Open Caption: Red, White, and Rookie Blue

By C. Killian

Jul 05, 2012

Well, it appears as though the holiday is over. Summer is officially in full-swing. Dare I suggest it's almost half way over? Yeesh. Let's lighten the mood by taking a look at the winners from Tuesday's contest:

From Yaspaa:

Blake: "Dude, say it don't spray it."

From isakura:

Adam: "I kinda look like Dexter."
Blake: "So did I just kill your mom?"

From qbe_64:
Blake: "Remember in Lord of the Flies when they all killed the pig?"
Adam: "No, I can't read."

Today's Image: Rookie Blue

Let's just keep this patriotic theme going, okay? This show's got "Blue" in the title and it's about cops. How much more American can you get? In tonight's episode, "Messy Houses," Andy responds to a domestic abuse case and runs into her estranged mother, the social worker who was called onto the scene. Not exactly the family reunion she was expecting. Meanwhile, Detective Barber's recovered weaponry mysteriously winds up back on the streets, and Sam, Chris, Nick, and Gail go on a hunt to find a missing mother and her two kids. In the still below, Chris attempts to calm the nerves of a live wire. Who's afraid of who here? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

Check out all of our recent winners on's Open Caption Pinterest Board.

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  • Dilligaf Jul 06, 2012

    Sir, I don't care if she's only this tall, you can't be doing that in the street.

  • Dilligaf Jul 06, 2012

    Officer, if you don't take your hands off my invisible children's heads, I'll throw this invisible barbell at you.

  • ToddMurray Jul 06, 2012

    Live wire: Watch it, man! This isn't the airport and you aren't the TSA!

  • Geek_Queen Jul 06, 2012

    Chris: "I think both you and your jacket have went on enough acid trips together."

  • Geek_Queen Jul 06, 2012

    Chris: "Let me get this straight. You'll come in quietly if I play patty cake with you? Well, okay."

  • Geek_Queen Jul 06, 2012

    Chris (thinking): "I hate arresting mimes. We can never get them to talk."

  • smithinjapan Jul 06, 2012

    Chris: "Sir, I canNOT give you 10... not even a high-five... until you zip up."

  • smithinjapan Jul 06, 2012

    Chris: Sir, I seriously thought you had a gun in there. My bad.

    Man: Oh, no... I'm not complaining! Have at it.

  • smithinjapan Jul 06, 2012

    "Sir, I said I was going for your 'junk' as in the DRUGS in your pocket! Don't expect or read anything else into it."

  • ViridianDynamic Jul 06, 2012

    L: I'm pretty, but you still have to respect the BLEEPING law and this gun full of blanks, cause I will BLEEP you up.

    R: Dude, its not Southland on network tv.

    L: No more self editing? I can curse! @$%#%$ yeah... What just happened?

    R: You're a Canadian cop, you can't even be impolite.

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