Our Chuck Series Finale Wishlist

By Michael Robertson

Jan 23, 2012

Well, fellow Chuck fans, we made it! Give yourselves a big Buy More pat on the back. To everybody who's stuck with this show: I’m proud of you guys. If there’s one thing you can say about Chuck fans, it’s that we’re dedicated. The story of an electronics-store-employee-turned-secret-agent has consistently inspired a passionate following with influence beyond its modest size, though we’ve had to endure some trying times. Every season it seemed the threat of cancellation was constantly looming over the show’s proverbial head. And at one point, NBC actually did say it was officially cancelled. But we Nerd Herd-ians wouldn’t accept that, couldn’t accept that. So what did we do? We launched the craziest, most amazing internet campaign EVER! Did you know that in protest of the cancellation news, fans sent then-NBC chief Ben Silverman more Nerds candy than anybody could consume in a lifetime? That’s not only hilarious, but very creative as well.

Yes, it's been a perpetual battle to keep Chuck on the air, but thanks to all the loveable diehards, we got a fifth and final season to give this show some proper closure. Has the show's fifth season been its best? I don’t think even the most dedicated among us could claim that. There have undeniably been a few glitches along the way. How many of you stopped watching, or almost stopped watching, after Morgan was Intersecterized (that’s probably not the right way to say it)? *raises hand* I’ll admit the thought intersected (har) my mind, but it was fleeting. Chuck has never been a show that takes itself too seriously, and that’s what I’ve always loved about it. Essentially, it’s a fun, fluffy spy show for people wanting a break from heavy, serialized dramas. And thankfully, the writers did away with Morgan being the Intersect rather quickly (I attribute it to Nerd pressure).

This Friday marks the two-hour series finale, and I can’t help but speculate on what's going to happen. So here are the five things I'd like to see:

1. Chuck and Sarah end up TOGETHER!

Yvonne Strahovski discussing the finale: “It’s definitely going to keep people sort of sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering how this is going to finish up, or is it going to finish up in a good or a bad way. It’s quite heartfelt and there is sort of an element of tragedy leading up to the finale. It will all make sense when you watch it.”

I have heard the rumblings of rumors of a chance that there won’t be a happily ever after, but I don’t for a second believe it. Chuck and Sarah not ending up together would be like killing off Harry Potter in the last book/movie. It’s just not going to happen.

2. Jeff and Lester become spies

Whoa! I can hear you angrily typing already. Just hear me out. It’s definitely a long shot, but I think it would be hilarious if Jeff and Lester tried to enter the spy game. I know there is a large contingent of you who've never quite cared for Jeff and Lester’s unsavory antics, but they usually mange to elicit a chuckle or two out of me. Plus, Vik Sahay (Lester) has been a Canadian hero of mine ever since his Radioactive days (even Canadians have probably never heard of that show, but it was funny, trust me). I thought it was quite comical seeing Lester decked out in spy gear chomping on a cigar, and Jeff having a little too much fun with a flamethrower. And really, if Morgan can be a spy, anybody can.

3. A grandiose Subway plug

You may have noticed—okay, you've almost certainly noticed—that Subway has been prominently featured many times in the past few seasons. As many of you know by now, Chuck has had a sponsorship deal with Subway to help with the show's expenses. Last week, Seth posted an article about product placement on television, and mentioned the ridiculous fifty-second commercial for Subway that appeared in a recent episode of Hawaii Five-0. I want Chuck to go even more over-the-top. I’m hoping the writers throw subtlety out the drive-thru window and make the team actually have to infiltrate a Subway. Can you imagine Chuck and Sarah in Subway uniforms? Sexy, right?

4. Morgan proposes to Alex

I can remember liking Morgan before Chuck's writers unwisely saddled him with the Intersect, and now that’s he’s back to being his normal, sidekick self, I want the best for him again. So I’d like to see Morgan get down on one knee and butcher his proposal by quoting Star Wars or some other geeky movie (and also for Alex to say yes, of course).

5. The Buy More gets destroyed (again)

I realize this has already been done, but damn it, I want it to happen again, only BIGGER! I want shoot-outs in the appliances section, RPG wars in electronics, flame-thrower fights in the locker rooms, and a giant explosion to cap it all off. Oh, and for Jeff and Lester play a key part in its destruction.

What’s on your wish list? Any unforgivable things you feel I failed to mention? Let me have it in the comments.

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  • who8mycake Feb 07, 2012

    Loved Chuck... Fantastic finish for a show that almost 'jumped the shark' but got through for a rewarding & unforgettable end! Very nicely done :)

  • ksbwings Jan 31, 2012

    Chuck series is very interesting and it's one of my favorite show. I really gonna miss the flashing style. I hope there another season or another series contains the same story + its style.

