Open Caption: Sons of Anarchy

By Ilana Diamond

Oct 11, 2011

Yesterday brought us Brooklyn hipsters in pilot outfits; today we've got California motorcycle men. Here are our favorite entries from yesterday's Bored to Death contest:

From Neksmater:
What do you mean Oceanic flight 815 already took off, can't you see we're supposed to be flying a jet of some sort?

From shre123:
"Holy s***. That was easily the greatest episode of Breaking Bad. Ever."

Today's Image: Sons of Anarchy
Now let's all guess what Chief Wayne Unser is ordering at the Clay Morrow drive-thru in this image from tonight's episode.

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  • Geek_Queen Oct 12, 2011

    Right now, Wayne's wishing he never bought his "Don't like my driving, call 1-800-BITE-ME" bumper sticker.

  • Geek_Queen Oct 12, 2011

    Wayne: "Really? You really followed me for twenty miles just to tell me that my seatbelt was stuck in the door?"

  • RasimMagafuro Oct 12, 2011

    Clay: Saw Deadwood yesterday. The priest looks familiar.

    Unser: Co**sucker! And I don't?

  • Clear Oct 12, 2011

    "Will you have fries with that murder?"

  • gtachico Oct 12, 2011

    Unser: So I understand you're gay for Moleman...

  • chas031 Oct 12, 2011

    Clay: I'm your your blindspot . Go ahead it's clear!!

  • DrkMgcn399 Oct 12, 2011

    ...And then I got the Batman gig, playing some actor guy who gets superpowers to look like anybody he wants, which is kinda what I do, anyway. Then I got the gig on Superman, basically playing General Zod with an eye patch. The Teen Titans thing came up and I got to play a charasmatic villain for once, with fire powers...for all of three episodes. Then came Hellboy! Are listening to me? I'm trying to tell you my life story here, man! Where was I? Oh, yeah, Hellboy. I finally got my chance to play the hero, but it meant being in that makeup chair for hours on end. And then came my big break, that went someone else. I'm not bitter, 'cause I got my own show. Anyway...

  • thechiwawa Oct 12, 2011

    Clay: (with accent) "Are you ready for some football!!!!"

    Unser: "you been watching mst3k, have you?"

  • shre123 Oct 12, 2011

    Unser: Don't wanna disrespect you and all Clay you put your arm down? The view from here isn't all too pretty.

    Clay: ...

    Unser: The smell isn't helping either

  • Swinglabacase Oct 12, 2011

    Unser: Gee, Clay! Look at me! Do you really believe that rumor that me and Gemma had a thing? Come on!

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