News Briefs: Uma Thurman Joins NBC's Smash

By Tim Surette

Dec 09, 2011


... NBC's upcoming musical drama Smash already has a thousand beehives' worth of buzz, and it's just earned more. The midseason show has added Uma Thurman for a five-episode arc as a feisty and difficult-to-work-with movie star. The show, which is looking destined to be a hit, debuts February 6. Quick question: Uma Thurman... HOT OR NOT? [NBC, via press release]


... USA has pushed back the debut of Common Law, a buddy cop show where the cops go to couples counseling. USA Network recently announced a January debut, but now feels the show will do better in the summer. [Deadline Hollywood]

... PaleyFest, which is quickly becoming one of TV's biggest events, has added panels for Two and a Half Men, Sons of Anarchy, and Once Upon a Time. Previously announced panels include Modern Family, American Horror Story, and Mad Men. PaleyFest is set to take place in Los Angeles in early March. [THR]


... The Office showrunner Greg Daniels is developing two new animated comedy projects for NBC. One, about a girls' high school volleyball team, will be co-written by Office star and writer Mindy Kaling. The other, about twentysomethings living in L.A.'s Hancock Park, will be co-written by Parks and Recreation writer Alan Yang. The real question is: Does NBC really need to get into animation? [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO is close to ordering a pilot for The Viagra Diaries starring Goldie Hawn as an older woman who is suddenly divorced after her husband runs off. It's based on the book of the same name. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Parks and Recreation stars Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman will do voice work for Fox's Bob's Burgers. Aziz will play a teenage gamer, and Nick will play an aging hippie weed farmer. Combine them both and you have my dream job. [EW]

... Ed Asner will drop by Hawaii Five-0 to reprise his role as August March, the character he played 36 years ago on the original! HOW COOL IS THAT!? The show is even going to use footage from his original appearance! Old people are so cool. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Modern Family will welcome Bobby Cannavale as a guest star. He'll play the former clown partner of Cameron's Fizbo. If you don't know who Cannavale is, go watch the movie Win Win. It's one of the year's best. [TV Line]


... Former Mr. Spears and current Mr. Arby's Kevin Federline was filming the Australian version of Celebrity Fit Club when he collapsed from heat exhaustion. Poor Kevin. He's had such a hard life. [US Magazine]

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  • Air-man77 Dec 12, 2011

    After "The Vampire Diaries", "The Viagra Diaries"... Ahah !

    Love Uma, she was great as Poison Ivy on the disater "Batman & Robin" and really great on the Tarantino's flick "Kill Bill".

  • chas031 Dec 12, 2011

    "Does NBC really need to get into animation?"

    Yes !! Yes !! Yes!!

    Claymation Executives Office. Each week one lucky fan gets to go to the set and hammer in hand, tell'm how he/she REALLY feels!!

  • MollieDonohue Dec 12, 2011

    I love Uma, she was the best as Poison Ivy :P

  • dragon22a Dec 11, 2011

    Uma was hot in the producers as Ula. She sang pretty well in that movie so I wonder if she is going to be singing at all in this show.

  • rachelboutros Dec 11, 2011

    Uma is beautiful and a great actor. She kicked ass in Kill Bill, was hot as Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin, let us not forget her character in Pulp Fiction!

  • dragon22a Dec 11, 2011

    Loved kill bill and she was one of the only watchable things in Batman and Robin.

  • cecylia248 Dec 10, 2011

    Those baby blues sure do look. Cute...

  • tvspot Dec 10, 2011

    lol Uma is every guys dream date...

  • Miz_Tasha Dec 09, 2011

    Its funny that you ask that because I was going to say that Uma actually looks hot in the above picture! She usually looks like a foot. It may be the lighting, but does anyone think she looks like Tyra Banks in that pic?

  • DavidJackson8 Dec 10, 2011

    When I read your comment, I immediately imagined myself looking down at one of my feet and seeing Uma's face. Gave me a slight fit of the giggles.

  • Faithin1 Dec 09, 2011

    SHe is definitely hot in the above picture... but in some lighting it is a not. However, I think she is a great actress, and I am really looking forward to Smash, and I hope it doesn't suck.

  • DavidJackson8 Dec 09, 2011

    I agree with lalaforever1989: Uma's sometimes hot, in the right movie or with the right makeup or under the right light. But that could apply to a LOT of people, and I think my "hot list" should be a bit more exclusive. So, in comparison to all the ladies I definitely view as hot, I'd say Uma's NOT. And now that I think about it, Tarantino films may be the only times I actually find Uma hot.

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