Open Caption: Community

By Ilana Diamond

Dec 01, 2011

Aha! I knew it! I knew I saw you guys at the Star Trek Convention last month! No need to hide, fellow Trekkies—you're in good company. And so here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From docspector:
" now requires me to personally thank each person who uses the site. Let that be a lesson to you... always read your contracts carefully."

From DrkMgcn399:
Shatner: So, we have a deal, right? Shawn: Indeed, Captain. Patrick Stewart will no longer be a problem.

From Vidsignup:
"Uh, Gus, this guy says he can 'beam' us anywhere we want. Do me a favor, back away slowly and start the golf cart."

From Arch_Angel88:
Exerting every ounce of mental fortitude to remain serious. A furrowed brow. A look of contemplative countenance. The strain of keeping a straight face. All the while thinking: "I'm touching Captain Kirk, I'm touching Captain Kirk, I'm touching Captain Kirk, I hope my hand isn't sweaty, I'm touching Captain Kirk, I'm touching Captain Kirk . . .."

Today's Image: Community
In tonight's episode, Jeff and Shirley will be doing some dishing over two-for-one margaritas. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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  • Geek_Queen Dec 02, 2011

    Jeff: "You'll enjoy this place, Shirley. They have the best stuffed jalapenos... on a stick."

  • Geek_Queen Dec 02, 2011

    Jeff: "I feel like we stumbled into a Mexican restaurant on Sesame Street. Seriously, I keep expecting Elmo or Grover to pop up and say, "Welcome to Hooper's Hacienda. May I take your order"."

  • MaxCiporski Dec 02, 2011

    What will it be Shirley, Red Margarita, or Blue Margarita?

  • Neksmater Dec 02, 2011

    "Since you chose this place for a spy meeting, this would not be ideal" "shut up, this place has the best color palate of any chain restaurant"

  • movieblogger Dec 02, 2011

    Shirley: "I do not agree with the drugs that this culture promotes. Quesadillas? Now that's just wrong."

  • Vidsignup Dec 02, 2011

    "Yes, Shirley. In this very building, on the other side of that very door behind you, is where Chang became... Senor Chang."

  • Arch_Angel88 Dec 02, 2011

    And so here are the winners from yesterday's contest: From Vidsignup: . . .

  • bk-knight Dec 02, 2011

    Jeff: I don't normally drink, but when i do, i drink fruity and colorful.

  • Arch_Angel88 Dec 02, 2011

    Shirley: "So, what made you pick this place?"

    Jeff: "I entered offensively stereotypical Mexican restaurants into Google Maps, and aqui estamos."

  • Taccado Dec 02, 2011

    Jeff: Out of all the restaurants in Greendale, you picked this sorry Mexican place. Why?

    Shirley: Because I was told this is where I can find Jesus.

  • DavidJackson8 Dec 02, 2011

    This made me giggle.

  • gadfly11 Dec 02, 2011

    "So then I said, 'Jimmy Choo *this*, you sad little priss' and when I called later that night he was still fighting with tears."

    "Oh, you wicked, wicked man."

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