News Briefs: The Coen Brothers Are Getting Into TV

By Tim Surette

Oct 06, 2011


... Film geek favorites the Coen brothers (No Country For Old Men, Fargo) are working on a television project with Fox. Harve Karbo is an hour-long single-cam comedy (hour-long single-cam comedy!?!?) about a Los Angeles private eye who takes cases that just so happen to put him in touch with Hollywood's elite. It's still far from becoming a series, though; so far, Fox has only ordered a script. [THR]

... Stoner geek favorite Snoop Dogg is one step closer to clouding up your TV. NBC has taken the chance on Don Reo's family sitcom project, which stars Mr. Dogg as the dad. Please let this make it to air, please! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sci-fi and comic geek favorites Jon Favreau (Iron Man), Robert Orci (Transformers), Seth Green (Robot Chicken), and Michael Dougherty (X-Men 2) are teaming up on a project called Ex-Comm at ABC. The show is described as a "presidential procedural" that's set in the present day and follows a secret government team that investigates odd occurrences. It's like The X-Files meets The West Wing and will no doubt be called X-Wing, which is awesome. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Favreau is also working with CBS on a comedy project called Tweaked, about the dating life of single parents in Los Angeles. Ex-Comm sounds a million times better. [Deadline Hollywood]


... X-Men's James Marsden (he played Cyclops) will guest-star on 30 Rock sometime this season. There are no details on the role he'll play yet, but we're guessing he'll have eyes (or a single eye, HAHA, X-Men humor!) for Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). [EW]

... Also guest-starring on 30 Rock will be Denise Richards. [Denise Richard's Twitter]

... To dispel the rumor that they're the same person, hottie Lizzy Caplan (Party Down, True Blood) will guest-star on Zooey Deschanel's New Girl. Their presence on the same set will form the hottest, sexiest place on Earth and create a vortex that will destroy the universe. But it will be so worth it. P.S. If the sexual black hole doesn't happen for whatever reason, Caplan will play a chick who is pursued by Jess's roommate Nick for three episodes. [TV Line]

... Charles S. Dutton (Roc) will guest-star on Criminal Minds as a boxing trainer who finds out his favorite student is a serial killer. I told you that right hook was lethal! [Theater Mania]

... TNT's upcoming series Perception, starring Eric McCormack has lined up some guest-stars! They are: Edward Furlong and Tom Sizemore! It's like a who's who of where have these guys been? [TV Guide]


... Eddie Murphy might return to Saturday Night Live, where he once advanced society's understanding of colored people. Specifically green people. As Gumby. [NY Post]

... Xbox Live is going to incorporate streaming television from Bravo, Comcast, HBO Go, and Syfy. Look for it this holiday season if you can pry yourself away from playing Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim. Free-roaming dragons, dude! FREE-ROAMING DRAGONS! [Deadline Hollywood]

... A.C. Nielsen Jr, the man who made the Nielsen Ratings system what it is today, has passed away at the age of 92. [NY Times]


... A sad farewell to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away at the age of 56 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I don't even know what Apple TV does, but I know he changed the world thanks to his invention of a computer that I know how to use. RIP, Steve. [Everywhere]

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  • ohnobees Oct 07, 2011

    Those first three bits of news make me happy.

  • Sheikia Oct 07, 2011


    But seriously, I guess TV is the new, hip thing. I only wish it would be on HBO or AMC or Showtime. It will probably get cancelled before it even starts if it's on FOX.

  • fweak Oct 07, 2011

    Oh no, not FOX. Harve Karbo is as good as canceled.

  • jaden84 Oct 06, 2011

    RIP to Steve Jobs one of this world greatest innovators. Also let's hope Snoop's tv show is better than anyy other acting job he has ever done, I mean ever done. Just watch Baby Boy and Soul Plane, you'll know what am talking about.

  • headclub Oct 06, 2011

    56 is too young....R.I.P. Steve. You changed the world.

  • headclub Oct 06, 2011

    'Fargo' was good. 'No Country for Old Men' was extremely pretentious. and 'A Serious Man' was an abomination...// Also, 'X Wing' sounds exactly like Torchwood...except in the US.// I can't imagine a Snoop Dogg sitcom lasting, but I pray for a pilot!

    Let me guess? Perception is about a guy who is able to "perceive" things better than everyone else. And he uses these magnanimous skills to either help the police or generally solve crime of the week capers. I should write for tv. : P

  • joostin_cdn Oct 06, 2011

    The True Grit adaptation was amazing! Much better than the original. Fargo is still one of the GREATEST films ever made. Buscemi FTW!

  • headclub Oct 07, 2011

    You're right. 'Fargo' is better than just good. It is great-- their best work by far! And True Grit was a very good remake..... but 'A Serious Man' is so painfully bad, so inexplicably disheartening and annoying and aggravating...If you dare, watch it. Let me know what you think.

  • saiba_shikaku Oct 06, 2011

    Wait, they are making an X-Com show? That could either be awesome or horrible, depending on how much they adhere to the game's style.

  • rye06p Oct 06, 2011

    Ex-Comm should really consider X-Wing as a name.

  • AydinTurgay Oct 06, 2011

    Zooey Deschanel is the poor man's Lizzy Caplan.

  • DavidJackson8 Oct 06, 2011

    The first three bits of news all sound pretty cool.

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