October 14, 2008 DVD Releases

By Athena Karantzalis

Oct 14, 2008

  • C.S.I

    Season Eight

  • That 70's Show

    The Complete Series Stash Box

  • The Sarah Silverman Program

    Season Two

  • Scott Baio Is 45... And Single

    Season One

  • Scott Baio Is 46... And Pregnant

    Season Two

  • Back to You

    Season One

  • Survivorman

    Season Two

  • Charlie and Lola

    Volumes 1-8

  • Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States

    Season Two

  • Nash Bridges

    The First Season

  • The Partridge Family

    The Complete Third Season

  • Rules of Engagement

    Season Two

  • The Shari Lewis Show

    A Shari Lewis Christmas

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Who Bob What Pants

  • Ultraman

    The Complete Series

  • The Unit

    Season 3

  • The Universe

    The Complete Season One

  • The Universe

    The Complete Season Two

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    • skokeloor Oct 21, 2008

      CSI! The That 70's Show box seems cool too.

    • Media_Mind Oct 15, 2008

      Interesting week

    • terrydelph Oct 15, 2008

      partridge family

    • kravitzfan12 Oct 14, 2008

      Rules of Engagement and Back To You.

      Back To You is a great set to have on DVD, so fans can get real closure on the show and get to see 4 unaired episodes.

    • CFlovesLF Oct 14, 2008

      Would love to have the That 70's Show set. Even though the last couple seasons were super cheesy and kinda lame.

    • tvdvdaddict Oct 14, 2008

      Nothing good. That 70s show is OK, but I've seen all the episodes in syndication already multiple times, so I'll pass on that.

    • petewrigley Oct 14, 2008

      Ooh, Charlie & Lola. I'm surprised that Disney's even releasing anything that's not HSM. Maybe I'll pick it up sometime later. Also, what's up with Who Bob What Pants being released the day right after airing? Ugh, I hate how Spongebob always gets the most attention from Nick DVD-wise.

    • slick14805 Oct 14, 2008

      Nothing for me this week since I already own the entire That 70's Show series