Open Caption: Cougar Town's Last Round

By C. Killian

May 29, 2012

Welcome back to the work week, everyone. Seems there was quite a stir in Friday's comments, but since it's easy enough to cheerfully ignore a single story in any RSS feed (should that be your preference), Open Caption is here to stay. Now: Here are your winners from Friday's contest—I admit I took some editorial liberties on a comment that wasn't necessarily meant to be a submission, but can we all agree that it just works for Joffrey so well?!?

From Taccado:

Joffrey: "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go iron my turtlenecks."

From FringeFanatic:

Hound: "Are you enjoying the battle, your Grace?"
Joffrey: "Um, I think I liked torturing defenseless young girls more."

From DavidJackson8:
Joffrey: "Hound, why does EVERYONE hate me?"
Hound: "Well, for one—"
Joffrey: "It was a rhetorical question!!"
Hound: "Oh. I'll add 'asks too many rhetorical questions' to the list."

Today's Image: Cougar Town

Though tonight marks the end of the road for Cougar Town's reign on ABC, there's no need to fret—it'll pick up next season on TBS right where it leaves off after tonight's hour-long Season 3 finale. Here's what's on deck: Grayson complains that his life reminds him of the movie Groundhog's Day, and Jules unwittingly decides to throw a Groundhog's Day themed bachelorette party. She's so uninformed! (Seriously, who hasn't seen that movie?) In the still below, Tom calls the gang for some airport pick-up assistance. Is that his daughter on his lap? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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  • FrankVandeRid Jun 08, 2012

    "Seriously, who hasn't seen that movie?"

    Well, if you did you would know that the title is actually 'Groundhog day'!

  • smithinjapan May 30, 2012

    It's not ALL bad... Easier to play footsies.

  • smithinjapan May 30, 2012

    Yep, she's been surgically attached to my leg. I reckon' this'll reduce air fare.

  • Shreela May 30, 2012

    I really enjoyed her dad tearing up and needing the horse to stifle his tears. And it's about time they brought back PENNY CAN!

  • ToddMurray May 30, 2012

    "Hello? Can you make wine come out of my cast? No, that's not creepy at all. You'd have to know my friends."

  • ToddMurray May 30, 2012

    "I can't believe I've never thought to ask this, but... do the operating tables lower to wheelchair height? No? You sure? Oh, no reason... but I'm gonna need some time off."

  • Montana_Katana May 30, 2012

    Quick question - Where is Cougar Town filmed? That signage looks suspiciously like the Chicago O'Hare Airport.

    (Sorry, for not playing the game, fellow commenters, but I've never seen Cougar Town.)

  • Geek_Queen May 30, 2012

    According to Wikipedia, it is filmed in Culver City, California.

    You're welcome to play even if you've never watched the show featured in the Caption Photo. I've never watched Cougar Town, either, but I threw some captions out there anyway. :)

  • Geek_Queen May 30, 2012

    Tom: "Hey, guess what I found in my Big Bo Box!"

  • Geek_Queen May 30, 2012

    Tom: "Is this Al's Auto Shop? I was wondering if you could pimp my ride?"

  • Geek_Queen May 30, 2012

    Tom: "I'm on my way to Brad & Angelina's place, now. I picked them up a little housewarming gift from the airport gift shop."

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