Our Favorite TV Weddings, Part II: The Crazy and the Cringeworthy

By Ilana Diamond

Aug 03, 2010

No matter how much one insists on staging the perfect wedding, that special day doesn't always go according to plan. In this follow-up to Our Favorite TV Weddings, Part I: The Romantic, the Silly, and the Sweet, we've rounded up the televised nuptials that captured our hearts by being generally weird, wackier than expected, or otherwise going awry.

15. George Michael and Maeby, Arrested Development
George Michael, ever desperate to mack on Maeby, got thisclose! to marrying her in a fake show wedding for hospital patients.

14. Karen and Lyle, Will and Grace
Karen convinced J.Lo to perform at her wedding. And Jack convinced J.Lo that he had the moves to back her up.

13. Mork and Mindy, Mork and Mindy
These two get to honeymoon on Ork. Jealous?

12. Rose and Simon, 7th Heaven
This wedding had all the typical merriment, despite the fact that Rose and Simon said "I Don't" at the altar in what was going to be the series finale.

11. Kaitlin and Floyd, Cerie and her shipping tycoon, and Feyonce and Grizz, 30 Rock
Wherein Liz Lemon—always a bridesmaid, despite once purchasing a wedding dress—attends three ridiculous ceremonies and in so doing meets the pilot of her dreams.

10. Angela and Hodgins, Bones
Ironically, it took imprisonment to bring these two together for good.

9. Susan and Mike, Desperate Housewives
After a suspenseful season finale cliffhanger in which the bride-to-be was kept a mystery, we learned that yep, Susan and Mike went on to get married a second time. And not everyone was thrilled about it.

8. Constance and Howard, Party Down
Kyle sure stuck his foot in his mouth with this performance at Constance's reception. (And that was after Patrick Duffy showed up and Ron got punched in the face by Danielle's fiance during the vows.)

7. Charlotte and Harry, Sex and the City
Between Carrie's bad back, Miranda's speech flambe, and Charlotte's need to have everything be perfect, this might be one of the most ridiculous weddings in SATC history. But according to Carrie, "The worse the wedding, the better the marriage."

6. Phoebe and Cole, Charmed
Any wedding where Coolio shows up as a demon should go on some sort of list, no?

5. Eric and Allegra, The Sopranos
When a wedding guest list is made up of mafioso, something bad is bound to go down.

4. Margaret and Brooks, Mad Men
You're pretty much screwed when your wedding falls on the day after an international tragedy. In this epic episode that revolved around the assassination of JFK, hardly anyone showed up to attend Margaret and Brooks' wedding. But somehow Roger, the father of the bride, kept his cool and made a winning toast.

3. Lana and Lex, Smallville
Lana had to marry Lex Luthor to protect her true love, Clark. Talk about tragic.

2. Ellie and Awesome, Chuck
Thank goodness for Jeffster's performance of "Mr. Roboto" drowning out the gunshots in the reception hall.

1. Emily and Ross, Friends
Weddings were a relatively frequent occurrence on Friends (heck—in the pilot, Rachel showed up in her wedding dress and joined the gang after leaving Barry at the altar). But this union between Emily and Ross is perhaps the series' most controversial. From it, we learned wedding rule number one: Marry the one you really love.

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  • CarlaDianaEli Oct 27, 2012

    ...also, a REAL priest stepped in!

  • CarlaDianaEli Oct 27, 2012

    Errr... George Micheal and Maeby's wedding WAS real! As the narrator said:

    'The wedding was about as real and as binding as the porridge that was thrown at them!' If you'll remember, they also got marriage certificate as well!

  • estella87 Aug 23, 2010

    How about How I Met Your Mother? Marshall and Lily deserve to be on this list. "Unmarry us!", anyone?

  • luv4boothnhouse Aug 13, 2010

    seriously?! the angela/hodgins wedding was amazing! why is it on this list? who chooses these things?

  • drwoowoocl Aug 13, 2010

    A lot of mediocre choices on this list too

  • joenamherst Aug 12, 2010

    By having a wedding from the unfunny unwatched 30rock, you have destroyed this list!

  • FaithvsSam Aug 12, 2010

    I loved the Angela/Hodgins wedding! It was so sweet! And the actual Ellie & Awesome wedding, the one on the beach, was beautiful too.

  • snippiet Aug 11, 2010

    YES, Angela and Hodgins!!!

  • wodonnell102992 Aug 11, 2010

    Ross and Emily will always be the greatest TV wedding, sweet or crazy.

  • umair_23 Aug 09, 2010

    i take thee rachel. HAHHAHAHHA.
    i totally agree with number 1.

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