Oprah headed to the Rock?

By Tim Surette

Apr 11, 2008

Sometimes, if one asks nicely enough, one gets what one wants no matter how seemingly implausible. Such was the case with 30 Rock's Tina Fey, who made a comment to reporters that she would like to have Oprah Winfrey guest star on her show and play her best friend.

Apparently, Oprah got wind of the request and actually expressed interest. At a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show that featured guests Fey and Amy Poehler, Oprah discussed the possibility with Fey during a commercial break, as reported by E! Online.

According to studio audience members, Oprah told Fey to "have your people call my people," and said she was "definitely interested."

Putting Oprah on 30 Rock would mean a gigantic ratings boost for the NBC comedy, given that Oprah's followers would no doubt watch in droves. Earlier this year, Britney Spears' guest stint on How I Met Your Mother helped that show reach some of its best numbers ever.

Oprah on 30 Rock...good or bad idea?

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  • B4UBlahh Apr 18, 2008

    good idea for ratings but it doesn't matter to me I do like the show but can't seem to fit this show into my schedule. this show reminds me of a better version of the office.

  • BrainiacMM Apr 14, 2008

    As long as it is not Dr Phil...

  • DeeMonstar Apr 13, 2008

    Meh. Doesn't matter if the show only gets one viewer a week, NBC will keep renewing it because the guy running NBC loves the show.

  • ChichipioWilson Apr 13, 2008

    don't like oprah but I do like 30 Rock. So, if it helps... welcome.

  • adamonfire Apr 13, 2008

    I'm for it if it improves ratings in the long-run to keep the show alive.

  • PaxPhoenix Apr 13, 2008

    This will be interesting.

  • royboycrashfan Apr 12, 2008

    30 Rock will never be more than a niche hit, no matter what stunt casting goes on.

  • iluvgilmore7791 Apr 12, 2008

    Its a good idea. It's going to help a lot.

  • steph3099 Apr 12, 2008

    are there as many Oprah fans as there are Rock fans? you'd wanna hope so as most of them will probably tune out

  • triogirl Apr 12, 2008

    It's just funny to think about. I like 30 Rock. Don't like Oprah that much.

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