Open Caption: The League (September 13)

By Stefanie Lee

Sep 13, 2010

Howdy, partners! It's time for the latest installment of our weekly open caption feature. Last week we posted this action shot of Rookie Blue's Traci (Enuka Okuma), Chris (Travis Milne), and Andy (Missy Peregrym) throwin' darts at a bar. These captions—wait for it—hit the bull's-eye:

... From docspector:
"I don't think "air smoking" is going to be as big a thing as "air guitar" was..."

... From WhatWouldMalDo:
Andy and Traci (thinking): "I bet Chris is checking me out. I look awesome."
Chris (thinking): "I don't know what looks more ridiculous, Traci's form or Andy's jacket. I need more guy friends."

... And Geek_Queen got especially creative with this one:
News Reporter: "A Rookie Blue director 'got the point,' literally, today when he made the mistake of insulting an actress wielding a dart. He's okay, but doctors say he will be unable to sit down until the swelling subsides. Hopefully, they can all move past this incident by turning the other cheek."

Up next: This all-inclusive shot of Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi), Ruxin (Nick Kroll), Pete (Mark Duplass), Andre (Paul Scheer) and Taco (Jon Lajoie) in the Season 2 premiere of The League. Post your best caption idea in the comments!

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  • provencrt Sep 18, 2010

    The Internal, eternal battle: En garde. Touchee. I will make peace with myself someday (says the looser in a ballet pose).

  • MathMan33 Sep 18, 2010

    C'mon....low five! No? Then...high five! No? THen...both five! Still no? Guys, why does this statue not appreciate my awesomeness?

  • grasshoppertw9 Sep 15, 2010

    This is my invisible bow & arrow!

  • Geek_Queen Sep 15, 2010

    "Uh, guys, are you two through playing Dance Dance Revolution, now?"

  • caddington Sep 14, 2010

    Taco: Dude, we get it, you're good at fencing and you've got incredible form. But really, no amount of lunging or parrying is going to win you that trophy. Give it up bro

  • FranVanster Sep 14, 2010

    I told you guys, I look just like Neo...

  • BrendonWalsh Sep 14, 2010

    Andre: C'mon guys, look how awesome this trophy is!
    Taco: It keeps staring at me.
    Kevin: You look like your air-humping a chorus line.
    Pete: Nope. No. Absolutely not. Look, Andre, I know human Shiva dumped you because of The Shiva, but I'm not working my ass off for six months for the right to hoist a young, semi-nude Hulk Hogan above my head.
    Ruxin: Amen to that. Not to mention your vest makes you look like Bruce Wayne's younger, gayer butler, Alfredo.

  • Aggie_TV_Addict Sep 14, 2010

    Andre: Touchdown!!

    Pete: Seriously? It's two hands parallel over your head, not whatever krav maga takedown move you're trying to do on the air in front of you.

    Taco: What are you talking about? Everyone knows that's the universal symbol for touchdown.

    Pete: Ok. I'm officially docking both of you 10 man points, and seriously judging you. And Andre, I'm tacking on an extra 5 for those acid wash jeans. You look ridiculous.

  • Venny55 Sep 14, 2010

    no realy th fish was this big! don't you believe me?

  • Gamer35 Sep 14, 2010

    "Dude, I don't think that statue wants to fight you."

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