News Briefs: The Monkees Star Davy Jones Is Dead at 66

By Tim Surette

Mar 01, 2012


... This is just sad. Davy Jones, front man for The Monkees, has passed away at the age of 66 from a heart attack. Jones was known as the dreamboat of the '60s British rock band responsible for the hits "Daydream Believer" and "I'm a Believer." Jones and the rest of the lads achieved greater stardom for their television series The Monkees. That show had one of the best opening credits sequences ever. Especially when they ran away from the tiny waves on the beach, that cracked me up as a kid. What's your favorite memory of The Monkees? [TMZ]


... ABC Family has ordered a full season of new series Jane By Design, adding eight more episodes to the original 10-episode order. The new episodes will air this summer. The series is about a teenage girl who is mistaken for an adult and lands a job at a top fashion firm while also attending school. Note: Do not try this at home, kids! High school is totally important! [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW has announced a few dates that may be import to you. The series finale of One Tree Hill will air April 4. Ringer will wrap up on April 17, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle will close up shop on May 10, Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie will conclude on May 14, 90210 will be done for summer on May 15, and Nikita and Supernatural will finish their seasons on May 18. [CW via press release]

... Lifetime is teaming up for a reality show starring Bristol Palin, ensuring I will never watch Lifetime EVER. Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp will follow the demonspawn as she does whatever it is she needs to do to get the attention she so desperately needs and does not deserve. [Boston Herald]


... "Comedian" Dane Cook will star in NBC's pilot Next Caller Please. It's about an alpha male radio DJ who starts working with a perky, feminist female co-host. I'll give you one guess as to which role Cook is playing. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Mira Sorvino has landed the lead role in CBS's pilot Trooper. The outlandish plot is this: A regular mom becomes a New York State Trooper! Well okay then, CBS. Why not? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Margo Martindale, who kicked my ass as Mags Bennett on Season 2 of Justified, is going comedy. She's been cast in ABC's Counter Culture, a pilot about three older sisters working the family diner together in Texas. Martindale is currently starring in CBS's A Gifted Man, which isn't looking good for renewal. Especially now that its actors are looking for work elsewhere. [TV Line]

... Hottie Natalie Zea, Justified's Winona, has been cast in a Fox pilot from Kevin Williamson. The drama stars Kevin Bacon as an ex-FBI agent who is searching for a crazy serial killer who has amassed a cult of other serial killers. So does this casting mean that Winona is getting killed off on Justified? I don't know! But I know a lot of people who wouldn't mind! [Deadline Hollywood]

... MORE Justified news. Are you even watching Justified? I told you to, like months ago. It's great. Like really great. Anyway, Adam Arkin is joining the cast as the head of the mobsters from Detroit. Arkin played Sons of Anarchy's Season 2 baddie Ethan Zobelle, so he's familiar with being a hardass on FX. He's also directed a few episodes of Justified. [EW]

... Ashley Greene, who I guess was in some vampire movie, has been cast in ABC's soap Americana. She'll play a young fashion designer who has a big effect on one of the industry's most famous families. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jordana Spiro (My Boys) is giving TV another try in a Fox pilot. The untitled drama centers on a surgeon (Spiro) who ends up becoming a mob doctor to save her useless brother. Why is this thing untitled? Why isn't it called Lady Mob Doctor yet? [Deadline Hollywood]

... If Cougar Town gets canceled, Josh Hopkins will have a job. The actor has found a safety net in NBC's comedy pilot Lady Friends, about two lady friends who live very different lady lives. Hopkins would play the husband of one of the ladies, who happens to be played by Better Off Ted's Andrea Anders. [TV Line]

... Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live) is joining HBO's fantastic dark comedy Enlightened. She'll play an assistant at the company that Amy (Laura Dern) works at. I'm pretty neutral on Shannon, but this seems like a good role for her. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Ugh. Bravo totallllllly sold itself out. Listen to the name of this upcoming reality cooking show: Around the World in 80 Plates Presented by Chase Sapphire Preferred. Yes, that's the real name of the show. And that concludes today's edition of News Briefs presented by Cool Ranch Doritos. If I don't get a pallet of Cool Ranch Doritos delivered to my front door tomorrow, I'm gonna be mad. [NY Times]

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  • PedroGomez May 12, 2012

    how much monney mr. jones had

  • CrimsonFlame42 Mar 05, 2012

    The Monkees weren't a British rock band, only Davy Jomes was British.

  • msdione22 Mar 02, 2012

    Chill Tim, I'm watching Justified, been watching since it premiered and will continue to. It's totally Awesome!!!!

  • Boyo4000 Mar 02, 2012

    mmm natalie zea,,, i love justified , but i wish they would use the other Marshalls more, Art, Tim and Rachel, especially Tim. he and raylan's banter are great

  • Waggytoon Mar 02, 2012

    I really wasn't into "The Monkees", but at least modern fans will cherish Davy Jones' final TV performance, the duet with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits as the animated music group Tiny Cowboy in the 'Phineas and Ferb' episode 'Meatloaf Surprise'. Catch the ep when it airs on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Plus 'Monkees' reruns air every weekend on the digital channel Antenna TV, if you're interested.

  • Liria Mar 02, 2012

    Monkees was a bit before my time, but I remember seeing reruns. I always loved it when they ran from the "waves", too.

  • Liria Mar 02, 2012

    I adore Jordana Spiro, she was great in My Boys. I hope this new show works out for her... But I hate mob-related things, so I'll probably stay away from it.

  • JT_Kirk Mar 02, 2012

    I was shocked to learn of Davy Jones' death, I grew up in the '80s watching Monkees reruns and really enjoyed it, even Mike Nesmith and his meg-hat. I still can't believe he's gone, he was the young guy in the group and seemed to have a lot of life in him last time I saw him on tv, so weird. Well, now David Bowie can use his real name again.

    In other news, Andrea Anders - television's kiss of death - on NBC - television's kiss of death - means Josh Hopkins better keep a spot warm at the unemployment office line.

  • ktfahel Mar 02, 2012

    Dude, one Brit does not a British band make. Mike Nesmith is from Texas, Peter Tork from the DC area, and Mickey Dolenz is from La-La land (Los Angeles). The show was conceived, created and shot in the USA. I remember The Monkees when they first aired. I have all of the original 6 albums, the next 3 on cassette, and a couple of the latter-year ones. My husband got me the series - both seasons - on DVD for Christmas (I already have the movie "Head"). While Peter Tork will always be my favorite Monkee, I have a special place in my heart for all 4 of them, and this news broke my heart a little.

  • cecylia248 Mar 01, 2012

    Winona leaving? am okay with that..i hope they'll make her leaving "productively fun" for us..Like if she get killed off and Raylan go on a rampage! (Terms of Enrampagement -Justified edition).

  • xheroesx110 Mar 01, 2012

    oh god writers please make this happen

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