Polo climbs aboard CBS' Jungle Gym

By Reuters

Feb 16, 2006

Teri Polo is set to topline CBS's comedy pilot Welcome to the Jungle Gym.

The show centers on a talented, successful television journalist (Polo) who is having second thoughts about her decision to work part-time so that she can stay at home with her toddler son.

Polo, who was pursued for several pilots this season, is said to have been attracted to Jungle because the project resembles her own life as a successful actress who juggles her career and raising her toddler son.

Polo, best known for her starring role in the Meet the Parents movies, has played a recurring role on NBC's The West Wing as presidential candidate Matthew Santos' wife, Helen.

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  • Mad_Buck Feb 17, 2006

    Good to see that Teri Polo has found work. Now she won't have to pose nude for Playboy in order to make the house payment. Oops, wait a minute, she did that already.