Nip/Tuck stars seek paycheck augmentation

By Lila Holland

Sep 16, 2008

In a gallant effort to champion some of the nation's most underpaid workers--notably themselves--famous TV stars Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh are leading their Nip/Tuck colleagues in salary negotiations with the FX network.

Since May 2007, McMahon and Walsh have each been pulling in a meager $125,000 per episode, and we can only imagine how hard it is to sustain the Hollywood lifestyle on such paltry wages. Series regular Joely Richardson makes about $100,000, and Kelly Carlson and Roma Maffia allegedly make even less.

Fed up and not about to take it anymore, McMahon and Walsh have enlisted the legal services of Marty Singer, who's known for his success in securing pay bumps for Sopranos star James Gandolfini and others. Singer joins the stars' usual legal team, and the other actors seem to have their own representation.

Nip/Tuck's sixth season is now in production, but the show is slated to continue through 2011--and therein lies the root of the cash quarrel. With plenty of downtime between production seasons, the actors could conceivably take on more jobs, but fear that other networks might choose not to engage their services while their faces are still plastered all over FX. Therefore, Nip/Tuck producers totally owe these guys for lost opportunities. Makes sense, right?

Nip/Tuck reruns are currently airing on FX Saturdays at 12:30 a.m., and new episodes will resume sometime in early 2009. In the meantime, why not use the comments box to opine on the sorry plight of underpaid actors?

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  • moldyspud May 28, 2009

    It would take me 5 years to make as much money as they do in one episode?? Uh, what the hell is wrong with people, can't they just be happy with what they got? That's how I live, but I guess when you are surrounded by people making more than you, I guess it makes sense to whine until you get more too. Be happy with what you got just doesn't set well with actors I guess. If I was making 125k per episode, I'd live the rest of my life in supreme awesome financial freedom. Buy a house a car and laugh until I die cause I'd never have to work for another crappy life ruining company again.

  • JoanneParis Feb 21, 2009

    they should just STOP producing the show. It is miserable. Dont get me wrong, I have been a big fan since season 1, but this show has turned into the worst. It is absurd, far-fetched to the point of unoriginal, the characters are mere caricatures, their struggles really abosurd to the point of supremely lame. A raise? They need to freaking fire the writers and hire some decent people who can write the kind of awesome stuff we saw during the first 3 seasons.

  • soul2cole Dec 15, 2008

    Given the fact that these incredibly talented actors are tied to a show that (1) has wasted their talents for the past three seasons, (2) makes a paltry 15 episodes per season, and (3) is stringing them along until 2011, they ABSOLUTELY deserve a raise. This series is sucking the life out of their careers. (Julian and Dylan each made about $300,000 per season for the first two seasons, plus a $300,000 bonus at the end of season 2, so their overall pay for the entire series is nowhere near $10 million.)

  • VestalDarkness Dec 08, 2008

    As much as I love this show and as talented as I think Julian and Dylan are, I'm surprised that the money is an issue, although I suppose I shouldn't be. FYI, if they are making $125,000 per episode at an average of 15 episodes per season, they are making just shy of $2 million a season, which is more than enough for anyone to live on, especially if you invest wisely. And, of course, they've been doing this for five seasons now, which is almost $10 million. Seriously, why would you ever need that much money? At this point whining about not having enough is just being petty. There are plenty of people who need it more than actors do.

  • cinnarose Oct 08, 2008

    I also vote for giving them a raise. If those dipsticks on Friends could pull in 1 million per episode, I think they could get much more than what they're receiving now. Yes, I realize Friends was on network TV and insanely popular, but still. Quality beats crap any day. I just hope these salary negotiations don't lead to a work stoppage. I need me some Nip/Tuck!

  • DLROBERTS Sep 23, 2008

    I love Nip/Tuck. I think the fifth season was one of the best. I've followed it from the beginning. And I was very surprised to learn that they don't get paid as well as other shows. Considering that other stars are practically banging down the doors to star on the show. I'm also surprised that it's never won an Emmy, only one Gloden Globe. It's one of the most watched shows, but it's only won once. They deserve the pay raise, they also deserve the right to work on other projects in their down time.

  • kncarman Sep 22, 2008

    that sucks that are some of the lowest paid actors considering the shows success. I think that they deserve the raise!

  • Jamin_Jamin Sep 21, 2008

    give them the raise!

  • Nissaxx Sep 21, 2008

    Let them have it, they kind of deserve it.

  • kaynwil Sep 18, 2008

    I was surprised to read this cause the show's been kinda sucky lately. I was surprised it's lasting through 2011 but if they're locked at their salary through to 2011 then that isn't right in general. Even us normal ppl get annual raises...

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