News Briefs: USA Doesn't Want Happy Endings

By Tim Surette

Jun 04, 2013


... When ABC opted not to renew Happy Endings we all thought, "Nothing to worry about, it's hilarious, someone will pick it up." That someone was supposed to be USA Network. Now they've decided they aren't picking it up, and the future of Happy Endings just got murkier. Sigh. Your move Netflix/Hulu/TNT/TBS/Public Access. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Starz has ordered the latest project from Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore to series. Outlander, based on a book series by Diana Gabaldon, follows a WWII-era nurse who gets zapped back to 1743, where she's caught in a war between Scottish clans and ends up marrying a handsome young warrior. [Blastr]

... DVD commentaries for television shows range from insightful to snoozy; some participants are great, while others are barely able to feign interest. But here's an idea for one that sounds incredible: Community creator Dan Harmon weighing in on the show's fourth season for the DVD set. You know, the season that happened while he wasn't around, after he was fired at the end of Season 3 (this weekend, Harmon tweeted that he was returning to the series for Season 5). Harmon told the crowd at LA's Cinefamily that Sony TV came to him with the idea, and reconfirmed that he has still not seen a second of Season 4. Of course, while it seems fun for the rest of us, I wouldn't want to be Season 4 showrunners Moses Port or David Guarascio if it happens. [THR]

... Oxygen has renewed the tattoo reality show Best Ink for a third season, and also ordered two more skin-art shows. Tattoos After Dark follows the happenings during night shifts at a pair of parlors; Break Up Tattoos brings exes together to talk about their ill-fated commitment tattoos, then lets the former lovers fix 'em up.  Wasn't this network aimed at women at one point? Now it's just tattoo fanatics? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bravo has announced a premiere date for Eat, Drink, Love, and since neither of us know what that is, let's find out together. The show is "a docu-series about five single ladies clawing their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene." Great. August 11 at 9pm. [NBCU via press release]

... History Channel is debuting a series called God, Guns, & Automobiles on July 8. The reality show isn't as exciting as its title makes it sound and follows two Missouri auto dealers as they try to sell cars out of their Max Motors dealership. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Dominic West (The Wire's McNulty!) will star in Showtime's relationship drama pilot The Affair. As you can tell by the title, it goes O.P.P. pretty quickly. West will play a nice, content husband who strays from his vows when he meets a woman he believes is his soulmate. The series will follow two marriages that get ruined by the affair and approach the fallout from both the male and female perspective. [Showtime via press release]

... Girls has added Michael Zegen (Boardwalk Empire's Bugsy Siegel, The Walking Dead's Randall) to its cast. The HBO series isn't saying who Siegel will play, but it's rumored that he'll help replace Christopher Abbott (Charlie), who left the show abruptly between seasons. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Alyssa Milano (ABC's Mistresses, which premieres tonight!) has been named the new host of Project Runway: All Stars, which will air its third season in the fall. Mistresses AND Project Runway: All Stars? The Milano Comeback Train is full steam ahead! [THR]

... IFC's parody miniseries The Spoils of Babylon is putting together quite the cast. The comedy, from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Funny Or Die, will mimic the style of the epic miniseries of the '80s and '90s and will feature Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Tobey McGuire, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Sheen, Tim Robbins, and Kristen Wiig. Six 30-minute episodes are being made for early 2014. [IFC via press release]

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  • KiMarie Jun 20, 2013

    Ok so I'm a little late finding this article and the news on Happy Endings future (actually read it a couple days ago but needed some time) but I'm glad I got a couple extra weeks of "it will be saved bliss" because I am insanely upset about this! IT IS BULLSHIT! I really really wanted to see more of these characters, they were so funny; I don't get what it takes for shows anymore... anyone who had a part in this decision (or NON-decision) sucks.

  • BrokenArrow1119 Jun 06, 2013

    TBS we come to the rescue. They like other peoples ..... (oops) leftovers

  • Acrobit Jun 06, 2013

    I don't get how no one wants Happy Endings. I never loved it, but it was always decent in a Scrubs sort of way. The show must've cuckolded one of the exec's sons or daughters, and they got put on a list or something. Only possible way The Middle could've outlived it.

  • ionee24 Jun 05, 2013 much for my happy ending.

  • chuuuuck Jun 05, 2013

    I can't figure out how Happy Endings isn't more popular. It's one of the better written comedies on TV and has a great cast. I don't want it to go away.

  • 2wksnotice Jun 05, 2013

    Dan Harmon doing the S4 commentary seems like a big public relations risk. If he could pull off snarky and funny it would be awesome. But it would be really easy to step over the line into bitter/offensive asshole.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 05, 2013

    Wow. The Spoils of Babylon does have quite the all star cast. Wait a minute... Haley Joel Osment? He's pretty much a has been. For at least ten years now.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 05, 2013

    This makes sense considering USA already has so many successful half hour sitcoms, so I can understand why they wouldn't want to pick up something to jump start their comedy block which is already successful. Wait a minute...

  • phuzee1 Jun 04, 2013

    I feel Happy Endings would fit much better in the TBS schedule. USA hasn't had a comedy on it's schedule since 2002 or so it seemed odd to me for them to add it. This show needs saving and I hope the creators and producers peddle it to TBS........ASAP!

  • rickynotrefle Jun 04, 2013

    you don't consider psych a comedy? it's pretty similar to happy endings in it's quirky style and characters. happy endings being more of a pure comedy but i can definitely see some common ground there.
    especially "jules" (maggie lawson's character) would fit right in, i could see her being good friends with alex.
    that would be an awesome combo for the channel. happy endings followed by psych.

  • phuzee1 Jun 05, 2013

    Never have watched Psych. So I have no way to say it's similar to H.E.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 05, 2013

    Psych isn't a sitcom. It's mostly a drama/mystery with humor added in. Like Twin Peaks. Like Monk. And it's normally grouped with other drama/mysteries. USA is trying to start a block of more traditional half hour sitcoms.

  • rickynotrefle Jun 05, 2013

    i'd say it's way more comedy than drama, a comedy/crime investigation with drama added in.
    it's similar to happy endings in it's lighthearted quirkyness/adorkableness and likeable characters within that context and the tone/styling in which that creates, not in it's format.

  • KiMarie Jun 20, 2013

    I agree with you. I thought right away that Happy Endings could've paired well with Psych. Yeah it has the format of a drama, being and hour and a "cop show" and it had its dramatic moments but it was defintely light-hearted and mostly silly funny. I only worried that Psych was going into it's last season so where would Happy Endings fit then?, but whatever that's all moot now. : /

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 05, 2013

    But it's the format that decides why it goes in the same category as Monk, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, etc.

  • rickynotrefle Jun 04, 2013

    but of course it goes without saying i'd like it to be picked up anywhere as long as it kept the same creative team it had.

  • mrjimmyjames Jun 05, 2013

    I think it belongs on TBS with Cougar Town.

  • Spoontown Jun 04, 2013

    Fox really are a holes, fire Dan Harmon, get new guys in decide they were crap and get Harmon in on a commentary and have him back. They keep up their long unbroken streak of being dicks. And fairplay that line about gay people and crying that is one of the dumbest lines I've ever heard!!! Not just stupid but offensive to gay people, good job.

  • jamesbond Jun 04, 2013

    community airs on NBC. and i don't think nbc fired him it was sony (someone correct me if i'm wrong here) the studio that procudes the show (nbc airs it , it doesn't make the show)

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