Open Caption: Dallas's Finale

By C. Killian

Aug 08, 2012

Well it looks like our comments are back up and running, which is good news for the Open Caption fan fare. I'll do my best to break us out of the teen show slump we've found ourselves in, and if you have any special requests for shows you're looking forward to captioning let it be known! Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Gorand2055:

Aria (whisper): "I know what you did last summer."

From Lodilodilee:

Aria: "I know, Spence...I'm just as heartbroken about the Robsten breakup as you are."

From RickGriffioen:

Aria (thinking): "I wish we could just stop lying and play a normal game of Truth/Dare in which I can chose Truth. This Dare of hugging Spencer for 3 hours is killing me."

Today's Image: Dallas

Tonight marks this soapy drama's Season 1 finale, "Revelations." In it, a family member's illness surfaces, forcing the Ewing family to bond together again. But when Christopher and Elena discover that those they trusted most have been keeping dark secrets from them, it could destroy all of that progress. In the still below, John Ross (L) and Christopher (R) get into a game of one-on-one. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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  • mrmeetoo Aug 10, 2012

    Chris : Dude, Olympic style wrestling isn't a good defensive stance

    John : Shut Up! It may not look good to you, but Elena loves it..PSYCH OUT !

  • snake63 Aug 10, 2012

    John Ross : Whoever wins gets to shoot J.R.

  • isakura Aug 09, 2012

    Chris: "what kind of pose is that? This is basketball. not SyFy WWE Smackdown"

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    John: SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!! We're sorry we kept it from you and Elena until AFTER the salad appetizer!

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    John: Man! You get handed a whopper of a secret to you like that and your answer is to play basketball? Remind me to do it again!

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    Chris: Could we dress any less appropriately for sports?

    John: My... back... strained... can't... move.

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    John: man, bending like this releases all that hot summer air trapped in my Italian pants and loafers up through the back-side. You might want to just hand the ball and step back a bit.

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    John: Come on over here for a big hug! Come to daddy!

    Chris: You're not my 'daddy', and I'm not falling for it.

    John: Might be that I AM, actually... what do you think all the secrets are?

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    John: Just... slipped... a disc...

    Chris: Sorry, bro. Game start!

  • smithinjapan Aug 09, 2012

    Chris: Dude, it's not Olympic wrestling, it's one-on-one basketball!

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