News Briefs: That Entourage Movie You Didn't Ask For Is Getting Made

By Tim Surette

Jan 31, 2013


... The much-talked-about Entourage is closer to actually happening as studio Warner Bros has given the project the official green light. Creator Doug Ellin is attached to direct from a screenplay he wrote, but there's no timetable in place yet. Remember when Entourage used to be good? Me neither. The burn center is thattaway, Entourage. Meanwhile, HBO is looking at a Bored to Death movie but it isn't looking at a Deadwood movie. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Comedy Central has picked up a second season of its new sketch show Kroll Show starring Nick Kroll, because it's funny. Look for 10 more episodes next year. [Comedy Central via press release]

... Katie Couric's daytime talk show Katie has been renewed for Season 2. Katie owns the market on closeted athletes who fall in love with pretend women online, so she should be good. [Disney-ABC via press release]

... ABC has finally found a use for babies and has given a series order to Bet On Your Baby, a game show in which parents wager on their toddlers' ability to accomplish tasks against rival tykes. The winner gets $50,000 to put toward their kid's college fund (a.k.a. Mommy's drinking habit). If it's successful, expect Babies in Danger: Baby High Diving to follow. [ABC via press release]

... Not challenged enough with working with just babies, ABC will also try partnering with an even more difficult and childish group: Canadians! (Canada, follow Entourage to the burn center.) The network will import the 13-episode Canadian series Motive for the summer. The procedural has a bit of a twist: The killer and victim will be revealed at the beginning of each episode, and the rest of the time will be spent discovering the motive of the crime. Only in Canada! In America all we care about is who and what, because we need to spend the extra time figuring out 1) how to pay for hospital bills and 2) the rules of hockey. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Fox is in final talks to commission a pilot from 50 Cent that's animated and wait a second that doesn't sound right. [Double-checks story] Yup, that's right. The show would be loosely based on Fiddy's childhood and follow a goodnatured kid who gets into trouble around his neighborhood. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Add two more pilots to Fox's development slate. Wild Blue comes from the very busy Graham Yost (Justified) and is a drama set on an aircraft carrier. Gang Related is a gritty drama about a gangster who infiltrates the San Francisco Police Department's gang task force. Wait a second. Something is wrong here. These both sound good. Fox, are you feeling okay? [EW]

... ABC has ordered Bad Management, a single-camera comedy from the star of the British series Pulling, Sharon Horgan. She'll play a conceited boss of a department store who has her authority challenged by a young upstart. [Deadline Hollywood]


... We already knew Russell Brand's BrandX With Russell Brand would be expanding to a one-hour format when it returns next week. What we didn't know is that it will air live. Seriously, I would trade this guy back to England for *gulp* Gwyneth Paltrow IMMEDIATELY. [FX via press release]


... Django Unchained star and fine actor Christoph Waltz will host Saturday Night Live on February 16. He'll be joined by Alabama Shakes as the musical guest. [NBC via press release]

... NBC's straight-to-series Dracula has made a few casting choices, adding Game of Thrones' Nonso Anozie and Merlin's Katie McGrath. Anozie, who played Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the second season of Game of Thrones and is still stuck in a vault somewhere, will play the man who knows the truth about Dracula's darkest secrets. McGrath, who played Morgana on Merline, will play the chatty BFF of Dracula's muse. [TV Line]

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  • mrjimmyjames Feb 05, 2013

    Interesting. If only that Entourage television show I didn't ask for was never made.

  • Whedonrules Feb 01, 2013

    There were 7 seasons of that pile of refuse "Entourage" and 8 aired episodes of "Firefly" - I make this guarantee -- "Entourage" will never touch the ticket/DVD sales of "Serenity".

    Katie McGrath is kind of awesome, may have to check out "Dracula".

  • neo112233 Feb 01, 2013

    Well serenity cost 40 million to make and didn't even break 39 million worldwide in it's entire run. An entourage movie would destroy that, if all the people who watched the finale bought a ticket it would break 30 million in the first weekend alone. You are just some fanboy still mad about firefly who cant watch any tv that doesn't have whedons name on it

  • Grumpyclown Jan 31, 2013

    just read that nbc has signed roseanne barr to an overall deal that calls for her to develop a show she will star in and produce for the network. nbc you suck

  • Tvking00 Jan 31, 2013

    Motive & Gang Related sounds interesting.

  • Tvking00 Jan 31, 2013

    Still waiting on that Veronica Mars movie....

  • JT_Kirk Jan 31, 2013

    Glad to see Kroll Show got a pickup after just 3 episodes. It is good, hopefully 10 episodes a season can allow for new ideas to percolate and be nurtured into successful bits.

    Bet on Your Baby will never make it to air, there will be parental outrage and also the promoters of turtle racing will sue.

    "Motive" sounds a hell of a lot like "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".

    Oh Fox, why don't you get it that nobody has watched these celeb-driven animated shows and nobody ever will? At best you can hope for a couple seasons of The PJs, at worst you can hemorrhage ratings a la Allen Gregory.

    Nooo! Brand X was good because someone edited down the crap parts and run-on stuff that went nowhere, live is going to fall flat on its face. Too bad, I thought Russell Brand's ability to look at things from a foreign perspective was a fresh take on this type of show.

    Christoph Waltz was really good in Inglorious Basterds, hopefully that'll translate in SNL.

  • MarlboroMagpi Jan 31, 2013

    I would love Entourage movie but box office wise, I do not think it will do well unless they have Mark Walhberg.

  • ZachMerriman Jan 31, 2013

    Just bring Bored To Death back. And yes I second the Veronica Mars movie. Entourage... not so much.

  • natesjokes Jan 31, 2013

    I thought Entourage was hilarious... Not sure how a movie would be though.

    "Babies in danger" bahahah... good one.

  • tamaabi Jan 31, 2013

    Indeed the two Fox' pilot DO sound good. That's what the Mayan were talking about :p
    Nice for Katie McGrath. She progressed quite a lot as an actress in Merlin.
    And hum... I would take Gwyneth Paltrow over quite a lot of people tbh.....

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