News Briefs: True Blood's Eggs is jumping into The Deep End

By Conor Griff

Sep 03, 2009

... True Blood's Mehcad Brooks is joining ABC's The Deep End, a legal drama coming mid-season. Brooks will play the strongest lawyer in the history of the American Bar Association. Seriously -- the guy is yoked. [THR]

... The UK's Prime Suspect, which won Helen Mirren a bunch of Emmys, is coming to America. Actresses of all ages are cutting and dying their hair silver in anticipation of the audition. [Variety]

... Sometime actor and retired basketball player Rick Fox has scored himself a recurring role on the new Melrose Place. He will play a restaurant owner named Max who does magic tricks in his neon-adorned diner. What? Oh right, sorry, wrong 90s show. He'll just play a restaurant owner who probably doesn't do magic tricks. Yet. [THR]

... Smallville's Kristen Kreuk has been cast in a recurring role on Chuck; she'll play Hannah, a potential love interest for Chuck that he meets on a flight to Paris. [Ausiello]

... The 16 and Pregnant people are going to revisit some of the moms they covered, film what life is like now that they have kids, and call it Teen Mom. You will probably sob inexorably during this one, too. [Variety]

... Katherine Heigl is taking a break from Grey's Anatomy to go shoot a movie. She'll be gone for 5 or 6 episodes. So that leaves Seattle Grace without George (flattened by a bus), Izzie (off to be a movie star), and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo is pregnant). Please accept our heartfelt condolences in this tragic time of loss. [Ausiello]

... Fox has picked up Jack and Dan, an hour-long cop dramedy from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. Jack is a golden-boy cop; his partner, Dan, is an unpredictable, drinks-too-much cop. Hi jinx will undoubtedly ensue. [THR]

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  • maidmarian02 Sep 10, 2009

    add a comment Bring back moonlighing or add Alex to True Blood, OMG how hot would that be??? Something to think on if the hospitol show doesn't go over.

  • sandbur Sep 04, 2009

    Guess this means "Eggs" is histoire! But I'm sure he can make a movie with Katherine Heigl...

  • neomichel Sep 04, 2009

    Kristen Kreuk on Chuck, hmmm. I have mixed feelings about it. I am afraid she is not a good fit for the show and could ruin it for us, fans. I enjoyed appearance of Rachel Bilson, another TV series star, in season 1, but she is not Rachel Bilson.

  • soapieaddict23 Sep 04, 2009

    Hey, Grey's will be pretty much the Bailey, Cristina, Owen show. Nothing wrong with that. I cannot believe KK is still getting acting jobs. I maintain hope that her character is at least more bearable than Lana.

  • FaithvsSam Sep 04, 2009

    Eww, Kristen Kreuk, really? But, I love Chuck, they can't do that to me! Ugh.

  • sweetsaintz Sep 04, 2009

    Yeah, i'm not too excited about Kristen Kruek on Chuck, she might mess it up. Brandon Routh on Chuck though, that one i like.

  • Monkey2Banana Sep 04, 2009

    poor Chuck......hope he gets over her soon

  • Kozmonster Sep 04, 2009

    No! Kristen Kreuk should stay in the forest with her fellow wooden actors, not ruin the awesome show that is Chuck. The guys on Chuck actually can act and can do more then just pout, turn and walk out in a huff. Admit it, that's all she ever did on Smallville and you know it.

  • noragul Sep 03, 2009

    Kristen Kreuk is gonna ruin Chuck for me!!!!

  • staind47 Sep 03, 2009

    While I don't have the hate that most people seem to have for Kristen Kreuk, I'm not overly excited about the Chuck casting. That said, Chuck has done guest stars BRILLIANTLY so far, and would have to believe that they would make it good.

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