Open Caption: The Vampire Diaries

By Ilana Diamond

Jan 05, 2012

It is now clear to me that you've all resolved to really hone your caption-writing skills in 2012. Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Crazy-for-TV:
Phil: "Mock me if you will, but Gloria says 'wheep' cream exfoliates your skin more than most moisturizers will."

From pcsjunior002:
Phil (in an increasingly louder voice): "On this razor got 5 out of 5 blades, I don't know WHY IT ISN'T WORKING?"
Claire: "Maybe it's because you're trusting nerds on shaving advice. Phil, did it ever occur to you that guys who sit in front of the computer all day might not be experts on this subject?"

From jaynashvil:
Phil: "I'm calling Martha Stewart right now! A whipped cream face scrub does NOT make me feel pretty!"

Today's Image: The Vampire Diaries
Hooray! The whole gang finally returns tonight! And apparently Klaus isn't playing fair at foosball, because Elena looks pissed. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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  • noah_bug_95 Feb 02, 2012

    Elena: "There's big balls on the wall for a reason?"

  • CarolinePope Jan 07, 2012

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  • Bullwinkle520 Jan 07, 2012

    Elena: My, you have terrible frown lines.

  • Jo_Harvelle Jan 07, 2012

    Elena: "Excuse me, you looke like that evil hybrid who took my boyfriend."

    Klaus: "Do you mean [i]my[/i] boyfriend?

    Elena: ??

  • Miz_Tasha Jan 06, 2012

    Klaus: I transformed Stefan into an interesting character. Now, it's your turn.

  • Miz_Tasha Jan 06, 2012

    hey....who said you could borrow my clothes?

  • jools19 Jan 06, 2012

    Elena: "Klaus, if you don't fix this new evil-master-genius-plan of yours NOW, I'll stop giving you blood for your new BFFs."

    Klaus: "Oh, Elena, yawn. You know I always get what I want... Now hurry on and become an extra, no one needs you anymore."

  • Faithin1 Jan 06, 2012

    "You DIDN'T see the Community foosball episode? I don't even know you."

  • Geek_Queen Jan 06, 2012

    Elena (thinking to herself): "Where's a Grimm when you need one?"

  • Geek_Queen Jan 06, 2012

    Elena: "Klaus, c'mon, Paul Bunyon does not shoot pool here."

    Klaus: "Sure he does. Who'd you think those giant balls belonged to?"

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