Observe This: The Fringe Musical Episode is Happening

By Stefanie Lee

Mar 19, 2010

... Aaaaaaaand I'm squealing, because there's going to be a musical episode of Fringe. Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick, who's also a professional musician) will perform a number, as will Astrid (Jasika Nicole), Olivia (Anna Torv), and Nina (Blair Brown). I hate using the word "epic," but this sounds too epic. Dare I suggest a Glee-Fringe crossover? [io9]

... Castle's Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is finally going to get serious with a guy—and it's not going to be Castle (Nathan Fillion). Former Battlestar Galactica star Michael Trucco is set to guest-star in the last four episodes of this season as a hunky homicide detective, and his character might even return in the fall. [Ausiello]

... Beau Bridges got himself a gig! He'll star as Rocky, truck-driver father to the title character (Dermot Mulroney) in the forthcoming remake of The Rockford Files. In other casting news, Skeet Ulrich has joined yet another CBS drama. All we know is that it's an untitled medical show, and that John Wells is producing it. Hopefully the powers that be will release more information before we actually see the pilot. [THR & THR]

... Sad news. Fess Parker, star of Davy Crockett and favorite son of the baby-boomer generation, died yesterday at his home in Santa Ynez Valley, California. He was also known for roles in Disney films like The Great Locomotive Chase, Westward Ho the Wagons!, and Old Yeller. Parker was 85. [THR]

... Modern Family's Ty Burrell will now have a family of his own! Burrell and his wife, Molly, adopted a baby girl. No word yet on whether Baby Burrell has perfected the eye-roll of her father's on-screen offspring, or if Burrell has already decided to call his daughter's future prom date "homes." [People]

... South Park's Season 14 premiere was the show's most-watched premiere in ten years! The episode, which aired Wednesday night on Comedy Central, mocked celebrity sex addiction. Nice work, Parker and Stone. [Live Feed]

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  • MeeDumFoolish Mar 22, 2010

    Thank you memnochZero! I agree. People think musicals are all happy fluff stuff. Clearly, some of them never watched a single musical in their life.

  • asya155 Mar 22, 2010

    I really love that show but musical eppy? I'll have to wait and see *shrugs* who know.

  • MemnochZERO Mar 21, 2010

    You know what, if OZ the grimmet drama ever to air on tv can do a musical episode, no show is "too serious" for a musical number.

  • TomPedron Mar 21, 2010

    fringe= awesome///// glee= gay fringe + glee= really gay

  • AngelicaJones Mar 21, 2010

    I know for one thing. I will stay away from the Fringe boards after this episode airs. Its going to be annoying reading nothing but whining. ( just like when the twitter episode came out and the unaired episode) Not sure why people take this show so seriously. I am sure The mentalist doesn't get this much whining.

  • novembernicole Mar 21, 2010

    Skeet Ulrich is coming back to TV! That is great news. I loved watching him in Jericho. As far as a musical episode of Fringe goes, the show does return with new episodes on April Fool's Day. So maybe (hopefully) it is a joke.

  • Kalel18 Mar 20, 2010

    @Angelica, maybe YOU should get over yourself. @Spoontown is right on. Have you ever even watched Fringe? Fringe is not Glee, Buffy, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, or some other Broadway musical or TV show. It is a serious, dark, sci-fi drama. A musical episode would be a creative sell-out, and an insult to its fans.

  • fatfreeoreos Mar 20, 2010

    Musical Fringe? I'm a little disturbed at the thought of it.

  • AngelicaJones Mar 20, 2010

    spoontown, care to explain to me what the heck is your problem and how fringe will fail since YOU haven't seen the episode? Get over yourself.

  • Spoontown Mar 20, 2010

    Buffy musical episode, utter genius, Scrubs musical episode pretty good, Fringe musical episode has to be bad, law of diminishing returns. There is nothing fresh to be said by a tv show having a one off musical episode, it's all been done before. Fringe seems like the last show that could support this, Anna Torv is best when she limits herself to the one facial expression that she can do. Best described by Joey in Friends as 'smell the f***' acting. Only way they could think of doing it is if Walter actually does take LSD like he often talks about and has a trip for the whole episode. Either an early and bad April Fool's joke or a truly appalling idea, and sometimes you don't have to experience something to know it's going to be bad, think jumping off a skyscraper with no parachute I know that's not good without putting myself through it!!

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