News Briefs: The CW Sets Finale Dates for Arrow and Everything Else

By Tim Surette

Feb 27, 2013


... All good things must come to an end. CW shows must come to an end too. Haha, got you, CW. The network has announced the finale dates for its current programs, and it looks a little something like this:

Tuesday, May 7
8pm Hart of Dixie (possibly a series finale)

Monday, May 13
9pm 90210 (possibly a series finale)

Tuesday, May 14
9pm Cult (If it makes it that far)

Wednesday, May 15
8pm Arrow
9pm Supernatural

Thursday, May 16
8pm The Vampire Diaries
9pm Beauty and the Beast (possibly a series finale)

Friday, May 17
8pm Nikita (possibly a series finale)

[ TV Line ]


... CW, Schmee-W! What about MTV? When does Teen Wolf start? June 3! [ Deadline Hollywood ]

... TBS has ordered a new talk show to pair up with Conan . And it's produced by... Conan! The untitled talk show will star comedian Pete Holmes and do all those things that late-night talk shows do, like sketches, man-on-the-street stuff, and interviews with celebs who won't appear on Conan . TBS is asking for a four-week test run to air after Conan this fall. [TBS via press release]

... Take every psychotropic drug you have in front of you before you read about this new script that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and Hell on Wheels ' John Shiban have in the works at FX. Called Lucas Stand , the sci-fi supernatural horror drama centers on a former special ops soldier who time-travels and kills demons that escaped from Hell. Not sure if want. As of now, FX is only asking for a script. [FX via press release]

... Nickelodeon has renewed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a third season. The kid's network has also ordered to series Breadwinners , which looks like it was made by drugs on drugs. Video short below! [Nickelodeon via press release]


... Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace will star in AMC's drama pilot Halt & Catch Fire , about the computer boom of the 1980s. Pace will play a tech visionary whose ideas conflict with the big computer corporations of the day. Also starring is Mackenzie Davis, who will play a computer whiz. [ Deadline Hollywood ]

... Former Crush Alicia Silverstone is headed to the network where former hotties can find work, Lifetime. Silverstone will play the lead in the pilot HR , about a human resources boss who changes her attitude on corporate practices after she gets hit in the head. It's like Enlightened but less awesome. [ Deadline Hollywood ]

... FX's American Horror Story has added Kathy Bates to its cast. Bates will play a friend of Jessica Lange's who turns into her enemy. It still won't be as scary as  Harry's Law . Yep, I'm taking cheap shots at  Harry's Law . [ TV Line ]

... Martin Short, come on down to NBC! The actor will play a game-show host in a comedy pilot starring John Mulaney as a writer who pens the host's jokes. [ THR ]

... Pitch Perfect 's Brittany Snow has joined Fox's comedy pilot To My Future Assistant . The show follows a group of assistants at a New York law firm, and Snow will play the most ambitious of the assistants. [ EW ]

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  • nikkifuerderer Feb 20, 2014

    without tvd and arrow i am so dead

  • Chronostasis Apr 27, 2013

    i really hope nikita gets a new season !!!

  • AndrewHart Apr 04, 2013

    Beauty and the Beast and Nikita better get renewed.

  • Lia82 Apr 01, 2013

    Really hate this time of year for tv shows...they start dropping like flies!!
    Beauty and the Beast?? Hart of dixie?? Seriously?? There are shows wich have worst ratings and they linger like leeches!!!! Damm...

  • reasonating Mar 06, 2013

    Yay, Teen Wolf! I thought it sounded silly at first, but thankfully I gave it a chance and it has turned into one of my favorite shows. Will miss Arrow in the meantime though.

  • CasualAdventure Mar 05, 2013

    I didn't know Conan was even still on the air. *shakes head to clear thoughts* Anyway... Lucas Stand sounds like a cool idea even if it does sound an awful lot like Brimstone. Would like to see it made.

  • akire_03 Mar 03, 2013

    Please give BATB a second season!!! Please!!! is the best new show!!!

  • nuovee Mar 03, 2013

    CW, truth is you wont stay long if you just focused on one genre (read vampire, fantasy). Seriously, Watchers will want more things from your channel(in the future time) So, please don't cancelled other shows (especially Hart of Dixie)

  • sjefke007 Feb 28, 2013

    i geuss the problem is,that todays tv stations,want a ton of good shows less monny for the better shows less vieuwers.

    give or take 10/15 20 years ago a network would have one or 2 shows that would have realy high ratings ,buffy,charmed,macgyver (sorry for me bad english)baywatch and so on.

    if the cw would just stop being a fool and make tvd bigger than it is put all yre monny in to it with supernat.. they could even have a 2 episode in a week or doing 42 episodes instead of 22
    that's what fans want it would be better

  • Anonymous_A Feb 28, 2013

    This time-travelling demon hunter has got NOTHING on the Winchesters!

  • CasualAdventure Mar 05, 2013

    The Winchesters are weak sauce compared to Ezekiel Stone. Even if their series has gone way past the 13 episodes Brimstone aired before being cancelled. Just saying....

  • Anonymous_A Mar 06, 2013

    I actually haven't heard of Ezekiel Stone before.

  • CasualAdventure Oct 20, 2013

    From the show Brimstone. If you can find it (it was a late 1990's show) watch it.

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