  • Sheikia Jan 28, 2012

    I stopped watching Chuck a while ago, but this article is making me nostalgic. I might have to find the time to watch all of what I missed.

    I never got to congratulate you Arch on your writing gig! I haven't been to the site as much as I'd like recently. Your articles are very well written. Keep up the good work!

    P.s Although I'll never admit to my friends that I read the articles of a Leafs fan....

  • memizz Jan 28, 2012

    I lovelovelove Chuck! I've never bailed on it, never even wanted to. As a fan I'm as devoted as they come. Don't know how I'm suppose to live without it :( Zachary Levi better star in something new soon because my tv would be far too empty without him <3

  • Darkjello Jan 28, 2012

    My list is.

    1. Morgan proposes to Alex (This has to happen I want Morgan to be happy).

    2. Don't kill off anybody. This isn't one of those shows where somebody big in the show needs to die. Just leave them alone and let them lives their lives in happiness.

    3. Chuck and Sarah end up together and have a kid. And at the end you see the kid flash and becomes the new intersect. The reason I say this is, the show was always about Chuck and the Intersect. If it just got deleted would be just lame. And Chuck had the intersect for along time it would be cool if it somehow transferred genetically to his child.

    Oh and blow up Casey's Crown Vic and have Morgan do it during his wedding or when he proposes to Alex.

  • Darkjello Jan 28, 2012

    I was just wondering did we ever see any of Morgan's mother and father I don't seem to remember them ever being shown. That would also be funny at least show his mother.

  • cyberdjinn Jan 28, 2012

    We did see part of Morgan's family once ... when the Nerd Herd got Big Mike on the dating website and the match that met him in store after the first date was Morgan's mum. She's now married to Big Mike.

  • Vidsignup Jan 28, 2012

    Bring up the Sarah's name issue. And don't have it be "Sam". They screwed that up so badly that ever since, they've actually ignored it entirely and acted like her name was Sarah. Even revealing that her name actually is "Sarah" would be great, as long as that tidbit doesn't go into the books as having been given to Shaw.

    Also, don't kill off anyone.

  • torontogirl98 Jan 28, 2012

    Ditto if they kill any of the good guys I will never forgive them!

  • Polymnia Jan 28, 2012

    Oh one thing I forgot to mention. I sort of got the idea that the Crown Vic might get blown up/crashed again... We hadn't really seen it (/her?) in a while, and then last week it was very obviously featured (to remind us of its very important existence?), even though it wasn't all that neccessary (what with the complete arsenal down in castle).

    Or maybe I am reading too much into it and it was just used a more conveniently located plot device...

  • CharmedOneP391 Jan 28, 2012

    I don't know what I want from the Finale. I dont want certain storylines...I just want legitimate danger, action, laughs, cries, shocks & twists. The normal Chuck episode on Steroids is what I'm expecting.

    The one thing I for sure need? (Besides Chuck and Sarah ending up together...which is a no brainer)

    A final Jeffster performance, preferably over an action scene or pivotal moment.

  • lucdejonge Jan 29, 2012

    Well you had it, and not just any performance, loved it =P

  • Polymnia Jan 28, 2012

    My brain is melting of anticipation for the finale!

    I think a lot of very fun ideas have been raised on everyone's wishlists, and some of them I think are bound happen; chuck&sarah; together (!), a proposal by morgan, some over-the-top subway product placement, one last Jeffster performance, the Buy More destroyed (ok maybe not gonna happen but I have a strong feeling it will), and ofcourse some 'surprise' returns of old familiar faces. (honestly I have no idea what guest stars have been confirmed, I am trying to stay spoiler free. But this is Chuck, and after all the stunt casting we really should get a parade of guest stars for the finale right? In the very least we have to see mama Bartowski again...)

    As for my own wishes; I really could write a million things I would like to see happen, but in the end, there are really only a few things I really want from the finale:

    1) Chuck&Sarah; happily ever after (they really can't afford to NOT do this, right?)

    2) Happily ever after for our other couples too (I can't help myself, I'm just a sucker for romance!).

    and 3) no one dying! (except for the bad guys obviously). There are characters I could live without, or wouldn't have minded if they died in the past, but i just feel like they cannot kill off anyone in the finale, not on this show. An actual death would just be too depressing and just not fitting for a show like Chuck, imho. However I have a feeling someone actually might die, since it is practically a requirement for any series finale to have at least one major character bite the dust... (still hope it won't happen on though)

  • herropreez14 Jan 28, 2012

    dont worry michael, i remember radio active:) but then they ruined it by writing him out

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