PBS funding slashed

By Colin Mahan

Jun 21, 2005

It might be the death knell for Grover: Last week, the House of Representatives voted to cut funding for PBS and NPR by 25 percent. Public Broadcasting Service is a nonprofit organization of television stations that airs primarily educational programs such as Sesame Street and Nova. National Public Radio is a similar organization devoted to radio.

A spokesperson for PBS said smaller stations would be the hardest hit, as they rely more heavily on public funds. Congressman David Obey, D-Wisconsin, said the cuts would be "disastrous," adding that "public broadcasting is the most valuable resource we have for getting quality programming to children."

The cuts come at a time when the Bush administration is coming under fire for spending billions on the war in Iraq while having to heavily cut programs at home. In addition to PBS and NPR, the house voted to cut funds for 49 other government programs.

Get ready for longer pledge drive weekends and more Shell Oil "sponsorships."

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  • TVAddictCRJ9 Jun 23, 2005

    I think it would be horrible if "Sesame Street" disappeared from the airwaves as a result of the greediness of our US Government. You'd think of all the violent cartoons on TV that they would appreciate having noviolent educational shows for our young viewers. I hope the people at Sesame Workshop will figure something out to keep Elmo and Big Bird from getting evicted and keep "Sesame Street" on the air.

  • magnus4001 Jun 22, 2005

    Some posters here might want to keep in kind that nowhere does it say Sesame Sreet (Or Nova or any other PBS series) is coming to an end becuase of this; there seems to be a bit of a widespread belief that they are being canceled. That being said, this is still very bad news. PBS has always been heavily dependent on their pledge drives and now they'll need that pledge money even more. If they can't scrape it together, then those shows may very well die. Smooth move, House of Reps.

  • TheVertMan Jun 22, 2005

    Great, we piss away 50 billion a minute in a rat hole half way around the world in a war based on lies. Ones told by a guy and an admin that couldn't tell the truth if under oath in the supreme court. It makes me sick to see this loser parade around the country pretending he loves this land and every day he does 5 more things to screw our kids out of any kind of future. It's sad really that Sesame Street and Nova and some of the other Fine programs will be hurt by this. But let's also remember the ****s in the house, who happily voted with our 'Commander in Thief' so they deserve our support come 2006, help out of office. My rep. will be hearing from me I can guarantee you that. It's a sad day.

  • ECioffoletti Jun 22, 2005

    That's Bush's America for you.

  • ed233 Jun 22, 2005

    I don't watch PBS, and don't listen to NPR. This is fine by me.

  • Chrissy61305 Jun 22, 2005

    I think this show is great for kids. I always watched this show when i was little. Now my niece and nephew watch it. Well, only my nephew now and his favorite character is Elmo.

  • m3g4t0ky0 Jun 22, 2005

    Well, I guess lots of kids might not be able to see Cookie Monster go mad as "A cookie is a sometimes food."

  • robinepowell Jun 21, 2005

    Oh no! No more Grover on Seasme Street? That's not good! :(

  • Bookworm16 Jun 21, 2005


  • drego5 Jun 21, 2005

    In other words.. the House signed the death warrant, and ordered GI Joe to take Oscar out back and shoot him.

    Henson must be doing 45,000 RPM.

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