Parks and Rec: The First Episode of Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott's New Podcast, Featuring

By Jen Trolio

Sep 20, 2012

Parks and Recreation returns for its fifth season tonight, and a super-secret, little-known fact about TV shows returning for new seasons is that a lot of times the stars of the TV shows that are returning for new seasons will do a bunch of press to promote the fact that their TV shows are returning for new seasons. The more you know. Anyway, yesterday I had a chance to briefly interview Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott about the show's new season. And I love Parks and Rec and I love Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott, so obviously I jumped at the chance.

The following video is the result. Things start out normal, with me asking boilerplate questions about the new season (note to self: write better interview questions!), and then the interview takes a turn for the (delightfully!) weird and all of a sudden we're doing a podcast sponsored by the bible. Before you watch, please know these things:

1. Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott are very funny. Me, less so. Remember when Price interviewed Candice Accola from The Vampire Diaries and got all starstruck? I was starstruck and then some, which is my only excuse for starting the interview by getting the season number wrong and ending it with an awkward comment about how Adam Scott as Ben wore a Batman costume last season.

2. This was a satellite interview, which means Aubrey and Adam were answering my questions on camera while I spoke to them via phone (they're wearing earpieces); I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me, hence some of the weird interruptions and Adam Scott checking his phone in the beginning. They miiiight have been told I'd be transcribing this "for print." But the video was good so I decided to post it, unedited, for your viewing pleasure.

Okay, I'll shut up now. Ladies and gentlemen Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza!

Parks and Recreation returns for Season 4 tonight at 9:30pm on NBC.

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  • DrSpongejr Sep 21, 2012

    Parks and Rec is on at 9:30...seriously, you guys should do Conan's segment where you try to find an error...except here there would be a winner everyday.

  • pajaneiro Sep 21, 2012

    I loved the podcast and I think you did great, Jen, because it wasn't an uptight journalist throwing questions at actors, but a true fan interviewing characters she admires, and it was so sweet to see that you were nervous. (pardon my English, non native speaker)

  • Mate Sep 21, 2012

    It is ok Jen. Both of those two are difficult to interview for the pros. And is a daunting task for anyone. You did pretty well considering.

    Also, don't forget to purchase your bible everyone. It isn't just to level your desk.

  • AndyDwyer Sep 21, 2012

    That last comment is a joke, right. I mean, what has this got to do with religion?

  • sunnysfunny Sep 22, 2012

    Yes it's a joke. Obviously you didn't listen to the video....

  • sunnysfunny Sep 21, 2012

    Still picking on poor Jerry. Love it.!

  • rishabhpb Sep 21, 2012

    Sorry Jen, but they pretty much did the while thing on their own :P

  • jtrolio Sep 21, 2012

    Absolutely no need to apologize, because trust me--it's better that way.

  • rishabhpb Sep 21, 2012

    *wipes sweat off brow*

  • wearegetgetgo Sep 21, 2012

    Are you really gonna do this every day for the next 2 days? Lets talk Bible.