Old Christine does all right

By Colin Mahan

Mar 14, 2006

The New Adventures of Old Christine, starring Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus, premiered on CBS last night with strong enough ratings to place second in its time slot. This is welcome news for a former cast member of Seinfed, who have all been in several high-profile flops since that show ended in 1998.

Christine premiered with two episodes last night, and both of them improved on ratings of the shows they were preempting.

The 8:30 p.m. episode went up against game show Deal or No Deal on NBC and came in second in the time slot, with a 3.9 rating among viewers 18-49. This is slightly better than vacationing time-slot resident How I Met Your Mother was averaging for the season.

At 9:30, another episode of Christine came in second to Fox's 24, snagging a 4.9 rating in 18-49s, better than what former time-slot tenant Courting Alex has averaged this season.

Christine received mostly positive reviews, with Village Voice critic Joy Press saying that the show "may or may not be a mid-season hit, but it should be" and Variety's Brian Lowry saying that it's "one of the best conventional half-hours to come along in a while."

Seinfeld is one of the most fondly remembered sitcoms in TV history, but the four actors who helped make it great have all suffered post-Seinfeld sour times.

Dreyfus, who played Elaine Benes on the show, followed up in 2002 with Watching Ellie, a short-lived sitcom that took place in "real time." She also appeared as a recurring character on Fox's cult sitcom Arrested Development.

Jason Alexander, aka George Costanza, went on to appear in two quickly canceled series. In Bob Patterson, he played a motivational speaker--the show lasted less than a season. In Listen Up!, he was a radio DJ--that series lasted the entire season but wasn't renewed.

Michael Richards, who played wacky neighbor Cosmo Kramer, played a bumbling detective on 2000's The Michael Richards Show. The series lasted eight episodes.

Jerry Seinfeld hasn't done much since the show ended, making one film, the stand-up comedy documentary Comedian. Series cocreator Larry David went on to create the popular "Seinfeld in LA" series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The next few weeks will prove if Loius-Dreyfus is the first of the bunch to have a truly successful network TV series after the folding of the Seinfeld tent.

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  • rambo_ando Sep 27, 2006

    you spelt Louis worng.

  • bebop345 Jul 08, 2006

    It wont last long its not that good.

  • -Abdullah- Mar 15, 2006

    People use the SEINFELD curse as an excuse, maybe the TV Shows they starred in were just, you know... bad?

  • nitehork Mar 15, 2006

    Doesn't matter how good a show is, it's bound to get cancelled after only half a season, or unexplainably dropped at the end of the first season in the middle of an important plot-line arc. Seems to be happening more and more. Ive lost count over the past few years the amount that it has happened. To name just a few shows that had a lot of fans but still got the axe after only one season, 'Now and Again' 'John Doe' 'Serenity' 'Jake 2.0' to name just a few that come to mind right away.
    But I digress. I have yet to see Old Christine, being in Australia I imagine it will quite a while before we get it here. But, given what a veteran of television Louis-drefuss is, and given that she was the best part of Seinfeld, it would be no surprise if the show was a success.

  • Phizzzle Mar 15, 2006

    This show was okay. Not hilarious, but not horrible as well. Maybe a break in the Seilfeld curse?