News Briefs: USA Is Moving Forward With a WWII Alien Invasion Drama

By Tim Surette

Dec 07, 2012


... USA Network is setting out into barely charted territory twice with one show! The network has ordered a pilot for Horizon from The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, provided it gets the right cast. The show would be set during WWII and follow a woman who believes her husband was killed fighting aliens—not the Japanese—in the South Pacific. One thing leads to another, and in the all conspiracy-unraveling she becomes instrumental in preventing an alien invasion. [Deadline Hollywood]


... HBO has ordered a pilot for Silicon Valley from Beavis and Butt-head creator Mike Judge. The comedy takes place in the high-tech gold mine of Silicon Valley, where "the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success" i.e. nerds. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Are you a fan of stupid ideas? Then you'll love this latest one from Fox! The network has ordered a pilot for Babes on a Bus, a reality show that will put 10 women on a bus and drive them around the country as they seek the love of their life. At the end of the week, the women can choose to stay in the town they're visiting or get back on board to travel to the next destination. If you just read this whole blurb, you're now 30 IQ points stupider. Sory abowt that but if it maks yu feell beter I jus lost 130 iq ponts writting t. [The Wrap]

... Comedian Hannibal Buress (The Eric Andre Show) will be the focus of a new ABC comedy project. Buress will write and star in a show that has him playing a cop in a small town, the fourth cop comedy in development at the network. ABC = Always Buy Cop (Comedies) [Deadline Hollywood]

... PBS has picked up a second season of British drama Call the Midwife, a delightful little series which I've never seen! [Washington Post]

... Lifetime has ordered eight one-hour episodes of Preachers' Daughters, a reality series that follows the teenage daughters of pastors. Everyone is going to Hell for this. [Lifetime via press release]

... The WGA has announced the nominees for its Writers Guild Awards, handing out nods to Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Mad Men on the drama side, and 30 Rock, Girls, Louie, Modern Family, and Parks and Recreation on the comedy side. Click the link for a full list of nominees! [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC's Up All Night is undergoing one more change. The second half of the current season is due to make the shift from single-camera comedy to multi-camera comedy, and it will now do that with a new showrunner: Linda Wallem (Nurse Jackie) will replace Tucker Cawley. And then Christina Applegate's character will be changed into a man, the baby will become a talking dog, and the show will be set during the Civil War. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC is learning that we're all sick of stupid dancing and is considering a reduction in its Dancing With the Stars cycles. The fading reality show may cut back to just one cycle per season instead of the two it currently airs. NBC, meanwhile, is thinking of airing a new season of The Voice every Tuesday. [NY Post]


... Celebrity diving shows are ALL THE RAGE among like two people in charge of making decisions at ABC and Fox. ABC has Celebrity Diving in the works, and Fox announced today that it will debut Stars in Danger: The High Dive on January 9, well before ABC does its first cannonball. Among the "stars" jumping into water on Fox's version are Jersey Shore's JWOWW, Kim and Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, former NFL receiver Terrell Owens, and grandmother heartthrob Antonio Sabato Jr. Yep, someone got paid a lot of money to come up with this. [THR]

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  • TrueTvWatcher Dec 07, 2012

    Horizon could be intriguing!

  • JT_Kirk Dec 07, 2012

    When I heard "WWII" and "Aliens" in the same sentence, I was totally in. Then I saw that blurb and put on the brakes, that sounds like a wait-n-see.

    Mike Judge has good ideas, but when he pigeonholes people it gets one-note badly. What I loved about Office Space was how the characters aren't quite wanting what you'd expect them to want in life; what drove me away from King of the Hill eventually was how singular every character became. I voted B&BH; though, just because it had the most impact and gave me the most laughs while I was a teenager, and was so funny at making fun of a specific type of kid while lightly deconstructing it.

    Babes on a Bus sounds like a waste of media, they'll shoot the whole thing and cancel it within 3 episodes, leaving all that unused footage that nobody wanted to see in the first place. It's like Fox is hoarding the world's supply of bad ideas.

    Hannibal Buress is one of my favorite new comedians, but ABC is a pretty watered-down area lately for that type of material. Buress' "The Eric Andre Show" co-star, Eric Andre, is already on an ABC series, but not one of the main characters, I wonder if that'll cause friction.

    Holy crap, ANOTHER change for Up All Night?!? That's the 6th one, I wonder if stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett are starting to feel like NBC is bait-n-switching them into perpetuity.

  • kanniballl Dec 07, 2012

    I don't know, it sounds a lot like the description for "Dark Skies" which was another period piece (1960's) where the aliens were trying to invade and we followed a guy and girl trying to stop them.

    I think a period alien-invasion piece is an interesting concept. Sure, it's been done before... but nothing much recently so it at least feels a little fresh.

    But, I'll have to wait and see. The sci-fi offerings of late have been a mixed bag.

  • smorbie Dec 07, 2012

    Can we just say we have finally scraped the bottom of the barrel of reality TV? We washed the barrel, scrubbed it clean, and scraped it again. It's over, done. We've watched people sing, date, marry, get parking tickets, cook, bake, drink, and a thousand other stupid things I can't believe people actually sat through (Honey Boo Boo, I'm looking at you!). Just stop, stop now. Go back to airing color bars through parts of the day if you have too. It would be more entertaining, and less likely to cause physical harm to people.

    The WWII drama sounds intriguing. I'll give it a chance or two. I wondered what USA was going to do, they've been on such a cancellation binge for awhile.

    Love the Mulder meme.

  • Writerpatrick Dec 07, 2012

    WWII aliens? Everyone knows the aliens didn't come until after the war. And they probably have something to do with the Nazis. Maybe aliens were controlling Hitler's brain. :)

  • ted2332 Dec 07, 2012

    Keep up the Mulder is watching pictures. :)

  • Akyriel Dec 07, 2012

    But only for spooky, creepy and weird stuff. Otherwise...

  • Buc40 Dec 07, 2012

    Alien Invasion show, why not reboot Dark Skies.
    That show had huge potential if done right.

    While they are at it try Nowhere Man & American Gothic too.

  • kanniballl Dec 07, 2012

    That was a great show (Dark Skies), I just mentioned it in another post before reading this one.

    I could actually see the conversation for this in the board room / idea room / whatever at least mentioning Dark Skies. Perhaps even suggesting the 1960s. Then having someone say "Nah, let's go further back" or "Nah, we don't have the rights"

    A period alien-invasion piece sounds intriguing and I hope they can pull it off.

  • smorbie Dec 07, 2012

    This comment has been removed.

  • LucaMaltaglia Dec 07, 2012

    Alien invasion in the WW2 is nothing that new, nobody has heard of Turtledove?

  • tnetennba Dec 07, 2012

    An alien invasion show on the USA network? I had to check if today is April 1.

  • MelodyByard Dec 07, 2012

    I am surprised that POI was not nominated for best writing. Those story lines are awesome!

  • hell693 Dec 07, 2012

    It would be fun to see the transition from Single to Multi as its the first time a show does that and i hope more viewers com in and watch because the show is great.

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