Open Caption: The Walking Dead

By Ilana Diamond

Oct 15, 2011

Okay! With a belly full of snickerdoodles (impressive dedication, Open Captioners!) I will now, without bias, award these entries the winners of Thursday's contest.

From Coling12:
Ron: "I earned my first fire badge just before my eighth birthday. Coincidentally, my mustache began to grow in the next morning."

From JulzAlbig:
Kids, this wooden spoon needs to be treated with fear and respect. I have been spanked with it by all three Tammies.

From chas031:
Ron: When facing an angry bear, a spoonful of honey can save your life. Simply apply the honey to the person nearest to you and run like hell!

Today's Image: The Walking Dead
You smell that? Yeah, it totally smells undead. What do you think this group of hooligans is up to in this image from Sunday's Walking Dead season premiere?

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  • JulzAlbig Oct 17, 2011

    Presenting the new fall fashion line from Aberzombie and Witch.

  • Miz_Tasha Oct 17, 2011

    Is it Friday yet??

  • SeanJohannse Oct 17, 2011

    Aww crap. Zombie infestation on route 9? Damn Google Maps!! I should have used BING!

  • chas031 Oct 17, 2011

    Zombie#1:WHOOOOOOOOAAAA!!!! Talk about a brain-fart!!!

    Zombie#2: Oh man, he who ATE it, LAID it !!

  • gvalley Oct 16, 2011

    "Simon Says: grrraaaarrrr".

  • gtachico Oct 16, 2011 Ringer...

  • CrimeDramaBee Oct 16, 2011

    A for effort. But just sayin'- your Thriller was not nearly as cool as those those McKinley High Glee kids'.

  • Arch_Angel88 Oct 16, 2011

    Zombie #1: "Did any of you guys see David Fung's infographic chart?"

    Zombie #2: "Nope."

    Zombie #3: "Nah. I've been busy perfecting my zombie-gait."

    Zombie #2: "What the hell is a gait?"

    Zombie #3: "It's a manner of walking, stepping, or running."

    Zombie #2: "Then why couldn't you just say zombie-walk?"

    Zombie #3: "With all this post-apocalyptic free zombie-time, I've been trying to improve my vocabulary."

    Zombie #2: "Dude, we're zombies. All we do is eat people. What are you gonna do with an expanded vocabulary?"

    Zombie #3: "Well, excuse me for trying to better myself."

    Zombie #2: "Just yesterday we ravaged a family with three kids. How the hell is that bettering yourself?"

    Zombie #1: "Will you guys please SHUT UP!"

    Zombie #2: "Sorry."

    Zombie #3: "Sorry."

    Zombie #1: "Just stay AWAY from Rick Grimes, okay."

  • LINKCPR Oct 16, 2011


  • frenchfriar Oct 16, 2011

    "And above we see a promotional image being used in Mugatu's new Derelicte' clothing line."

  • darkitp Oct 16, 2011

    guess what ? we will still wear thisZombie Costume for Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah ! , " They Said "

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