News Briefs: USA Cancels Fairly Legal

By Tim Surette

Nov 02, 2012


... USA has dropped the axe on its mediator drama Fairly Legal, starring my beloved princess Sarah Shahi, after two seasons. The program had been struggling creatively and was retooled multiple times before USA gave up on it. The decision comes just one day after USA canceled Common Law and Shahi booked a guest role on NBC's Chicago Fire. [Deadline Hollywood]

... It seems like it was just a few days ago that AMC renewed Hell on wheels for a third season, and that's because it was just a few days ago. When the deal was announced, creators Joe and Tony Gayton left the project and executive producer John Shiban stepped up to the role of showrunner. Now, Shiban has backed out of the role and the show, leaving a big question mark with regard to what AMC is going to do with the program. The Season 3 renewal is now being put on hold until the network can find a showrunner everyone can agree on. I am so shocked that there is drama behind the scenes of an AMC show involving a showrunner. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Cartoon Network has renewed two of its shows. Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball will be back for a fifth and a fourth season, respectively. The network also ordered more episodes of Annoying Orange. [THR]

... HBO has ordered Hello Ladies to series, asking for eight episodes. The series stars Stephen Merchant, co-creator of the U.K. version of The Office and Ricky Gervais' buddy, as a gangly British man looking for love among the glamorous cliques of Los Angeles. Merchant, who's six feet, seven inches tall, will also write and direct some episodes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will both broadcast live on Election Day next Tuesday, as they should. [Deadline Hollywood]


... NBC will air a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert on Friday at 8pm called Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together. It will feature Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, and Sting. Here you go, victims of the superstorm, here's a bunch of half-dead rockers screaming at you. [USA Today]

... Hurricane Sandy let its opinion of ABC's new drama 666 Park Avenue be known by submerging the New York-based show's sets in six feet of water. Location filming will proceed as planned, but it could be weeks before filming resumes in the studio. But when it does, I expect Jane to make all sorts of squishy sounds while she has one of her patented barefoot walking dreams. Does that girl ever wear shoes? [EW]


... Michael Madsen will guest-star on Fox's The Mob Doctor for a couple episodes. He'll play a criminal overlord with back problems. Thrilling! [TV Guide]

... Brendan Fraser's run as a television star will have to wait. The Encino Man has dropped out of TNT's pilot Legends. Fraser was going to make his TV debut as an undercover agent who can transform himself into different characters on jobs, but Fraser butted heads with the showrunner. Let's hope the metaphorical head-butting didn't knock out Fraser's hair plugs. Cheap shot, yes, but have you seen those things? It looks like a doll's head. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Kal Penn will host Discovery Channel's new reality competition series The Big Brain Theory. The series, set to debut in spring 2013, features brainiac engineers competing to build weird and wacky contraptions. [Discovery via press release]

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  • kcaulfield83 Aug 15, 2013


  • telvisnostic Nov 04, 2012

    I'm not that upset at the canceling of Fairly Legal, since they seemed to have re-booted it in S2 somewhat.

    I so hope to see her in another show though. She was great in Life.

    The Amazing World of Gumball needs more Banana Joe time.

  • danharr Nov 03, 2012

    Sarah Shai can't catch a hit missed her after Life which shouldn't have been cancelled either.

  • AnoukvdZee Nov 03, 2012

    What? They cancelled Common Law? (Yes, I'm a little behind. Tomorrow I will comment on Fairly Legal being cancelled)

  • JT_Kirk Nov 03, 2012

    This just in: Duh. Fairly Legal was ruined by heavy-handed season 2 tampering. There was an annoying new love triangle that didn't work, our protagonist stopped being passionate about mediating which was the one thing that made her different from a show full of lawyers, they eradicated without a single word an ongoing storyline about Kate's dad's friend, they pretty much made Fairly Legal fairly unwatchable for season 2.

    Kinda glad to hear that Brendan Fraser didn't get into Legends, it sounded like an extremely poor fit for his style. I hadn't seen his hair plugs though, that's too bad, poor guy.

    This just in the future: Kal Penn's "The Big Brain Theory" canceled after 3 to 7 episodes.

  • darkitp Nov 03, 2012

    according to Sarah Shahi's twitter " i've got something great coming up .. "

  • ludoTV Nov 03, 2012

    Bit sorry for Fairly Legal as the second half of S2 got better but by then many viewers had been alienated ... And the Ben + Kate relationship eventually got interesting beyond the initial cartoonish start...

    Hello Ladies looks promising...

  • naldro Nov 03, 2012

    I can't believe Fairly Legal was cancelled. We were left hanging; will Kate end up with Justin or Ben. And so many other issues. If they cancel a show they should have everything resolved.

  • shocker713 Nov 04, 2012

    Cliffhanger cancellations happen. It's unfortunate, but the best we can do is move on. My Name is Earl got cancelled, and I still don't know who Earl Jr.'s father is!

  • haldrey Nov 03, 2012

    USA cancelled two good light drama shows, Fairly Legal and Common Law and left a supposedly heavy drama show Necessary Roughness on, tsk tsk. Guess I'll be tuning to USA less during the summer.

  • JT_Kirk Nov 03, 2012

    USA supposedly has been trying to go darker in tone in the last season of development, from what I remember reading in an interview here with the creator of White Collar, so your comment reminded me of that. It makes sense that they'd cut Fairly Legal and Common Law either way, though, as neither performed well compared to Royal Pains, White Collar, Suits, Burn Notice, and Covert Affairs (their top scripted dramas and 5 of the top 10 cable scripted dramas for last season).

  • dandush33 Nov 02, 2012

    Fairly legal: I wish her character would just mature a little cause she was smart but annoying and hard to like...

    Common law: they did some personal growing but the story lines weren't good enough...

    Maybe they should have combined them somehow... '-)

  • shocker713 Nov 04, 2012

    ...Fairly Common?

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