News Briefs: The BBC Asks a James Bond Star to Be the New Doctor Who

By Tim Surette

Jun 11, 2013


... This is just an early report, but the BBC has allegedly offered the cherished and newly vacant role of Doctor Who's Doctor to Rory Kinnear. Kinnear played MI6 officer Bill Tanner in the James Bond movies Skyfall and Quantum of Solace. But this one of those "it's only preliminary" things, so don't get your biscuits in a bundle just yet! [Telegraph]


... In pretty much the shortest press release ever, NBC has confirmed that Dan Harmon will be returning to Community as the comedy's showrunner for Season 5. Joining him will be Chris McKenna, who will reprise his role as executive producer. Harmon previously announced on Twitter that he was returning to the show, but the official press release gives us a chance to celebrate again. [NBC via press release]

... Here's some good news for people who love trashy television: The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss expects Bachelor Pad, the Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff, to return next summer after a year off. That should give all the Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects plenty of time to let their cold sores heal. [EW]

... TNT's sci-fi alien-invasion series Falling Skies debuted its third season on Sunday (did you read MaryAnn's review?) and fell in the ratings slightly. The two-hour opener drew 4.2 million viewers, down from the 4.5 million who tuned in for last year's Season 2 premiere. The drop could easily have been a result of the Falling Skies premiere airing against the NBA finals and/or the Season 3 finale of Game of Thrones, but the stiff competition probably didn't affect it too badly. This show has been slipping since its debut two years ago. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Well, you may as well just shoot yourself in the face now. Rap metal disasters Insane Clown Posse are getting their own show. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope will host Fuse's Insane Clown Posse Theater, a variety show that includes sketches, interviews, and their takes on popular culture. The series will premiere on July 24. [The Wrap]

... BBC America has ordered a second season of Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan, which features the Lost star traveling the world in search of the globe's most dangerous and rare animals, usually of the creepy crawly variety. [BBC America via press release]


... Beauty Natalie Zea will drop by CBS's summer sci-fi drama Under the Dome in a recurring role. The Following star will show up late in the series, making her first appearance in the ninth episode as a shady character who may even be worse than the supposed Big Bad. [TV Guide

... Pop idol and current hot superstar Cher will perform during the live season finale of The Voice on June 18. Don't say I didn't warn you! [NBC via press release]

... HBO's pilot The Leftovers has expanded its cast, and one of the new additions is a Doctor! Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston leads the names joining the Damon Lindelof project about those left behind after the Rapture. Also booked are Tony-winner Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, and Amanda Warren. [THR]

... American Idol has booted longtime producer Nigel Lythgoe after several years of declining ratings. Taking over for him will be Per Blankens, who most recently served as the executive producer on the Swedish version of Idol. Great, now everyone one will only sing ABBA. [The Wrap]

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  • ForeverUnknown Jun 17, 2013

    NO. Just NO

  • AriSky Jun 12, 2013

    Unless they're looking to go darker with the Doctor, he doesn't look the part at all. It'll be interesting to see who else they ask.

  • Left4Ed Jun 12, 2013

    Hey hey hey! Don't be hatin' on the Insane Clown Posse, Tim! I ask you to recall a certain episode of Workaholics...

    But yeah, Insane Clown Posse Theater will probably suck a bag of dicks. Great guys personally, wonderful live entertainers, can't make a movie or a show (I know The Purple Show was Twiztid's thing, but I recall ICP having a finger or two in that pie) worth a good goddamn.

  • Svanehjerte Jun 11, 2013

    The Leftovers sounds interesting, but if it's on HBO I probably won't watch if it's going to be another one of their many softcore porn series... If it isn't going to be like that(!!!!) then I will watch.

  • Loooooooooooost Jun 12, 2013

    Would you rather watch natural human nudity, or graphic violence. I know you didn't say anything about the latter, but I can't help but get annoyed at people who won't watch a show because it may have a boob or two and a butt but death and violence are totally ok! Guess what, your mom and dad got naked together one time, and you know what happened? You happened!

  • Svanehjerte Jun 12, 2013

    So what? Graphic violence is fake, nudity is real in most occasions, especially the boobs. There are no problems for me or those around me from watching graphic violence. Nudity and pointless sex scenes on the other hand make men (and women) mentally cheat more than you realize. It encourages and allows "cheating" in their minds and it's good for nothing. It's also a lot more awkward to watch together with your parents or other family members because it is not family friendly. It's not even realistic sex for the most part + it's promiscuous. You shouldn't forget that the actors are real people who get paid to get naked. Sometimes more. That's basically filmed prostitution and it sickens me to even think of people willing to do that for a few bucks, in front of the whole world to see and to circle around the internet forever. That's not natural sex at all, it is emotionless and sold like a product to all the sad, horny people watching at home. Natural nudity is NOT what you get on TV - no, you get the fantasy version and no good comes from that. It's the same kind of disease as porn. What you are saying isn't a good argument at all as far as I'm concerned. Nudity and sex scenes never add to the STORY in a movie. Not even movies that are specifically about that subject needs to show everything in order to tell the story (if there ever is one because to me it's usually just an excuse to show more nudity to sell worthless crap)... Cheap tricks made to sell because "sex sells" - that's what HBO and other certain channels are all about.

  • Svanehjerte Jun 11, 2013

    Not a good choice IMO.

  • kanniballl Jun 11, 2013

    Ever since "Jekyll" I've thrown James Nesbitt into the ring for the next Doctor

    I've been denied a couple of times now :-(

    I just loved Hyde's wackiness. Sure, the Hyde personality Was WAY too dark of a persona for The Doctor... but the wackiness was there and almost seemed a solid fit.

  • JosephCecil Jun 11, 2013

    I take the denials with as much salt grain as the rumors itself. Remember Matt was also coming back for the next season but that turned out to be false. So until BBC says "this is the guy" anything is in play as possibly true.

  • vicbjones Jun 11, 2013

    Nice to see the BBC isn't planning on casting a teenager as the next Doctor, and unlike Matt Smith or David Tennant, I've actually heard of Rory Kinnear (as well as his father, Roy Kinnear, who was in the last episode of The Avengers, which was also created by Sidney Neuman). But like you said, preliminary, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Any information on whether Steven Moffatt is staying on as showrunner and, if not, who the new showrunner/head writer is expected to be?

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jun 11, 2013

    So, is Leftovers gonna be based on the Left Behind book series, or just ridiculously similar?

  • LucyBarker Jun 11, 2013

    For a second I thought they meant Ben Whishaw. Either of them would be fine, but it won't happen. The BBC won't report on people they're only considering, or that have been asked but haven't answered yet. The Doctor will be announced when it's final, everything else is just speculation.

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