News Briefs: The BBC Cancels the U.K.'s Being Human

By Tim Surette

Feb 08, 2013


... The current season of the BBC's Being Human will be its last, the British programmer said today. The series, which started as a dramedy about a werewolf, a ghost, and a vampire living together in a flat, started in 2008 and was remade for North American audiences by Syfy in 2010. This doesn't affect Syfy's version, which, like most adaptations, has strayed from its source material. [BBC via press release]


... 24! That's the number of episodes Chicago Fire will have this season now that NBC has decided to add an extra episode to the show's Season 1 order. The firefighter drama has been a surprising "hit" (a relative term for NBC) for the network, which needs hits badly. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 5.23 million! That's the number of viewers that tuned in to see Mike Tyson "play" an accused rapist in last night's episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. That's a series low for the long-running show. If you're a fan of SVU, you owe it to yourself to go punch Mike Tyson in the face. [Washington Post]

... 39 percent! That's the drop in viewership that FX's AWESOME new show The Americans suffered in its second week. Yikes. Only 1.97 million tuned in to see Matthew Rhys and his fake moustache beat people up, which is a shame. DVR numbers should help this out, but the live-watching decline is scary. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 16th! Of May! That's the scheduled date for The Office's one-hour series finale. [TV Line]


... WHAT!? Director Brett Ratner (Tower Heist, Rush Hour) is producing an animated TV show based on Facebook timewaster (a timewaster within a timewaster!) FarmVille. WHAT!? Meanwhile, in cool people news, J.J. Abrams is talking to gaming company Valve about making a movie based on Half-Life or Portal. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Fringe's John Noble is somewhere in the future making sure Norwegians don't make Observers, but he'll soon come back to our time to make a guest appearance on The Good Wife. He'll play a man from Alicia's past in the 18th episode of the season. [TV Guide Canada]

... American Horror Story is retaining more actors from the show's past and has booked Frances Conroy (the Angel of Death from Asylum) and Taissa Farmiga (Violet from Season 1). They'll join Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters in Season 3. No word on Pepper... YET. [TV Line]

... Ellie Kemper, The Office's bubbly secretary, will star in NBC's pilot Brenda Forever. The show follows a woman's life by combining flashbacks with stories in the present. [EW]

... Dreamhunk David Walton, recently seen romancing Zooey Deschanel as Dr. Sam on New Girl and previously seen on Bent, has landed a pretty sweet gig. He'll play the lead in the NBC comedy pilot About a Boy, based on the Hugh Grant movie of the same name. He'll play a grown man who forges a friendship with his boy neighbor. Oh sure, but when I do it I'm a creep. [Deadline Hollywood]

... James Wolk (Lone Star, Political Animals) will co-star with Robin Williams in the CBS comedy pilot Crazy Ones, about a man (Williams) who works with his daughter at an ad agency. Wolk will play the office's resident handsome man. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • louisemooreshaw Apr 11, 2014

    Can someone please tell me why they are cancelling Being Human (USA)? It's a great show.

  • MightyMad Feb 11, 2013

    Robin Williams is back on TV...
    I really don't know how I feel about this.

  • youngnan Feb 09, 2013

    Wait, Being Human was still going after Aiden (whatever the Irish Vampire's name was) died? I stopped watching after that! What was it about, George? Ugh!!! And it's just now being cancelled?

  • doctorwho747 Feb 17, 2013

    Dude you got your BH's mixed up lol. Aiden is the US version vampire, the UK's name was Mitchell. And Mitchell that was the end of season 3
    I'm not gonna write any spoilers but I can write that yes it continued. In Season 4 Annie and George, Tom the young werewolf(The actor who has a permanent sad face, note the picture at the top guy on the left) became a regular. And they introduced some new characters, needing a vampire there's Hal, who like Mitchell made a choice to stop feeding and killing humans. Although compared to Mitchell's struggles Hal is more like Benedict Cumberbatch's incarnation of Sherlock Holmes, though in Hal's case he is a somewhat high functioning vampire sociopath. And than there's the girl who's character's name I cant remember as she came on in the last couple eps. And now there's the fifth, and now final season

  • youngnan Feb 17, 2013

    Never watched the American BH. But the actor who portrayed Mitchell is named Aiden (or Aidan) in real life I think. They named the American Mitchell Aidan? ... But anyhow, a Cumberbatch incarnation sounds good. Will check it out! I'd just assumed that Mitchell dying was the series finale!! Lol.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 08, 2013

    Hey Brett Ratface, way to stay on the cutting edge of 2 years ago.

    Winter '13 is more brutal to NBC than Nemo is to NYC. I'm telling you, NBC's problems are significantly about their piss poor marketing.

    39 percent off a pilot isn't really surprising, but 1.97 mil live suggests The Americans better find a way to shed some budget fast.

    I like Ellie Kemper, but I'm not sure her bubbly happiness can carry a show on its own, I hope it works out.

  • sunnysfunny Feb 08, 2013

    WTF and the BBC cancelled The Fades to keep Being Human. Ugh!!!

  • Taccado Feb 08, 2013

    A TV show based on FarmVille? Just a few days ago the guys over at Collegehumor were testing different Angry Birds merchandise, and they made a joke that in the future film trailers, scripts and posters will have the words "based on an app" on them. That is the future we have to live in. Sigh...

  • TrevPlatt Feb 08, 2013

    A Half-Life movie is long overdue. A Half-Life TV show would be even better!

    Also, the news about Being Human is from last year. At the end of The Fades first season BBC3 announced that they wouldn't be getting a second season because the money was going to fund a final season of Being Human. I remember saying at the time that it was a stupid idea because The Fades had a future whilst Being Human, without any of the original cast remaining, didn't. Very shortsighted from BBC3.

  • KateSullivan Feb 08, 2013

    Arrgh...that was my first thought when I saw the headline, but wait, wasn't just at the end of their last 'series' that they chose an unnecessary additional season of a show that no longer had any of its main characters on it for The Fades which I am somehow still hoping (though, I understand Natalie Dormer would not be around) that the Canadian station that does half the SyFy shows picks it up.

  • Placebo_obecalP Feb 08, 2013

    The Americans is a superb show, clearly made for an intelligent audience, hence the massive drop off in viewing figures...

  • FlorBlyth Feb 08, 2013

    Someone should do something based in Valve's Left 4 Dead series, come on everybody loves katana wielding zombie killers. Please somebody make Nick, Ellis, Rochelle & Coach come to life!!!

  • Placebo_obecalP Feb 08, 2013

    More pathetically inaccurate writing from Tim, Mike Tyson played a murderer on death row who had been repeatedly sexually abused as a child/teenager, seriously if you can't even be bothered to do the slightest bit of research just quite writing your nonsense. I thought Mike did pretty well considering the extremely difficult subject matter, kudos to him.

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