News Briefs: TLC Cancels All-American Muslim

By Tim Surette

Mar 08, 2012


... TLC has canceled its lightning-rod series All-American Muslim, a docu-reality drama about a handful of Muslim families living in America. The show sparked a lot of debate when it premiered because people are scared of things that aren't apple pie or baseball. It also made headlines after advertisers pulled out of sponsoring the show due to pressure from conservative groups. TLC says it didn't invite the show back for a second season because ratings weren't that good, which I wish I could believe. [Detroit Free Press]

... UK sensation Skins will end its run after seven seasons. The gritty teen drama about British youths who party hard and have lots more sex than any of us will end its run in early 2013. The success of the original Skins prompted MTV to make a domestic version, which was canceled after one season. [Guardian]


... NBC has announced an end date for The Voice: May 8! The show will also double up on episodes starting in April, airing a performance round on Monday nights and a results show on Tuesdays. The Biggest Loser will shed an hour on Tuesdays to accommodate more of NBC's hit. That also means that America's Got Talent, with much-ballyhooed new judge Howard Stern, will start its summer run earlier, on May 14. [USA Today]


... Showtime is developing a series based on the 2007 movie You Kill Me, which starred Ben Kingsley as a drunken hit man who went to Alcoholics Anonymous after screwing up assignments. This sounds right up Showtime's alley. It's like Shameless plus Dexter. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Nickelodeon is bringing back its '90s game show Figure It Out with a 40-episode order. The original, which aired from 1997 to 1999, featured semi-celebrities trying to guess the talents of kid contestants and occasionally getting slimed because Nickelodeon can't go three minutes without spurting its goo somewhere. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Reality production powerhouse FremantleMedia is thinking of reviving Name That Tune, the popular game show that saw contestants try to guess songs based on a few notes. The project early in development, so it's unclear whether it will be blown up for primetime like American Idol or made out of cardboard for daytime syndication like Family Feud. [Vulture]


... John Barrowman, best known for playing immortal bisexual universe-saver Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood, has landed a lead role in Shonda Rhimes' ABC period drama, Gilded Lilys. The show is set in 1985 at the first luxury hotel in New York City, and Barrowman will play the playboy son of the wealthy family that opened the hotel. [TV Guide]

... Anthony Edwards (Revenge of the Nerds, always!) is trying a return to television in ABC's pilot Zero Hour. He'll play the longtime editor of a skeptics magazine who finds out that one of his theories is true. Edwards' last regular role was on ER. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Keri Russell has settled on FX's drama pilot The Americans. She'll play a Russian spy who poses as a suburban American during the 1980s in the dark comedy/light drama/regular-colored dramedy. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Better Off Ted's Jay Harrington is going the drama route, signing up for a lead role in Fox's Guilty. The show is about a lawyer (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who is disbarred but still manages to work cases through unusual circumstances. Harrington will play a fellow lawyer whose practice Gooding's character uses on the sly. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • friendoftv Mar 09, 2012

    Looking forward to seeing Guilty with Cuba Gooding Jr

  • saxyroro Mar 09, 2012

    Wait. Skins is in season 6 now. Generally each cast is 2 seasons. We'd be up for a new cast?

    And I will follow John Barrowman to the end of the earth. Even Miracle Day.

  • tbeyond Mar 09, 2012

    the finale of All-American Muslim had this for ratings,

    All-American Muslim (0.729 million viewers, #28; adults 18-49: 0.3, #T24)


    which beat out Baseball Wives and Angry Boys... yeah, really hard to believe it was cancelled. Can these other shows go now too, please!

  • silverscreenluv Mar 09, 2012

    I've never even heard of those other ones. Who's watching that stuff?

  • spr12cr Mar 09, 2012

    no more skins :(

  • Bob_Scrivens Mar 09, 2012

    "[All American Muslim] sparked a lot of debate when it premiered because people are scared of things that aren't apple pie or baseball."

    Horsesh*t. Name one popular TV show about apple pie or baseball (besides sports & cooking shows). There is controversy aplenty in many successful TV shows in the USA.

    "It also made headlines after advertisers pulled out of sponsoring the show due to pressure from conservative groups."

    I hadn't heard Thing One about this supposed conservative juggernaut to quash AAM. Nor had I heard of the show at all. Perhaps it got poor ratings because it wasn't well-promoted?

  • silverscreenluv Mar 09, 2012

    Aww, I loved All-American Muslim. Those families were hilarious. I'm especially gonna miss watching poor clueless Nina play the victim because her family won't support her club which is a sketchy business venture even outside of the reasons that she thinks are the problem, lol.

  • zsandmann Mar 09, 2012

    Correction: Captain Jack was pan-sexual, men, women, aliens, made no difference to him.

  • Writerpatrick Mar 08, 2012

    The ratings for All-American Muslim were bad. But how do you think the public would react if there was a show called All-American Jew?

    I guess Torchwood is over. Although it had pretty much wrapped up anyways. And Barrowman has been playing the part for a while so it's good to see him move on. He is getting a little old to play the part of someone who's suppose to be eternally young.

  • XY Mar 09, 2012

    You recognized that there's public and political Islamophobia in the States since 9/11, right? It seems to me the US were in need of some peacebuilding show like this one. If ever the US start invading Israel and Antisemitism starts to grow on such a big scale - then there's sure need for an All-American Jew.

  • jaden84 Mar 08, 2012

    So wait if John Barrowman will be doing that ABC show, what about Torchwood.

  • TrevPlatt Mar 08, 2012

    "docu-reality drama"???? Makes me wonder when Ryan Murphy is gong to make a 'rom-docu-reali-dramedy'?

    I was gutted to hear about Skins ending, it's a great show.

    By the way, it's SIR Ben Kingsley; and I don't think you meant to say 1985 for Guilded Lilies.

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