good TV

By Tim Surette

Dec 15, 2011


... You may disagree with the way he's running the country, you may question his ability to stand up to congress, but one thing is certain: President Barack Obama watches some decent television! The commander in chief says he watches Modern Family with his daughters, and after they go to bed, he catches up on Boardwalk Empire and Homeland, and of course, his original passion, basketball. It should also be noted that his favorite show of all time is The Wire. [People]


... Travel site has pulled its ads from TLC's All-American Muslim, just days after Lowe's got blasted for doing the same thing in response to pressure from a conservative Florida watchdog group that said the show did not portray Muslims in a correct light. Kayak says its decision wasn't because of pressure, but because the show "sucked." Yes, a marketing executive for the company publicly made a statement actually saying that the show sucked. Read it in the link. []


... CBS, Fox, and NBC have all extended their television deals with the National Football League for an additional nine years, meaning there will be football on those networks through 2022. ABC still has the Oscars. [Twitter]

... Leonardo DiCaprio's production company has sold a new project to HBO called Beat the Reaper. Based on the book of the same name, the thriller follows a young doctor whose past life working for a crime family surfaces to destroy his new life. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Jane Fonda has signed onto HBO's Newsroom, the drama from Aaron Sorkin that's set at a cable news channel. Fonda will play Leona Lansing, the CEO of the network's parent company and a media tycoon. That sounds like the female version of Fonda's real-life ex-husband, Ted Turner. Awesome. Newsroom continues to rise up the list of most anticipated shows of 2012. [TV Line]

... CMT has signed former Bachelorette Melissa Rycroft and actress Jennie Garth to reality shows, in case you are incredibly bored. [EW]

... Jamie-Lynn Siegler will guest-star on Last Man Standing, so that's where her career is right now. Look for her to appear on the show early next year. [TV Guide]


... Two of my favorite things have come together: Scotch and Christina Hendrick's ample bosom. The Mad Men star is now the chest face of Johnnie Walker. Hendrick's Gin really missed an opportunity here! The link features pictures of Christina and scotch, in case you are wondering what heaven looks like. [Daily Mail]

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  • efonsecajr Jan 04, 2012

    Homeland is on my to watch list.

  • Wafuru Jan 04, 2012


  • chas031 Dec 16, 2011

    "... Jane Fonda has signed onto HBO's Newsroom"

    Traitorous BITCH derserves nothing but a 2X2 bamboo cage!!

  • JT_Kirk Dec 16, 2011

    Where does the Prez get the time to watch that much TV? Or is that what he's doing instead of getting the country back in order? I mean, the last one went to sleep before Prime Time was over, and he wrecked the joint.

  • TrevPlatt Dec 16, 2011

    As much as I hate the Daily Mail I love that pic of Hendrick's where she is leaning against the bar. Swap the Scotch for Canadian Club though.

    Newsroom is already my most anticipated show of 2012.

  • DavidJackson8 Dec 15, 2011

    "Lastly, I watched the first two episodes. Mostly, I just thought the show sucked."

    Haha, this made me laugh. He writes multiple paragraphs trying to defend and show how KAYAK's decision was reasonable, logical, and rational, but his most simplest argument was also the most sensible: the show sucked.

    When I see Pres. Obama's face in that photo, it kinda makes me think that he's one of those folks who get completely lost in TV and starts to mix fiction with reality. "Oh, no! I must call the CIA immediately and have them stop Sgt. Bro -- uh, Damian Lew -- oh, right, this is a fictional TV show."

  • Arch_Angel88 Dec 15, 2011

    I bet he wishes Joe Biden was fictional.

  • Silver_Sword_14 Dec 15, 2011

    Oh, here we go... of course Obama is the next douche bag to hop on the bandwagon and claim The Wire is his "favorite show of all time". I've met so many people who've lied about the same thing just to fit in. Bunch of chumps.

    Leo's Beat the Reaper project sounds like it could be a potential hit.

    Enough is enough! How has Christina Hendricks not posed for Playboy yet?

  • KevinG87 Dec 15, 2011

    I think politics are stupid so I have no comment on any of that, but ever since Obama was elected, he's been treated more like a celebrity than any of president has, and he shouldn't be treated like one because none of them should.. and I only like Homeland out of those shows listed (I haven't seen The Wire though)

    and the thing is funny, and did anybody think the show wouldn't suck?

  • bluemystique Dec 16, 2011

    Just a minor correction. John F. Kennedy. Hollywood-ized President if I ever seen one. Ronald Reagan WAS a freaking celebrity...and Bill Clinton will be a pop culture reference for centuries to come. My point being...Obama is neither the first nor the last President to occupy simultaneous roles of Commander and Chief and Celebrity...if you so call it that.

  • Loooooooooooost Dec 15, 2011

    Ha!! I loved that letter that KAYAK guy wrote! If I knew what KAYAK was, they would get my business. And poor, poor Jamie-Lynn. smh

  • adamonfire Dec 15, 2011

    Not an American, I assume?

  • aliSuz Dec 15, 2011

    I like Jennie Garth but I dislike reality shows. The majority of them are boring. She should act on a show instead....

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