Oprah goes Cruise-ing

By Tim Surette

Apr 25, 2008

Apparently it is true--they do return to the scene of the crime.

Oprah Winfrey has booked one of Hollywood's most controversial figures--Mr. Tom Cruise--for a two-part visit on her eponymous show. The first part is scheduled to air on May 2, and the second part will air on May 5.

Nearly three years ago, Cruise made his infamous appearance on Oprah which turned into the butt of many jokes, inspired dozens of parodies, and led many to begin questioning the three-time Oscar nominated actor's sanity. In the appearance, Cruise bounced maniacally up and down on Oprah's couch while declaring his love for then-girlfriend, now-wife Katie Holmes.

The first of Cruise's upcoming appearances will see Winfrey visiting his home in Telluride, Colorado, to discuss his "family, his life, and the future." The second part will feature Cruise in the studio, and hopefully another outburst from the outspoken Scientologist.

Cruise will be seen in a pair of upcoming movies; in Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder, Cruise dons a fat suit as a strange studio executive, and in Valkyrie he dons an eye patch as a would-be assassin of Adolf Hitler.

Are you willing to tune in for a chance to see some craziness?

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  • CellBlocknutter Apr 30, 2008

    Cruise back on Opera? Its gonna be a scream!

  • pinklavender Apr 29, 2008

    His family ... his life ... his future ... yeah like we care about that ... either he has a movie he wants to promote ... or he doesn't have anything workwise but wants to keep his image up ... or he is trying to dispell the fact that he wife might be leaving ... however ... again ... who cares????

  • babyblue3434 Apr 28, 2008

    I don't think anyone really cares that Tom Cruise is appearing on Oprah, except for your fanatical Tom Cruise and Oprah fans, which just begs the question as to why?

  • triogirl Apr 27, 2008

    They are going to pimp this for weeks! By the time it comes around nobody will want to see it.

  • steph3099 Apr 27, 2008

    one question begs to be asked over and over again until Oprah gets it, WHY!????? it may shoot her ratings sky high but seriously, WHY!?????

  • brein1327 Apr 27, 2008

    Tom is not crazy, when you're rich your eccentric

  • mammalazz Apr 27, 2008

    dont care

  • B4UBlahh Apr 26, 2008

    who cares about either.

  • JPPT1974 Apr 26, 2008

    I haven't watched Oprah in years!

  • AprilFox Apr 26, 2008

    Could it be that Tommy boy is suffering from Gary Busey-itis. :lol: There's a bunch of them around Hollywood, Peter Falk has joined the club along with Nick Nolte and Gary Collins. Oiy-vey! :roll:

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