News Briefs: The Latest Episode of Dexter Broke Showtime Ratings Records

By Tim Surette

Dec 12, 2012


... Showtime's Dexter, which has been on TV for like ever, broke the record for most-watched Showtime original program with this past Sunday's episode. This is pretty incredible, guys. The series is in Season 7, the episode wasn't a premiere or a finale (it was a penultimate episode), and the show was murdered by critics in Season 6. And still: 2.6 million viewers tuned in for the record-setting "Do You See What I See," leaving Showtime with a urgent new decision to make: Should it really end the series after Season 8 as planned, or does this show have enough left in it to go longer than that? Homeland also had a great night on Sunday (ratings-wise; quality-wise it was as bipolar as ever), setting a series record with 2.4 million viewers. [EW]


... MTV has announced that the series finale of Jersey Shore will air December 20 at 10pm, followed by a live reunion show at 11pm. Once the show ends, we'll only have memories and the genital warts we picked up from sitting on the toilet in Karma. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has some premiere dates for you. Ready? LET'S DO THIS!

January 8: The Burn With Jeff Ross
January 16: Workaholics, Kroll Show
February 5: Tosh.0
February 19: The Jeselnik Offensive
February 28: The Ben Show, Nathan For You
April 30: Inside Amy Schumer

[Comedy Central via press release]


... ABC Family has put a pair of shows based on the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet in development. Recovery Road follows a young man and woman who meet in rehab and fall in lurrrrve, and Juliet Immortal is based on the book in which Juliet was killed by Romeo to ensure his own immortality, but she comes back to life and then wants him dead. WHOA. ABC Family also has The Falls in development; it's a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. The takeaway here? ABC Family REALLY wants a Romeo and Juliet show on its schedule. [THR]

... AMC is getting into comedy with We Hate Paul Revere, which will be set in 1865 and center on a pair of brothers who live in colonial Boston and hate Paul Revere. It comes from a pair of guys who produce Whitney so don't get THAT excited. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Chuck Lorre is looking to expand his CBS comedy empire with Mom, a multi-camera (obvs) sitcom about a newly sober single mom who lives in Napa Valley. Rumor has it this is a high priority for CBS's 2013 fall schedule. Maybe Angus T. Jones can star as the mom? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember that weird show Weird Desk about a government team that solves paranormal cases that ABC ordered to series last week for a summer release? Not so fast! ABC has put a hold on the project after realizing that getting it together for summer was a bit ambitious. The show's status is now "Who knows?" [Deadline Hollywood]


... Travel Channel has ordered six new reality series that your girlfriend will force you to watch. All Forked Up follows a pair food critics with opposing views as they travel from town to town. Burger Land explores America's favorite sammich. Two treasure hunters hunt for rare finds in Digfellas. Fortune Diggers is similar, but it adds a competition element. Gem Hunt is all about people traveling to remote locations looking for gems and putting them on the market. And Monumental Mysteries heads to America's most popular monuments and discusses the secrets surrounding them. [Travel Channel via press release]

... Discovery has ordered the scripted miniseries Klondike, marking the channel's first foray into scripted television. The series centers on a pair of friends who tangle with the harsh conditions and desperate rivals of the Yukon gold rush. [Discovery via press release]


... James Cromwell, who went from telling baby pigs "That'll do" in Babe to being a Nazi scientist and rapist in American Horror Story, will guest-star in NBC's Jekyll-and-Hyde drama Do No Harm. He'll play a doctor, and maybe one who doesn't turn his patients into grotesque mutants. [TV Guide]

... Andy Samberg will host the Independent Spirit Awards, the movie awards show featuring all those movies that dudes in thick-rimmed glasses and scarves go nuts for. The awards will air on IFC on February 23. [Variety]

... Sons of Anarchy's Theo Rossi (he plays Juice) will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. He'll play a guy looking to protect his sister when she becomes involved in a church cover-up in an early January episode. [TV Line]

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  • Vabz Dec 17, 2012

    I cannot believe Dexter (1 of my fav's) is still so popular among viewers at Season 7.
    Although it's not as good as the earlier seasons (1-4), the show still has enough quality
    if compared to all the other shows out there.

  • mcepin3 Dec 15, 2012

    if I see that Dexter gets season 9,I won't even bother to watch season 8. No matter how high rating,SHOW NEEDS TO END. That way,they can say that they end it on a "high" note. Just making that sentence made me laugh. Is season 7 good? Well,anything after that f-ing season 6,makes this season better....long overdue revelation of Dex to Deb and at least they got Ray to play Isaak. Said it many times,that Dex,Deb and Isaak carried this season. Ray was such a breath of fresh air,that for moments I forgot how lazy writers are in his scenes:D
    Someone give him a show to star in! Hannah is mediocre to me...didn't watch Chuck. Every other support character I can't stand! I watch their scenes,just to know what is what. But their scenes,lines and everything is so boring and predictable....and really f-ing lame!!! Please end it!

  • azodeudoka Dec 15, 2012

    I just finishing in the name of love,i hope next season will be nice

  • vicbjones Dec 15, 2012

    I'm surprised you passed up an opportunity for a Brett Butler or Grace Under Fire reference in that Chuck Lorre blurb. That would have made more sense than that Angus T. Jones joke, such as it was.

  • JT_Kirk Dec 12, 2012

    Hey, ABC. The first season of Fox's smash hit The X-Files was just 2 actors running around some Canadian forests and fields and an old office building. Sometimes limitations like time and money can spur quality on. Don't just throw a ton of money and time at it and hope it'll do better than 666 Park Avenue.

  • CharmedOneP391 Dec 12, 2012

    Hope they extend Dexter for Season 9. It's never been better than Season 7, and I also hope they dont kill off Hannah

  • Ubercolt Dec 14, 2012

    Never been better than Season 7? Apart from every other season except 6, I agree with you... perhaps so many people are only tuning in to see how laughable the show has become.

  • CharmedOneP391 Dec 14, 2012

    Damn really? I guess it's that opinion thing. IMO the way Dexter and Debra have been able to have their most honest conversations they've ever had during season 7 has just truly brought the show to fresh levels of quality. I am bias a bit because yvonne Strahovski is probably my biggest fanboy crush of all time...but I can't help but feel this season has been the series' best.

  • ElisaDiaz Dec 12, 2012

    Please Showtime end Dexter in season 8! I am a big fan, but this is long due now. Please please donĀ“t stretch it any farther.

  • Ubercolt Dec 14, 2012

    I agree. The show only needed six seasons.

  • Taccado Dec 12, 2012

    2.6 million viewers is a record for Showtime? Huh. I'd never realized what a small time player Showtime is.

  • sourabhshetty Dec 12, 2012

    Different rating system.

  • CharmedOneP391 Dec 12, 2012

    for Premium Cable that's not too shabby

  • itsmemadie01 Dec 12, 2012

    I think that's a decent number since Showtime is a cable channel and Sunday night has some tough competition with The Walking Dead, Oprah Next Chapter, Simpsons, Revenge and Football Nights :-)

  • nexpose Dec 12, 2012

    I wish Travel Channel was more about travel and not so much food. Can't quite figure that out. :P I'd take Dexter going this long over any of the network based cop shows any day.

  • Akyriel Dec 12, 2012

    They're owned by the same company as the Food network and Cooking channel. Also, it costs money to travel, so food shows are probably cheaper to do.

  • bonezrulz05 Dec 12, 2012

    Dexter won't have that record for long. S2 finale of Homeland's gonna blow it out of the water.

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