Open Caption: Game of Thrones

By C. Killian

Mar 30, 2012

It's coming!!! (Winter, that is. And also war.) The anticipation for Sunday's Season 2 premiere of Game of Thrones is so great that I'm almost hoping the weekend flies by just so we don't have to deal with all of these teasers anymore. Almost. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here are the winning captions from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

Dax: ""Kristen is going to be so happy when I surprise her with another sloth. Though this one appears to be unusually slow."

From notabene14:

Lauren: "Like OMG, you completely had me fooled! I totally thought you were Zach Braff!"

From Mate:

Dax: "Wait what, but I was engaged to Kristen Bell and was on Parenthood and life was so great."
Lauren: "Hey guys, he actually believed he was a celebrity! Longest punk'd in history."

Today's Image: Game of Thrones

It feels like it's been forever since we've seen our favorite cast of mythically medieval warlords—unless you're me, in which case you just finished marathoning Season 1 last week. Still. Everyone's excited. Even you. In Sunday night's Season 2 premiere, we pick up right where we left off: Daenerys's adventure leads her one step closer to the castle, Robb Stark prepares for battle, and Tyrion babysits his little king brother. Also, Arya pretends she's a boy. In the still below, King Joffrey's mother, Cersei Lannister (left), and her brother, Tyrion (right) watch something that appears to be as confusing as it is delightful. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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  • AmitBaloda Apr 02, 2012

    Tyrion: It's getting late. Shouldn't Joffery be in bed by now. I wonder what his 'mommy' would do!

    Cersei: Tonight, I will get to spank a King. Finally!!!

  • Loooooooooooost Apr 02, 2012

    I wonder which family member I will bed tonight! (guess who I am speaking for)

  • darshaagan Apr 02, 2012

    They are watching what The Mountain will do to the Dothraki horses if they croos the sea.

  • jaynashvil Apr 02, 2012

    Tyrion to sister: The invitation said "formal" and you wear a Japanese bathrobe? Are you wearing fuzzy sandals, too?

  • DanaScullyMD Apr 02, 2012

    (Both watching Joffrey's coronation & thinking:)

    Cersei: Look at my darling boy; so handsome, so regal, so like his father....ahh...

    Tyrion: Look at my nephew; so blonde, so arrogant, so like my brother...hmm...

  • AmitBaloda Apr 01, 2012

    Cersei: I am so lucky to have two loving brothers. One is 'Hand of the King' and other is 'Hand of the Queen'.

    Tyrion: You don't think 'That' is included in the job description.

  • nhk3 Apr 01, 2012

    *Offscreen a woman is being beaten with a whip*

    Tyrion (thinking): How unfair. She was such a nice whore.

  • silencedlight Apr 01, 2012

    Game of Thrones Season Two: The best will rise above all else. Let slip the slaps of war.

  • silencedlight Apr 01, 2012

    Tyrion: 'I bet you blame me for that silent one you just let rip'

  • silverscreenluv Apr 01, 2012

    "self-independed" - LOL

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