News Briefs: Viewer Backlash Kills Kalinda's The Good Wife Storyline

By Tim Surette

Oct 27, 2012


... If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's that complaining will get you everywhere. Fans of CBS's The Good Wife got all fussy over this season's storyline involving Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and her estranged and pervy husband Nick, and the producers heard y'all loud and clear. So loud and clear that they've decided to back off from the plot and wrap it up as soon as possible. [TV Guide]


... Your favorite person in the world Howie Mandel is baaaaaack. NBC has picked up his game show Take It All and will run it in big batches just before the holidays (December 10–17). The program is essentially a high-stakes version of the popular gift-swapping game White Elephant, in which contestants are given a prize and can choose to swap it with the prizes that contestants chose before him/her. What can be more fun than watching someone else stress about free stuff? [NBC via press release]

... The final season of HBO's Treme will be five episodes long. *sad trombone* [Hitfix]

... Bravo is developing a drama centered on the greatest war of all time: the 1980s Cola Wars! Flipping Out's showrunner (reality programs have showrunners?) Andrew Hoegl has written a script about the tumultuous times between Coca-Cola and Pepsi and the millions of people who died from over-caffeination and cavities. Look, I don't like to get political here, but if you think Pepsi is better than Coke, you're an idiot. [Deadline Hollwood]

... Another The Office actor is looking for his next gig. Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on the NBC comedy, has signed on to star in a comedy that's in development at ABC. Baumgartner would star as a mid-level airline executive. Craig Robinson, Angela Kinsey, and Rainn Wilson also have starring vehicles in the works. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bonnie Hunt and Ben Stiller are developing a comedy at ABC called compliKATEd. You'll never guess what the lead character's name is! Hunt would star as KATE, a "confidently insecure woman with a" compliKATEd "life." Sorry, I had to quit the quoting there to get the KATE in. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Seth Green will guest-star on How I Met Your Mother, where he'll appear alongside his old Buffy the Vampire Slayer costar Alyson Hanigan, so this piece of news can't be reported without saying that it's a big Buffy reunion. Seth will play a college buddy of Lily and Marshall's who is like totally way more into them than they were into him. Barring some alien invasion of cataclysmic event like a rabbit uprising, it will air on December 10. [TV Line]

... Rebecca Romijn will star in the new TNT pilot King and Maxwell. She'll play the Maxwell part, a former secret service agent who solves political cases with a guy named King. [EW]

... Mira Sorvino will star in the new TNT pilot Trooper, a drama about a mother who decides to become a state trooper. Yes, this is the same project that was set up at CBS last pilot season but then got passed on. [TV Line]

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  • Whedonrules Nov 01, 2012

    Only five episodes next year for Treme?!? This season has been excellent thus far - much better than "Boardwalk Empire"'s rambling waste of a season.

  • Shreela Oct 31, 2012

    The Good Wife's been alluding to Kalinda's backstory for quite some time, and since she often crosses the line during her investigations, it's not surprising she might have a bad girl past, or a bad guy husband. But even though she might push the line here and there, she generally does it in the name of justice, so she's redeeming herself while hiding from her past. Until abusive and domineering husband gets of out jail and finds her, understandably mad about her using his ill-gotten funds to run away from him. At first, that could have been quite intriguing. Until it drug on, and on, and on ...

    I'm guessing most viewers of TGW aren't fans of Fifty Shades of Twilight type stories, so why would we enjoy watching Kalinda flip-flop between assertive and meekness over and over, and over again? Finish it up, having Kalinda move forward and progress.

  • HeidiFord Oct 31, 2012

    Yuck !!! What happened to TGW?? The plot lines this season are rambling & incoherent. The Kalinda bad husband story line ? Big yawn. It is as though the talented writers from the last several seasons were sacked & they have new younger writers that are, in word, awful. A fly on the wall overheard conversation for the new "writers" brainstorming session.....Dude, lets like make it 'random' & we'll do like that old lady thing my mom was reading about grey or black or something only like way more hip. And like make like this rich old lady want to uhmm what is called? Oh yeah, donate to like the husband's campaign but Dude !! Like she might be a lesbian & it will be really cool cuz you know it will be so like random !?! What ever !!! I. Almost ready to give up on the show. A waste of time & an insult to all the fabulous character & storyline development that first drew me in & then kept me as a loyal viewer.

  • rye06p Oct 31, 2012

    Everything JT_Kirk says, I agree with!

  • BarbieGoneBad Oct 29, 2012

    I prefer Kalinda's previous life remain a mystery. I'm hoping Kalinda puts a bullet through her creepy husband and gets away with it. I love Kalinda but The Good Wife needs to stay focused on the law firm plots.

  • JT_Kirk Oct 29, 2012

    I read the TVguide article about The Good Wife, and honestly, they have a bad understanding of the problem with Kalinda's storyline and how the audience perceives it. They wanted to make statements about her past and about spousal abuse and round her character out, and they don't think the audience has been on board with that; what they're missing is that they haven't touched well on anything they've tried to do with Kalinda so far - they haven't said anything about who she is, who she was, why she'd be with this rather low-level troublemaker, why she'd let said troublemaker do what he's been doing with her, what her goals are, none of that.

    We know exactly one new thing about Kalinda this season, and that's what her ex-husband's face looks like; the rest has been some sexual mindgame that feels about as deep and mature as a Lifetime TV movie's second act. While we've watched Kalinda short-circuit with her ex, the firm has gone through major changes, Peter's campaign has gone through situations and grown, Cary has been forced to share space with Alicia, almost every character on the show has gone through some level of character arc in the month of stories except Kalinda who has unpleasantly screwed her husband in a way that suggests she's not a willing participant. Hence, that storyline has been spinning its wheels and it's time to move it forward and get it over with. They've missed the statement they were intending to make, they lost their way, don't blame the audience for not getting it.

  • usedcat Oct 29, 2012

    Who complained, & how many? We were enjoying this stoyline, we just didn't start a online petion to tell the world. 1st whiner wins!

  • bluemystique Oct 29, 2012


  • TrueTvWatcher Oct 29, 2012

    Can't wait to see Seth Green on HIMYM

  • spiette Oct 29, 2012

    treme should have never made it to 5 episodes,let alone a final season.that show was so boring and awful

  • Hauntme1 Oct 29, 2012

    i never liked kalinda's character don't care do whatever with that character.

  • TeddyBearZA Oct 28, 2012

    Im so glad the Kalinda story is going to be killed, last week I didn't even watch The Good Wife" because it's so stupid, and this use to be one of my fav shows!

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