Open Caption: Suits

By C. Killian

Aug 09, 2012

It's Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on—oh, wait, that's not the way the song goes. But who needs it, anyway? I'll tell you what we need: More Open Captions! Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Faithin1:

John Ross: "I got brass ones, they're this big."

From pcsjunior002:

John Ross: "We agreed on the the stakes?"
Christopher: "Yep. Loser gets shot. You're going down, dude."

From MicahSmith3:

"Texas style basketball. Chinos and cowboy boots."

Today's Image: Suits

In tonight's episode, "Rewind," Mike and Harvey reflect on the past, wondering if they'd have been better off if they hadn't made the decisions they did way back when. In the still below, Jessica engages in a "super professional" discussion with Louis. ...And it doesn't look like she's about to assault him out of love. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

Check out all of our recent winners on's Open Caption Pinterest Board.

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  • jimc1954 Aug 10, 2012

    Tell me the truth!!!! Are you wearing my panties again?

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Louis: All I'm saying is... the office is no Hooters!

  • ViridianDynamic Aug 10, 2012

    Jessica: So those are your natural lashes?

    Louis: Born this way.

  • ViridianDynamic Aug 10, 2012

    Louis: The angry thing isn't making me less horny.

    Jessica: Rrrr

    Louis: Purring or growling, either way, this HOT.

  • ViridianDynamic Aug 10, 2012

    Touch them and I feed you your fingers... twice

    Does that mean...

    Just try me.

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Louis: I regret playing that bit-part in The Day After Tomorrow. Now my rep is only about this big.

    Jessica: Nothing about you is that big, Louis!

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Louis: Look, I'm no Sir Mix-A-Lot. I only like them yea big. It's a good thing we broke up way back when.

    Jessica: They're never going to find your body.

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Louis: No really... ordered it on-line. A square-shaped watermelon from Japan, yea big. Fits perfectly in the fridge.

    Jessica: And THAT's the thing you DON'T regret? You're going down the stairs in this chair.

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Jessica: Stop looking at porn on MY computer, Louis! You scarred the temp worker on the night shift.

    Louis: But did you see how LONG it was?? It was like this!

  • smithinjapan Aug 10, 2012

    Jessica: You ready to play Tilt-a-Whirl, Mr. Professional?

    Louis: Hell yeah!

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