News Briefs: The CW is Reviving Whose Line is it Anyway?

By Tim Surette

Mar 02, 2013


... Whose Line is it Anyway? is coming back! But on The CW! The improv show aired for several years on ABC with Drew Carey as host, but it will return with Aisha Tyler behind the desk. Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie return as performers. The original was fantastic, but will it be as good this time around, and will The CW's audience like it? Look for the revival this summer. [CW via press release]


... Drop Dead Diva has undropped dead, rising from the grave of cancellation to earn a fifth season. The show had been canceled by Lifetime in January, but the network and studio that produces Drop Dead Diva agreed to new terms, which include a smaller budget. A big blow for divas everywhere, to be sure. [THR]

... TNT has ordered six episodes of the docu-drama (read: "reality show") Life Flight. Cameras and probably cameramen will follow real-life air ambulances in Texas as helicopters (technically the people inside the helicopters) save peoples' lives. Look for it in early 2014. [TNT via press release]

... NBC has set a date for Ready for Love, the latest terrible reality dating show to pollute our civilization. From producer Eva Longoria, a bunch of women will drool over a handful of guys. Anyway, Tuesday March 26 from 9pm to 11pm would be a good time to not watch NBC. After that, the series will move to its regular time of Sunday at 8pm starting on March 31. [NBC via press release] 


... Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) has joined Showtime's new drama pilot The Vatican, a thriller combining religion, politics, and some of the coolest robes you'll ever see. Kyle Chandler stars as the Cardinal of New York, and Friel will play his faithless, hard-partying sister. [Showtime via press release]

... Parminda Nagra, who I last saw being really old but looking really young in Fox's brain-busting Alcatraz, has been cast in ABC's drama pilot Reckless. This show sounds pretty complicated, but it goes something like this: A guy tries to get his wife out of an international jail by bypassing laws. Nagra will play the guy's coworker. Honestly, I've read the pilot's logline 58 times and I still don't get it. [THR]

... DJ Qualls (Supernatural, Legit) will guest-star on TNT's Perception. Now you know. [TNT via press release]


... Bonnie Franklin, who played Ann Romano on the '70s and '80s series One Day at a Time, passed away at the age of 69 from pancreatic cancer on Friday. [New York Times]


... After the Oscars' In Memorium segment left Andy Griffith out of its montage of famous people who died over the last year, Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC decided to take matter into its own hands. Instead of airing Thursday's NBC 9pm to 11pm lineup of The Office, 1600 Penn, and Law & Order: SVU, WKYC aired a Matlock movie from 1992. Only 1600 Penn was an original episode, and the others were repeats. The station plans to air another Matlock movie next week in the same time period. [THR]

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  • wingsabre Mar 06, 2013

    If I was running NBC, I would just pull the plug on WKYC. I like Matlock, but if an affiliate station wants to go awol, then let them.

  • smithinjapan Mar 06, 2013

    Awesome news about Whose Line Is It Anyway, although it was never as good even with Carey as with the original as it was in the UK, it was still a great show. Hope it works, and glad to see some of the old cast returning.

  • WavSlave Mar 06, 2013

    Agreed. I like Drew in general but he couldn't hold a candle to Clive as the host.

  • smithinjapan Mar 06, 2013

    Yeah. Drew of course can be pretty funny himself, but Clive's dry sense of humour (not always laughing) and the fact that he didn't get involved directly in the games made me like him more.

  • WavSlave Mar 06, 2013

    I could have watched an entire half hour of nothing but his hilarious, bickering banter with (the amazing) Greg Proops.

  • bkyle2429 Mar 03, 2013

    bad move by THE CW

  • Raccoon1459 Mar 03, 2013

    I love that show!

  • BrokenArrow1119 Mar 03, 2013

    I'll sum this up in ONE word... LAZY!

  • TKnHappyNess Mar 03, 2013

    At least we have clips from the American WLiiA with Drew online

  • plat0n Mar 03, 2013

    ParmindER Nagra. I mean, Parminda, really?)

  • ChristianPlen Mar 03, 2013

    I really, really wish the guys from Whose Line a great comeback-success!
    Hopefully the recurring cast members will be back with the old team as well...that would make the whole package perfect!

    Overall a VERY clever move from The CW, as this might actually draw in a target audience that otherwise would never watch any shows on the network...well done!

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 03, 2013

    Aisha Tyler? eh. Oh well, I don't think it will should matter anyway. After all, Clive Andersen didn't stop people from watching the British version.

  • Janter23 Mar 02, 2013

    When I was scrolling down to Anna Friel's photo, I thought to myself, "Why is the New Girl biting into a flower? It seems like she's trying too hard to be quirky and, er, adorkable."

    Anyway, it's good to see PD's Anna Friel back on TV. I was concerned she wasn't getting enough good film and TV work.

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